Hope Aspire Hybrid Mattress Review

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Hope Aspire is a 14" hybrid mattress made up of layers of specialized memory foam and coil springs that work together to provide a full night of undisturbed rest and comfortable sleep.
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Hope Mattress is an up-and-coming direct-to-consumer mattress manufacturer that has introduced an affordable range of American-made memory foam and hybrid mattresses to the market. We previously reviewed the Hope Original, an all-foam mattress, which we scored highly based on material quality, intelligent design, and cooling properties.

We were excited to try out the Hope Aspire hybrid mattress to see if this variant is equally performant. Overall, the Hope Aspire hybrid delivered phenomenal comfort, spinal alignment, and -- especially important for us -- temperature regulation. Its features make it ideal for most side-, back-, and stomach sleepers.

Before we go into further detail below, we want to point out that we were particularly impressed with the material build quality of the Hope Aspire mattress, which we believe will outlast many of its closest competitors.

Unlike other brands that have been caught out for falsely advertising that their mattresses were manufactured in the United States, the Hope Aspire hybrid is all-American made and it shows. Review updated Mar 18, 2022 @ 2:13 pm


The Hope Aspire is a fourteen-inch mattress, made up of layers of specialized memory foam and coil springs (like that of a traditional mattress). We’ve pointed out the quality construction so let’s dive in.

Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress layers

Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress layers

The Aspire Hybrid, like the Original, features a unique Deep Freeze Plus Cooling Cover.

It’s a woven cover that features reactive temperature technology. What does this mean? The materials react to your body heat to improve temperature regulation.

These are known in the industry as phase-changing materials and are typically found in very high-end mattresses, such as the Tempur Pedic Cloud Luxe series, which retail from $2,999). It is durable, breathable, and feels like satin. We like it a lot.

Underneath you have 1.5 inches of Atlas PR Gel Memory Foam -- this is a softer memory foam that provides exceptional pressure relief from your hips, shoulders, and knees while drawing the heat away from your body.

Below this layer, we have another 1.5-inch cooling layer made of the company’s proprietary Cloud Motion Memory Foam.

It is a super soft, cloud-like, gel-infused memory foam designed to provide breathability and support for your body while reducing the amount of motion transfer, so you can get more of a deep and restful night’s sleep.

While these two layers on top focus on cooling and soft comfort, the 1-inch highly resilient OrtoFlex Comfort Foam below provides a plush and supportive foundation for the upper layers and prevents you from sinking too much into the mattress and feeling trapped in foam.

You then have the Sonic Coil System -- 8 inches of pocket coils. The quality of coils matters a lot -- over time they can sag which makes the mattress unusable. Hope Mattress has countered this by using steel coils that are thicker than the industry standard. These are built to last.

Moreover, the coils have been ‘sonically welded’ -- a specialized industrial method that uses vibrations to meld materials together. This not only makes the whole system more durable but also improves motion isolation.

If you’re a hot sleeper, you will also enjoy the increased airflow regulation that comes from the coil base, which transfers heat much more efficiently than all-foam mattresses.

Underneath the coils, you have a unique non-skid fabric on the bottom that keeps your mattress in place and prevents sliding no matter how often you may move in the night.

Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress - a close up view of the cover

Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress -- a close up view of the cover

Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress logo

Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress logo


The Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress is a universal comfort model, designed to appeal to a wide range of sleepers with different needs and sleep preferences.

Hope gives this mattress a 3 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmness), as you can see from the graphic given below.

Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress firmness scale

Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress firmness scale

This suggests that the Hope Aspire is on the softer side of most hybrid mattresses. We would say that it sits closer to 4 on the scale, which still makes it a medium-soft mattress.

The top comfort layers are very plush and give a luxurious, sinking feeling while keeping your body well-supported. It feels like a mattress from a high-end hotel.

What Hope has done very well is deliver a mattress that suits a wide range of sleepers. I’m a heavier sleeper (over 130 pounds) and have had problems with hybrid mattresses that cannot support my weight. As I’ve often said, the risk for heavier sleepers is sinking too deeply into the mattress and feeling trapped. This isn’t the case here.

For lighter sleepers, like my girlfriend Kaye, the plush comfort layers (the soft outer cooling cover and the Atlas PR memory foam) still offer that luxurious, contouring feeling of the memory foam mattress.

If you want a firmer mattress, you may wish to look at the Hope Original all foam, which is medium-firm.

