Best Mattress For Arthritis

If you have been dealing with arthritic pain for years, you might feel that some changes need to be made to improve your condition.

You probably spent many sleepless nights while struggling with unbearable pain in your arms and legs and it must have been very frustrating and exhausting and probably wreaked havoc in your life.

If you suffer from arthritis, your mattress can either ruin your sleep or allow you to sleep and stretch comfortably.

That’s why you should make sure you pick the right mattress for your health condition that will completely suit your specific needs and sleep preferences and help you reduce the symptoms of arthritis. 

When shopping for the right mattress for your needs, there are several factors you need to consider such as: your sleeping style or position, age, weight, etc.Last updated Sep 16, 2020 @ 7:37 pm


Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Mattresses for Arthritis

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Adapts to your body temperature
  • Excellent motion isolation
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  • Dual firmness design
  • All natural materials
  • Sleeps cool and provides great support
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  • Copper-infused memory foam
  • Dual-sided with two firmness options
  • Promotes temperature regulation
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How to Choose The Right Mattress For Arthritis?

The knee is where people suffering from arthirits are most likely to feel the pain. This usually occurs in the old age because. as we age, our bones and ligaments age as well. Previous knee or joint injuries can also contribute to this condition.

There are several other things that can help you reduce the pain besides getting a good mattress and some of them include: healthy and well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, healthy lifestyle modifications…

So, what should you pay attention to when choosing the best mattress for arthritis?

1. Firmness, Comfort and Support

All those suffering form arthritis and frequent pain in their extremities need mattresses that can provide a perfect balance of pressure relieving comfort and support.

They need mattresses that can provide excellent support to those areas of their bodies where it is needed most, but that will also cradle and cushion their hips and shoulders and allow them to sink into its top comfort layers to a certain degree for perfect pressure relief and a pain-free sleep.

That’s why medium-firm mattresses would be the best choice for them. These mattresses are usually perfect for all sleeping styles and all types of sleepers.

They have enough firmness needed to keep their spines properly aligned regardless of their preferred sleeping position and yet they are soft enough and won’t cause the appearance of pressure points or any other kind of pain or discomfort.

2. Consider Your Condition and Sleep Preferences

There are many options available on the market these days that it can be hard for you to pick the right one.

Each of these mattresses comes with some special features that can possibly work for you and your specific needs and sleep preferences and you just need to determine what is exactly that you need and then make your choice.

Do a detailed research before you make your decision and pick the mattress that will completely suit your needs and work well for your medical condition.

3. Memory Foam or Latex

Both of these options come with numerous features and benefits that make them stand out as some of the best mattresses for arthritis.

Memory foam mattresses are known for providing that soft and cushioning feel. They mold to your body and cradle your hips and shoulders to relieve pressure points while at the same time they provide just the right amount of support where it is needed most.

These days, there are also gel-infused memory foam mattresses that won’t retain heat like traditional memory foam mattresses and that will keep you cool and comfortable all night long and in that way also help reduce inflammation and joint pain caused by arthritis.

Memory foam mattresses are also known for minimizing the amount of motion transfer, so you don’t have to fear that your frequent moving around in bed will disturb the sleep of your partner.

Latex mattresses, on the other hand, are usually made of all natural, organic materials, that provide extraordinary support in all sleeping positions while they also offer some cradling in their top comfort layers so they won’t cause the appearance of pressure points.

Besides this, latex mattresses are durable and resilient and offer a nice degree of bounce and responsiveness, which facilitates moving around in bed or getting in and out of it during the night so you won’t feel stuck in foam.

Latex is also known for its natural cooling properties, which means that they sleep pretty cool and won’t retain heat and make you wake up feeling hot and sweaty at night.

So, no matter which one of these two options you choose, they will work perfectly for you and your specific condition and help you relieve its symptoms.

4. Motion Isolation

If you share the bed with a restless sleeper, your condition might only get worse! The movements caused by your partner can ruin your comfortable position and your sleep. For rheumatoid arthritis and other types, the best model is one with minimal motion transfer.

5. Price

Price shouldn’t be a factor if you want something that can provide excellent comfort and support. However, keep in mind that the best model is not necessarily the most expensive.

What Is the Best Sleeping Position for Arthritis?

The ideal position for people with arthritis is back sleeping because it maintains the natural “S” curve of your spine.

However, many people are side sleepers, and they find sleeping on their back uncomfortable. To make sleeping on your side more comfortable, you can put a pillow between your knees. This will reduce pressure points on your joints and keep your spine properly aligned.

Stomach sleeping would be the worst position as it causes your neck to twist and can throw your spine out of alignment.

Top 3 Mattresses to Relieve Joint Pain and Arthritis

Choosing the right mattress that will help you relieve the symptoms of arthritis and get a more comfortable sleep can be pretty hard. Here are our top picks for the best mattress for arthritis:

1. Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze

($4499 for a Queen, save up to 30% by clicking here and ordering online vs in a store!) 

Tempur Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze

The new, updated Tempur Cloud Luxe Breeze provides you with that classic memory foam mattress feel with the plush support of TEMPUR material that is very responsive and conforms to your body movements and shape. It also adapts to your body temperature and helps dissipate heat when necessary to achieve a cool sleep.

The Cloud Luxe Breeze comes with excellent motion isolation that will leave you undisturbed even with a  partner that moves arounf during the night or if you yourself constantly get in or out of the bed. It is great for athletes in that it provides excellent support and sleeps cool while also being very comfortable.

The Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe Breeze is an all foam mattress that provides that firm yet adjustable support needed on your head and back. The excellent edge support is ideal for those that live an active lifestyle as well. And the fact you can save up to 30% off by clicking here and ordering online makes it even better!

Get the full TEMPUR-PEDIC mattress review.

2. IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid

($2141 for a Queen. Click here to get the best price on the IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid mattress!)

The IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid is a new 14″ thick pocketed coil / latex mattress that comes with two firmness options in one mattress and excellent pocketed coil system for added support.

It features flippable design which allows you to flip the mattress over to extend its life and is made of eco-friendly, all natural latex foam and organic cotton and wool which makes it perfect for those who are looking for mattresses made of all natural, eco-friendly materials.

The mattress does an excellent job of providing extraordinary support in all sleeping positions, with the top comfort layer of wool and the highest quality latex beneath providing a bit of contouring and necessary pressure relief and the underlying pocketed spring support layer providing the deep compression support for the body. This makes the IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid ideal for those suffering from arthritis.

The IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid mattress is also extremely comfortable and sleeps incredibly cool due to the use of various cooling materials in its construction that do a good job with regulating heat retention and keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

Click here to read the full IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid mattress review.

3. Layla

($849 for a Queen. Click here and save $150 on a Layla mattress!)

The Layla is unique in that it has copper-infused memory foam which helps promote blood flow and circulation, which is ideal, specifically for those suffering from arthritis, hip pain, and other similar conditions.

The copper infused memory foam combined with the ThermoGEL technology in the cover helps enhance its cooling properties and also promotes temperature regulation.

It also has the unique feature of being dual-sided with two firmness levels to choose from – one being firm and the other soft, which is a great feature if you suffer from arthritis flare ups and need to modify your firmness from time to time on your own.

It will help you reduce pain and get a good night’s sleep. It is an excellent option, no matter if you tend to stay in one position or there is a lot of tossing and turning involved.

All these features make the Layla one of our top choices for arthritis.

Get the full Layla mattress review.

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