How To Dispose of Old Pillows?

Are your pillows starting to get lumpy? Are they loosing their firm consistency?

Every pillow will wear out over time, whether it becomes lumpy, stops providing adequate support, or just sort of falls apart. And while such pillows should be retired from your bed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are totally useless.

Before you toss your old pillows in the trash due to age or overuse, consider some interesting ways of disposing of them and their possible reuses in your house or your community.

Here we will be discussing various creative ways of reusing, repurposing, and recycling old pillows.

Make Rags or Stuff Other Pillows

You can open up your old pillows and remove the filling, then cut up the covers into square pieces and use them as rags for cleaning. The remaining filling you can use to stuff other old pillows that are ready to be retired and that could use a bit more stuffing. All you need to do is to take the filling and put it into other pillows.

Double Up

To extend the lifespan of your old pillows that have gone all thin and lumpy, you can take two thinnest pillows and put them together in one pillowcase. By doing this, you will get a firmer pillow that will work nicely for at least a few more months.

Donate Your Old Pillows

If you have decided to get new pillows (check out our pillow reviews and find the best one for your needs), but your old ones are still in a good shape, perhaps you should consider donating them to your local homeless shelter. Just remember to wash your pillows before you donate them.

Check with local animal shelters as well as these places often accept such donations and they use them to create animal beds or in animal crates.

Once you find the shelter that needs pillows, bring your pillows there or to a thrift store or charity organization near you if they don’t have holes, lumps or stains and are still in a good shape. 

Create Comfortable Beds for Your Pets

If you have animals, you don’t have to spend a fortune on buying fancy pet beds. Instead, you can reuse your old pillows and create nice beds for them. Your dog or cat deserves a comfortable place to sit and sleep on.

Use Your Old Pillows in the Garden

If you are retiring old feather pillows, you can use them to make nice compost for your plants. Open the cover, remove the feather filling and add it to your compost pile. After some time, the feathers will break down pretty well in compost and help your plants grow better.

Also, if you need knee protectors while working in your garden, you can cover your old pillows with vinyl casing and use them as knee protectors every time you work in the garden.

Block Drafts

Apart from what has been mentioned above, you can use your old pillows to make quick and easy draft-blocking devices and put them in front of your draftiest doors and soon after that you will notice a big difference.

Also, if you have a drafty chimney that you don’t use, you can use your old pillows there too. Just put one or two old pillows into a trash bag or any other bigger plastic bag to protect them from the elements and stuff them up your chimney. This will help stop chilly drafts from coming through the chimney into the house.

Use Your Old Pillows as Insulation

Stuffing from old pillows can be used to make great insulation. You can use the stuffing or the whole pillows to add insulation to your pipes and prevent them from freezing, add insulation to your hot water tank, loft or attic, around your bathtub, etc. 

Protect Stuff While Moving and Your Fragile Packages

You can use your old pillows to protect the stuff while you are moving. Place your pillows between your stuff in a van to prevent them from getting scratched up.

Besides this, you can use the filling from your old pillows or the whole pillows, put them in the box and use them as packing material the next time you ship a fragile package. 

Use Your Pillows for Washing Your Car

If your old pillows are made entirely of flat blocks of foam, you can cut the foam into larger pieces and use the pieces as sponges for washing your car and the covers, if these are cotton covers, as a chamois for waxing the car.

Finally, if there is no way how your old pillows can be reused or recycled, you should dispose of them with other goods of a similar type. For example, if the filling from your pillows is artificial or foam based, it can be disposed of with your recyclable plastic goods. If it is down, then it can be disposed of with your normal waste. 



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