How to Keep Mattress Topper from Sliding?

Mattress toppers are ideal if you want to achieve the right level of firmness or softness on your mattress without buying the new mattress as this can turn out to be quite expensive.

However, the problem occurs when they can’t stay in place and keep sliding off. Most people complain about their mattress toppers sliding to the bottom of the bed as they sleep or move to either side as they get in and out of bed.

This can be really annoying, but luckily, there are some helpful tips that can help you keep your mattress topper from sliding and save you from all the frustrations of waking up to your mattress topper near the bottom of your bed.

Read our article and find out what are the best ways to keep your mattress topper from sliding off the bed.

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Sheet Suspenders/Straps.

Sheet straps or suspenders can be an effective way to make sure your mattress topper will stay in place. You can try to keep your mattress topper from sliding off the bed by using sheets that are tightly fitted, but this will work only for some time and the topper will start sliding again after a few hours, especially if you are a restless sleeper and tend to move a lot in bed during the night.

By using sheet suspenders or straps, you will be able not only to keep the sheet on a mattress the whole night, but you will also make your mattress topper remain in place as they will give it no room to move.

You only need to make sure your sheet straps are tight enough and your mattress topper will certainly stay in place regardless of your preferred sleeping position or how much you toss and turn in your sleep.

No-skid Mat

No-skid mats are usually used under floor covers, area rugs to keep rugs in place or even in the shower to prevent slipping.

The good thing is that you can also use them under your mattress topper to keep it in place all night. No-skid mats are easy to use; they don’t require much physical effort and work especially well on latex or memory foam mattresses. All you need to do is to insert them between your mattress topper and the mattress and your problem will be solved.

Safety Pins

Safety pins are used to keep bedding in place, but you can also use them to prevent your mattress topper from sliding off the bed. It is the cheapest method of keeping your mattress topper from sliding.

It is not time consuming and contrary to the popular belief, the pins won’t shred and damage your mattress topper. You only need to do it right and your mattress topper will remain in place without any damages.

Use at least five pins on each side to evenly distribute the pressure. If you bed is large, you can use more safety pins and even go for the large ones.

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Adhesive Velcro Tape/Strips

Adhesive Velcro tape is also one of the best ways to keep your mattress topper in place. Although attaching a Velcro to your mattress topper may seem a bit complicated, and although it may take you some time, it will be really effective in stopping your mattress from sliding and it won’t loosen up with time.

First you need to do is to attach the Velcro on your mattress topper where the parallel side should face the bed. Ensure that the soft side of the Velcro matches the sharp one when positioning the mattress topper on the bed.

Duct Tape

Duct tape can hold almost anything together, and although it might not be the best option in this case, it will do the job and keep your mattress topper from sliding.

Tape the edges or the corners of the mattress topper to the mattress and then you can use a tightly fitted sheet too.

Avoid using a spray adhesive even though it is easier to use because it will leave some visible marks on the mattress once you remove the mattress topper.

Cotton or Cotton/Polyester Blend Pad

In most cases mattress toppers slide off the mattress because the surface of the mattress is too slick. That’s why adding a simple cotton or cotton/polyester blend pad on the mattress will ensure that the topper is not directly against the slick mattress and it will keep it in place.

You can also put a fitted sheet on the mattress and then place the mattress topper and another fitted sheet over the topper. This, again, will ensure that the topper is not in direct contact with the slick surface of the mattress, and fitted sheet additionally secures the topper to the mattress.

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Adding a footboard to your bed could help keep your mattress topper from sliding. However, this will only work if your footboard is long enough and if your mattress topper touches both sides of the headboard and the footboard.


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