Best Mattress for Insomnia

Sleep, which is supposed to be instinctive and a normal process for human beings to rest and recover, is now becoming a rare commodity for some people. The “always on” economy and myriad technology devices that promote 24/7 work and play has created a problem for many, who cannot fall asleep and thus become obsessed with trying to go to sleep.

Insomnia is frustrating for those that suffer from it, as well as those that live with someone suffering from insomnia such as myself with Kaye who has suffered from insomnia for years.  Having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, even when you have the chance to do so, is not only frustrating for all sleepers in the bed but also affects your health severely.

Having the most optimal sleep environment is crucial for those suffering from insomnia, so that you have a comfortable and supportive mattress, pillow, and sheets that foster falling asleep as much as possible.Last updated Aug 4, 2019 @ 1:16 am


Insomnia and How It Affects Your Life?

Sleep certainly can affect one’s mood and even perspective in life. Lack of sleep can greatly impact every individual’s health and even social relationships, as well as affect your school and work performance as well as impact daily energy and overall health.

One of the leading sleep disorders of this generation is insomnia. The lack of ability to sleep or sustain it is said to be the most common symptom of this sleep disorder. You may have all the opportunities to sleep and just relax but can’t seem to fall asleep or stay asleep.

Every day, it is recommended  to have eight hours of sleep or you eventually will suffer from physical and mental shut-down at some point. People suffering from insomnia usually lack the energy to perform daily tasks. It’s really hard not being able to sleep a full 7- to 8-hour sleep because you know that the negative effects will hurt you the entire day.

The inability to sleep and just watching the clock hoping you get drowsy and sleepy can affect your mood, concentration, analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as overall work performance plus ruin your social life.

The pitfall of insomnia is that you can get hooked or dependent on sleeping pills or even alcohol which could render more damage than solve the problem. It’s a band-aid approach which could work for a short time but wouldn’t really eradicate it in its entirety.

Here at Memory Foam Talk, Kaye and I have reviewed over 50 of the most popular mattresses on the market, with many of them not helping provide the sleep environment that Kaye (and thus myself) need to fall asleep.

It is one of the reasons we started Memory Foam Talk, as we were looking for a model that helped Kaye go to sleep.  So we live with the effects of insomnia daily, which Kaye also inherited from her father who suffers it as well.

What Causes Insomnia?

Keep in mind that here isn’t a single common denominator that causes insomnia. In fact, there are so many different factors that contribute to insomnia. These can be:

  • Health problems / conditions: Illnesses, pain, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, etc…
  • Lifestyle: Caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, travel, etc…
  • External factors: Poor sleep environment, mattress in poor condition, noise, light, temperature, etc..

In order to effectively cure insomnia, you need to know what actually causes yours. However, it’s common sense to know that it’s best to get rid of things that affect you negatively in life. That includes:

  • Treating your health issues.
  • Cutting down on caffeine, alcohol and quitting smoking.
  • Creating a peaceful and healthy sleep environment, investing in a quality product that provides comfort and support and can last for more than 20 years.

Your Mattress Can Cause Insomnia!

Almost everyone forgets to change their mattresses over time. Some even neglect to buy for a decade or more. Having broken sleeping patterns or irregular sleep cycles is a red flag for insomnia and more often than not, a lumpy or old mattress could be the culprit.

You can just imagine how hard or uncomfortable it is to sleep on an old innerspring mattress with springs poking out. It’s not a welcoming sight when you want to relax and just curl up on your bed. The hard and poking springs combined with sagging materials are also very uncomfortable which easily helps explain why you can’t sleep well.

Sleeping on old and saggy mattresses can also precipitate back pain and asthma or allergies which adds to the factors for which you can’t seem to get sleep when you should. The lack of head and back support causes muscle soreness and stiffness because there is no proper support for the spine. You are encouraging sleepless nights when you are still using your old mattress if this sounds familiar to you. No matter if you fall into the category of side sleepers, or you prefer sleeping on your back, it is crucial to get a new quality model.

Choose the right model that works with your own body’s needs and helps you sleep better through the night. While price is a good indicator of the right option, checking out the rest of the features and even feedback from other customers or review sites such as ours where we sleep on mattresses with insomnia being a huge issue for us can help decide on the best new product for you.

