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If your child wakes up throwing fits or having tantrums, chances are that your kid did not have enough rest during the night. Kids who feel groggy, fussy, or inactive during daytime most likely had trouble sleeping and didn’t get enough sleep.

Sleep is a basic need for both adults and children, but children need more hours of quality sleep to boost their health and growth.

Children have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep due to many reasons and a poor quality mattress should not be one of them. A high quality and comfortable bed is crucial for promoting good sleeping habits in your kids.

In this guide we will help you choose the best mattress for your kids to help them achieve a good night’s sleep. Last updated Mar 10, 2022 @ 5:55 pm


Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Mattresses for Kids

  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for kids and side sleepers
  • Sleeps cool
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  • Comfortable
  • Pressure relieving
  • Sleeps cool
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  • Sleeps cool
  • Celiant technology
  • Good bounce
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  • Provides excellent support
  • Hugs and contours the body during sleep
  • Sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam beds
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How Does a Mattress Affect Your Child’s Sleep?

Growing kids need deep sleep and they need to reach the REM state so their bodies can develop properly and so their cells can quickly regenerate. On average, children need at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep but with all the gadgets lying around, it can really be difficult to trigger sleep.

Frequent wakefulness could mean your child is uncomfortable with his or her sleeping environment including the mattress. There is a wide range of options available on the market and you just need to find something that will best suit your child and his/her sleep needs and preferences.

Tips to Choose a Great Mattress for Your Kids

Parents want the best for their children, but since mattresses vary in design, material, density, price, and brand, finding the best match for your kids’ needs requires a lot of research.

Parents may have different criteria sets when choosing the best bed for their kids but should always opt for what is safe and healthy for them rather than just focus on the aesthetic value of the mattress.


When you’re out shopping for memory foam, latex, hybrid pocketed coil mattress, or innerspring mattress, you have to check if these are kid-friendly and whether they promote good sleep alongside other health benefits.

Look for something solid that can withstand wear and tear as children do not just use their beds just for sleeping. Keep in mind that your little ones use it for a whole lot of other activities besides sleeping.


Comfortable – Mattresses for kids must be made of soft yet durable materials which provide adequate support and which are comfortable enough to sleep on.

Hypoallergenic or Antibacterial – Go for the hypoallergenic or antibacterial types that provide protection for your kids while they sleep and make bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens stay away from them.


Kids grow up fast too, so keep this in mind too while looking for a perfect mattress for your kids that they can use for a much longer time. It’s best to get the appropriate size for your growing kids, which means you should buy a full sized mattress that will fit them even when they are in their teens.

Best Mattresses for Kids

Your children are in a growing phase and they need a comfortable, yet durable and supportive mattress to sleep and play on. Check out our top 4 picks for the best mattress for kids:

1. Hope Original

($1500 for a Queen size. Click here for the best price on the Hope Original mattress!)

Hope Original mattress

The Hope Original is an all-foam mattress that features a unique layered design that effectively and consistently delivers amazing comfort and support. The company created it using their excessive experience and knowledge, so you can rest assured it will stay amazing and keep providing you with the right support and comfort for many years to come.

The Hope Original delivers incredible comfort, pressure mapping, proper spinal alignment, and pain relief for sore joints and hips. All these features make it ideal for side sleepers, and not just side sleepers, but all types of sleepers in general, even heavier ones and kids.

Besides this, the Hope Original mattress does an amazing job of sleeping cool due to the use of various cooling technologies in its construction such as a Deep Freeze Plus Cooling Cover with special reactive temperature technology, Atlas PR Gel Memory Foam layer, a layer made of the company’s proprietary Cloud Motion Memory Foam, etc.

All in all, the Hope Original mattress is one of the best universal comfort mattresses currently present on the online mattress market and a great choice if you are looking for a 12″ all-foam mattress that comes with some unique technologies and sleeps incredibly cool, and that can work perfectly well for your kids.

Get the full Hope Original mattress review.

2. Leesa Original

($1099 for a Queen size. Click here for the best price on the Leesa Original mattress!)

The Leesa Original is considered to be one of the most comfortable mattresses available on today’s market. It is a 10″ all foam mattress that combines various layers of special foams for improved pressure relief, cooling and support.

The unique design of this mattress, combined with the special foams used in its construction does a good job of providing extraordinary pressure relieving support as well as a comfortable night’s sleep.

It contours to every body curve to provide the feeling of floating on air while at the same time it quickly responds and adapts to pressure and provides support to those body areas where it is needed most.

It is unlike any other 10″ all foam mattress currently present on the online mattress market; it sleeps fairly cool, and does an excellent job of minimizing the amount of sinkage and motion transfer. All this makes the Leesa Original mattress perfect for kids.

Get the full Leesa Original mattress review.

3. Bear Mattress

($850 for a Queen size. Save $50 on a Bear by using our code: TALK50!)

The Bear is infused with graphite gel which promotes cool and relaxing sleep. The mattress also has special performance foam which responds quickly to pressure, supports the spine and provides the right amount of bounce.

It uses a combination of different foams and Celliant in the cover which helps regulate temperature and convert body heat into infrared light which speeds up muscle recovery and relieves pressure points as well.

If your kids are active sleepers, they will definitely love this one! Best of all, the Bear is also an eco-friendly mattress which means there are no harsh chemicals in the product that can harm your kids or cause toxicity.

The Bear comes in at $850. Click the link above and enter our code: TALK50 and you can save $50.

Get the full Bear mattress review.

4. Nolah Original

($799 for a Queen size. Click here to save $125 with our coupon MFTALK!)

The Nolah Original is unique in that it delivers the benefits of memory foam without the use of foam. Nolah created their own proprietary foam, Nolah Air Foam, which sleeps cooler than memory foam and is more durable than latex.

It is an universal comfort model which we rate as a 6-7 on the firmness scale (10 being firmest), and it provides good support as well as great comfort for all sleeping styles, and especially for kids as well!

The Nolah Original is an excellent model and one of our favorites as it has the comfort and feel of memory foam without causing heat retention and excessive sinkage that traditional memory foam often tend to cause.

Get the full Nolah Original mattress review.


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