Hope Aspire Hybrid - corner view

Hope Aspire Hybrid -- corner view

Sleeper Profile Table

Side Sleepers

Although the company’s firmness graphic suggests that the Hope Aspire is more on the softer side, we felt it to be around a 4 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest) which makes it a medium-soft mattress. This means that it will still work perfectly for all side sleepers, including some heavier sleepers such as myself (230 lbs). who prefer mattresses with a softer feel that don’t cause excessive sinkage.

We say, If you are a side sleeper, you will absolutely love this mattress and you won’t need any adjustment period. It offers an ideal balance of pressure-relieving comfort from the soft top comfort layers and support from the firmer pocketed coil layer beneath. It will cradle your body and eliminate any possibility of the appearance of pressure points allowing you to get a full night of restful and restorative sleep.

As was the case with the previous Hope mattress that we have reviewed here, Kaye found the Hope Aspire worked well for her too for this sleeping position, although she generally prefers mattresses with a firmer feel.

Back and Stomach Sleepers

As for back and stomach sleeping position, we felt this mattress worked pretty well for us when sleeping on our backs, but not so well when sleeping on our stomachs, due to its softer feel.

It kept our spines naturally aligned when sleeping on our backs in that the softer memory foam layers on top cushioned our bodies and worked with the slightly firmer transition layer to slowly transition our body weights into the firm pocketed coil layer, so we didn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

However, when we turned on our stomachs, I felt it caused me to sink too far down into it, and it threw my spine out of its natural alignment. I woke up feeling stiff and with pain in my hip area.

As for Kaye, she didn’t feel the same due to her much lighter weight. It didn’t cause her to sink too much into it and it worked well for her for this sleeping position, but not so good for me.

Therefore, the Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress might suit some stomach sleepers of a lighter weight, just like the Hope Original, but if you are a heavier sleeper looking for a perfect mattress for this sleeping position, then this one may not be an ideal choice for you.

Combo Sleepers

The Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress may be a great choice for you if you plan on sharing your bed with a partner and you tend to sleep restlessly.

The top comfort layer of Gel-Infused Atlas Pressure Relieving Foam and super soft, cloud-like gel-infused memory foam layer below are designed to allow your body to sink into them to a certain degree for perfect pressure relief, while isolating motion transfer between you and your partner, so you can rest assured that nothing will disturb your sleep.

Although they will allow you to sink into the mattress quite a bit the slightly firmer transition layer below and pocketed coil system will provide enough support, lift your body weight and distribute it evenly across the bed so you can easily change positions and move around without feeling trapped in foam.

Hope Aspire Hybrid

 Under 130 lbs.130 - 230 lbs.Above 230 lbs.
Side SleepersExcellentExcellentGood
Back SleepersExcellentGoodFair
Stomach SleepersFairFairFair

Air Flow/Temperature Control

The Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress sleeps incredibly cool due to the various cooling technologies used in its construction, which make it perfect for hot sleepers.

The Hope Aspire, just like the previous Hope mattress, is wrapped in a unique Deep Freeze Plus Cooling cover that features reactive temperature technology designed to help keep you cool when you need it.

The finest sustainable fibers of this cover will not only provide a satin-like feel but will also feel soft and cool to the touch and create a pleasant sleeping surface.

The top comfort layer of Gel-Infused Atlas Pressure Relieving memory foam works with another gel-infused memory foam layer, transition layer, and pocketed coil system to provide thermoregulation airflow through the mattress, keep it breathable, and channel heat away from your body so you can achieve deeper sleep.

Motion Transfer/Isolation

I’m a big guy 230 lbs, and normally sink a lot in the soft comfort layers of most mattresses. Kaye, being half my weight, experiences much less sinkage than I do as her lighter weight doesn’t compress down the bed too much.

Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress - corner view

Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress -- corner view

There’s a reason that the lower-quality all-foam mattresses make you feel like you’re trapped in foam. The plush top comfort layers of this mattress are soft and comfortable, but won’t keep you stuck in bed.

The slightly firmer transition layer, pocket coils, and base layer below offer even support and stable edges and they work together to lift our combined weights sleeping as a couple and distribute them evenly across the bed.

And while the Hope Aspire matters caused me to sink into it to a certain degree, Kaye didn’t sink into the bed too much at all and didn’t experience her well-known feel of sinking into a hole or rolling towards me.

