Best Mattress For Sufferers Of Acid Reflux

According to the National Sleep Foundation, in the United States alone, acid reflux or heartburn is one of the primary causes of frequently disturbed sleep. This medical condition happens when stomach acid shoots up to your esophagus and cause that burning sensation and irritation in your chest and throat – this is what frequently interferes with restful sleep.

People who experience Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) experience sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and lethargy or daytime sleepiness; among others. Just talking about it is actually stressful to begin with. Last updated Feb 8, 2019 @ 4:30 pm

How Does Acid Reflux Affect Your Body and Sleep?

This backflow of acid can dangerously reach your larynx and throat which triggers coughing and choking sensation. This is what rouses you from a deep sleep and making it entirely difficult for you to sleep again.

There are around 60 million people in the United States who suffer from acid reflux – that is a very large number to begin with. It’s alarming to note too that approximately around 25 million Americans experience GERD every day. This is said to cause a lot of complications to your health, sleeping habits, career, and even your social life.

What Causes Acid Reflux?

A hiatal hernia – A disease occurs when the upper part of the stomach and LES move above the diaphragm, causing acid to move up into your esophagus.


  • Eating large meals and/or lying down right after and/or bending over at the waist.
  • Eating meals or Snacking close to bedtime
  • Eating citrus fruits, spicy foods, mint, fatty foods, chocolate, tomatoes, garlic, onions, etc.
  • Drinking coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, alcohol, etc.
  • Smoking – Aside from increasing the risk for esophageal cancer, smoking may be a cause of acid reflux. Smoking leads to a reduction the salivation and LES muscle function, increase in acid secretion, impairment of throat muscle reflexes, and damages of mucous membranes.
  • Taking medications that relax certain muscles: Blood pressure medications, aspirin, etc.
  • Being overweight or obese

Pregnancy – Especially during the third trimester due to the pressure from the growing fetus as well as an increase in hormone levels.

Tips to Deal with Acid Reflux!


1. Change Your Lifestyle

Counting sheep may not be the ideal method in this case. Certain lifestyle changes, diet modification, and routine exercise can help you decrease chances of experiencing acid reflux and therefore improving the quality of sleep.

  • Sleep therapists and GI specialists recommend eating more frequently but in smaller bite-sized portions.
  • Also, your diet should exclude alcoholic drinks, soda, coffee, chocolates, citrus fruits, spicy food, and fried food that can trigger GERD.
  • Avoid going to sleep right away when you have just had dinner. Wait it out for at least 3 to 4 hours before you hit the sack.

2. Get a New Mattress

Physicians recommend GERD patients get a new mattress and that is not just for comfort alone but more so to address problems with poor posture when sleeping. Your sleeping position plus the wrong mattress can definitely ruin quality sleep. We cannot reiterate enough the importance of having the right model that will enhance your body alignment and posture in order to avoid experiencing acid reflux when asleep.

3. Raise the Head of Your Bed by 6-8 inches

Adjustable mattresses or beds that can be customized to your needs are recommended for GERD patients. It gives you the freedom to personalize it in line with your medical situation. This is advised for patients who are suffering from acid reflux.

This allows gravity to do its job by keeping stomach juices down and not going anywhere else. Propping several pillows to elevate your head won’t work and may just aggravate acid reflux symptoms.

You can also pair the models recommended below with elevators or wedges that can help elevate your upper body to a comfortable height that will make you fall asleep easily and without the acid reflux. Sleep specialists or therapists would advise having slanted beds to avoid coughing and choking as a result of nighttime heartburn or acid reflux.

Top 3 Mattresses to Alleviate Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Changing your mattress is the easiest way that you can manage and prevent acid reflux symptoms from disturbing your sleep. There may be many available options that vary in technology and materials plus functionality, make sure to always go for what works for your own body, health, and lifestyle so you get to beat acid reflux anytime.

Choosing a new model can be confusing, but don’t sweat it, we got you covered with the top choices that will help you reduce GERD symptoms.

1. Luxi

($1099 for a Queen. Click here and enter our code: memoryfoamtalk to save $125 on a Luxi)

The Luxi allows you the freedom to swap the layers around to derive the right firmness level so you can sleep like a King (or Queen) for that matter. You get to select whether you want your mattress to be soft, medium-firm, or firm.

It is 10 inches thick and includes 4 layers of foam. It has a very elegant and classic quilted look which is minimalist yet very functional. It combines the power of latex and memory foam layer which provides solid support and comfort with a cooling effect.

It’s made of elastic and breathable foam that ensures good airflow and a cool layer to sleep on. It allows even distribution of body weight and minimal sinkage. Also, it has low motion transfer, and provides pain relief due to its comfort and pressure points.

The Luxi is recommended for acid reflux patients who would want a medium-firm bed that can be adjusted and provides the right contour and support for the upper body.

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2. Nectar Sleep

($699 for a Queen. Click here and use our code: mft125  to get 2 free pillows and save $125 on a Nectar)

The Nectar Sleep promises perfect comfort and this is what exactly it delivers to customers. It has a lifetime or “forever” guarantee which speaks volumes of their confidence in this product. It’s the last model you would ever purchase; as they put it.

It features gel memory foam for superior cooling, pressure relief, and even weight distribution.  If you choose it, you won’t have to worry that it sleeps hot, as it doesn’t have a problem with heat retention. Also, it has an adaptive hi-core memory foam which fits acid reflux patients because it’s a recovery foam that provides adequate support to the body, loft, perfect contour, plus bounce. It also has a good edge support.

It is designed to provide better sleep and fewer distractions with the foam’s luxurious feel and good compression support. It has superior quality materials for less the price range.

Nectar also provides their customers with a 365 night sleep trial and introduced this extended trial to the market. For all these reasons, most importantly the comfort, we rate the Nectar as one of the best models for those suffering from acid reflux.

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3. Loom & Leaf

($1100 for a Queen, click here to get the best deal on a Loom & Leaf)

The Loom and Leaf is another great option for those suffering from acid reflux.   The Loom & Leaf comes in two different firmness options to cater to sleeper needs and preferences better.

The firmer model (an 8 out of 10 in terms of firmness, 10 being the highest) is a lot softer compared to the Relaxed Firm model  (a 5 out of 10). If you’re sleeping alone, the softer Relaxed Firm is adequate, but if you’re sleeping as a couple, especially those with huge weight difference, we highly recommend the Firm.

The Loom & Leaf has an excellent medical grade cooling layer which allows it to sleep cool, a lot cooler than competing products from different mattress companies, which is important to sleep comfortably.

The high quality memory foam construction is gentle yet conforms to your body shape. Its support foam will support you and help alleviate acid reflux symptoms.  Loom and Leaf offers quality that is on par with leading store brands such as Tempur Pedic at a fraction of the price and is a great option for those suffering from acid reflux.

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