How To Fluff Pillows?

After a long and hard day, there is nothing like sinking your head into a fluffy new pillow. New pillows made of shredded foam, polyester fibers, feathers or other kind of down are incredibly comfortable and luxurious, but without the proper care, the level of their comfort can significantly decrease over time.

To keep your bed pillows from getting lumpy and going flat, and to bring to life old and already flat pillows, there are a few simple things that you can do. Read our article and learn what pillows the hotels use.

Fluff Your Pillows by Hand

Fluff up your pillows every morning when you get out of bed. This will allow the filling to breathe and ensure the pillows stay lightweight and fluffy. To fluff them properly, you should grab the ends of each pillow in each hand and smash them together a few times.

You can also fluff them by hitting their sides simultaneously with your fists. Feather pillows are the easiest to fluff because their filling is the lightest, so simply hitting them lightly should do the trick.

Besides this, you can also try squeezing the pillows for a couple of times and after doing this shake them strongly, put them on your bed again and then beat them with your flat hand on every side.

Rotate Your Pillows

Rotate your pillows as this can also help them retain their original shape. Try flipping them if you can or placing them on other bed than usually or even sofa as this change up in use will keep the pillows from going flat and losing their shape. 

Air Them Out Regularly

Over time, your pillows can absorb a lot of moisture that can come from your face, sweating and drooling. In such case, pillows usually lose their volume and become lumpy. So, leaving them outside for a while can help eliminate any excess moisture that is stuck into them and your pillows will poof back to their fluffy state.

Every few months, on a sunny day, clear day, bring your pillows outside, lay them on a table or hang them on a clothes line. About 3-4 hours should be enough time to make sure the sun and heat dry out any moisture. Don’t forget to fluff them several times and turn them every hour.

Besides this, the sun and air will also make your pillows smell clean and fresh. Just make sure not to leave them out in humid weather as this could make things even worse and lead to the opposite of what you expected. 

Consider Getting Pillow Protectors

Your pillows can become flat because of too much dirt as well. That’s why you should consider getting pillow protectors. They will keep the dirt and oils from getting stuck into the filling of your pillows and in that way noticeably slow down their flattening process.

Put Them in the Dryer

If you can’t fluff your pillows by hand, you can run them through the dryer at least once a month to fluff them up. You can even put one or two tennis balls with them to help fluff them better.

Be sure to put tennis balls in socks, tie the socks at the ends, and throw them both in a dryer with each pillow for a few minutes. This will perfectly fluff your pillows and make them ready for a good night’s sleep.

Use only a low heat or air setting. The heat will also eliminate any remaining moisture from your pillows. 

Knowing When To Replace Your Pillows

By fluffing your pillows regularly, you will help them maintain their shape longer. This will also allow the air to circulate freely through them and make your pillows last longer.

However, sooner or later, you will eventually have to replace your old pillows and get the new ones. (Read our pillow reviews and find the best pillows for your needs.)

Experts suggest replacing pillows every 4-6 years, depending on which type of pillows you have. If you notice that your pillows have lumps, or if they are too flat or heavy from accumulated dust mites and body oils, if they cause you to wake up with a sore neck because they don’t provide you with enough support, then it’s probably time to get the new pillows.

Also, if your pillows smell of mildew and if they don’t pop back into place when you fold them, then you should consider replacing them.