The Hope Aspire mattress also does a great job of isolating motion transfer despite being a hybrid mattress that features pocketed coils in its construction. The layer of pocketed coils offered the right amount of support and pushback for easy movement, but it didn’t cause any motion transfer between us.

We slept comfortably throughout the night without waking up too much to disruptions in our sleep.

Edge Support

Edge support is pretty good with this mattress despite its medium-soft feel and the use of softer memory foam layers on top.

Hope Apire Hybrid mattress - profile

Hope Apire Hybrid mattress -- profile

Although I compressed the soft memory foam layers quite a bit when I sat or slept near the edges, the slightly firmer transition layer below and an excellent pocketed system built of durable Edge-to-Edge Variable Diameter Coils stopped me from sinking further down into this mattress and bottoming out.

It didn’t cause us to roll off the edges and allowed us to use the entire surface of the bed without worrying about falling from it.


Being a hybrid mattress that features pocketed coil system, the Hope Aspire mattress offers a nice amount of responsiveness and bounce.

Durable pocket coils used in its construction give just the right amount of support and pushback allowing easy movement and making this mattress perfect for sex.

Regardless of its hybrid design, it is quite comfortable and silent, so you can rest assured that no squeaky noises will come from it.

Product Conclusion

Should you buy this mattress? We say definitely yes! The Hope Aspire is another phenomenal mattress offered by Hope Mattress company. It is a luxurious pocketed coil and foam hybrid that comes with some special cooling technologies and that performs well in all aspects and scores high in all our categories.

So, if you want an affordable mattress that will provide you with an ideal balance of pressure-relieving comfort and support while keeping you cool throughout the night, then you should definitely choose the Hope Aspire.

This and the fact that it comes with a 120-Night sleep trial and the industry-leading lifetime warranty makes the Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress a great option for everyone.


The Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress comes in at a fraction of the price of the in-store mattress brands. For a rather small amount of money, you can get an amazing mattress with features that can be seen only in high-end mattresses costing much more.

This mattress, just like the Hope Original, comes with a 120-Day Sleep Guarantee. The company allows you to return the mattress if you are not satisfied with it after 30 days of sleeping on it, but not more than 120 days from the delivery date.

This means that you can get your mattress and try it out and if it is not your thing, then you can return it within these 120 days and get your money back. You will receive a full refund minus fees for shipping, White Glove Service, state-based recycling fees, and/or promotional values.

The Hope Aspire Hybrid also comes with the industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, which means that the company will take care of any defects on your mattress for the lifetime of the mattress.

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As for the delivery process, it went pretty smoothly with this company again. They asked for 1-2 days for building and processing our mattress and it arrived after a few days.

Hope mattress in a box

Hope mattress in a box

We found this mattress pretty easy to handle and set up. As soon as we opened the box and pulled it out of its plastic package, it started to expand. It didn’t take long for it to spring back to its original shape and be ready to sleep on.

Another thing we noticed while unpacking the mattress was the absence of off-gassing smells typical for mattresses made entirely of memory foam or of hybrids featuring memory foam in their construction. So, this is a big plus from us.

Unpacking the Hope mattress

Unpacking the Hope mattress

Cutting the plastic package of the Hope mattress

Cutting the plastic package of the Hope mattress

The customer service of this company was also quite responsive. They were quick to answer all our questions both on the phone and by email.

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Overall, the Hope Aspire mattress is one of a kind bed that’s not only reasonably priced but of the highest quality as well and will last a lifetime.

It is a 14″ hybrid made of durable Edge-to-Edge Variable Diameter Coils and various layers of special foams infused with unique cooling technologies which make this mattress perfect for hot sleepers.

The Hope Aspire features the best of both worlds: coil mattresses and memory foam and will provide you with an ideal balance of comfort and support for rejuvenating and deep sleep every night.

Its hybrid construction also makes it perfect for sex, while it won’t cause too much motion transfer, so you and your partner can change positions and get in and out of bed and you won’t feel it.

Read our Best Hybrid Mattress Guide to learn more about the benefits of hybrid mattresses and find out what are our top picks in this category.

Hope Aspire Hybrid Mattress


Construction / Materials


Firmness & Support




Sleeping Hot


Sinkage & Motion Transfer


Smell / Off-Gassing


Customer Service





  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for side sleepers
  • Sleeps cool


  • May be too soft for stomach sleepers



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