The Best Mattress if You Have Insomnia

In our experience, again, with Kaye suffering from insomnia for years, and for us as a couple dealing with it on a daily basis, we have found that having a cool, comfortable, supportive mattress is vital to help alleviate insomnia.

Having a model that sleeps cool is extremely important, as sleeping hot or waking up sweaty makes it difficult to sleep. Colder temperatures foster sleep, as the body cools down during sleep so making sure to not have any excess heat is important to go to sleep and stay asleep.

Having a comfortable yet supportive mattress is also important, as you don’t want to toss and turn being uncomfortable during the night when trying to sleep. This is very subjective, however, and there isn’t one “type” of mattress that is best for everyone suffering from insomnia. Some like memory foam layer and the feel of being hugged or cradled, others like the buoyant feel of latex, while others like the support and feel

Top 3 Best Mattresses for Insomnia

There are many mattress manufacturers on the market today, and many options to choose from. Here at Memory Foam Talk, we have reviewed over 50 mattresses and more each day, and have a pretty good idea of what are some of the best ones out there in terms of comfort, support, and sleeping cool – something Kaye and I must have so she can sleep (and thus me!)

Sleeping right starts with the basics. And getting the right mattress that has good support and also conforms to your body or how you move around when sleeping is one of them. The need for the best mattresses engineered specifically for insomnia is quite in demand these days. Here’s what we recommend for those like us that suffer from insomnia :

1. Nectar Sleep

($699 for a Queen mattress. Click here to get the best price on a Nectar!

Nectar mattress

The key to getting a good night sleep is balance – not too much or too little; but just right. The Nectar is an excellent choice and it can help individuals with insomnia sleep well for a price that can’t be beat. And it also boasts of  the industry leading 365 night sleep trial and “forever warranty” if you don’t like it and want to get your money back. They have a hassle-free return policy and you can return the product when unsatisfied – no questions asked.

It has that memory foam texture and feel with just the right bounce while remaining very soft, with a super luxurious pillow top that includes Tencel – a premium material found on mattresses costing much more.  It also has minimal motion transfer which is beneficial especially if you sleep with a partner. That way you have more freedom of movement without disturbing your partner, especially if he or she finally fell asleep!

The top layer is very breathable and comfortable, allowing the Nectar to sleep cool while relieving pressure points. The combination of different foams  (gel and memory foam) in its structure prevents you from getting stuck while still giving you the needed body contouring and providing a cool sleep environment. Definitely one of the best mattresses for insomnia and one that is Kaye’s personal favorite and which we sleep on ourselves!

Get the full Nectar mattress review here.

2. Layla Sleep

$874 for a queen mattress, click here and save $125 on a Layla!

We also like the Layla and we think that it’s an ideal mattress for a couple with different weights and sleep preferences like us, and considering Kaye suffers from insomnia and actually gets rest on it makes it one of our favorite mattresses for those suffering from insomnia.

The Layla incorporates copper technology within the mattress which provides increased blood flow and circulation, and can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep which is a common problem for those suffering from insomnia.

The Layla features the THERMOgel technology in its cover and an infused copper layer, allowing you to stay cool and relaxed during the night. The design that allows for changing firmness settings is very innovative, just flip it over and you can go from medium to firm in the same model.   For all these features, the Layla is a great option for helping those who suffer from insomnia get a good night’s sleep.

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3. Voila

($1199 for a Queen mattress. Use our code: Memoryfoamtalk10 to save 10% on a Voila)

The Voila comes in 3 models with 3 different heights and levels of firmness: Firm (10 inches), Medium (11 inches), and Plush (12 inches).

The Voila provides the great support and provides a balanced mix of hug and body contouring plus a good amount of bounce via the hybrid coil and foam construction. For someone who has difficulty sleeping or insomnia, this provides a comfortable and supportive environment to induce a good night sleep.

If you are looking for a good price plus a great comfortable hybrid model, then the Voila mattress brand is definitely it. The combination of memory foam and coil mattress construction provides good support in all sleeping positions as well as excellent comfort and cooling. It is an excellent model for this price range.

It rates high in terms of price and durability, and is one of the best hybrid models on the market today for the money – especially with our 10% off coupon. 

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