How To Wash Bamboo Pillows?

Bamboo pillows are a great choice for many reasons. They generally refer to those pillows that have covers made partly of bamboo and they come in various levels of firmness and softness and are comfortable regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Bamboo is a great material to use on pillows for several reasons. They can help with a number of sleep problems and are excellent in regulating body temperature, keeping you cool and wicking away moisture.

They will keep your neck and head in the alignment with the rest of your body and help your muscles relax properly at night.

Bamboo pillows are also a safe choice for those susceptible to allergies as they are naturally resistant to bacteria and dust mites, and for those fighting with asthma, snoring or some other breathing problem.  

Finally, they don’t only have numerous health benefits, but are also non-toxic and entirely sustainable. But do you know how to wash them properly and keep them clean?

Read our article and find out how to take a proper care of you precious bamboo pillow.

How To Take Care of Your Bamboo Pillow?

Taking a proper care of your bamboo pillow is not be so difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is to follow instructions and carefully read the labels that come on most bamboo pillows.

Washing Your Bamboo Pillow

Although bamboo pillows may have a slight off gassing smell in the beginning, you shouldn’t wash your pillow from the very first day. Instead you should let it air out for a couple of hours until the natural bamboo smell dissipates.  

However, you should be very careful once you decide to wash it because bamboo pillows, especially those with regular memory foam, cannot be machine washed.

The washing cycle, even gentle hand washing cycle is too rough for memory foam and will cause it to lose its shape or even crumble to pieces. No matter how durable your bamboo pillow may seem, washing it in the washing machine may be simply too rough for any bamboo pillow.

If you want your pillow to last and provide you with the same amount of comfort for a while, you should follow these simple tips for washing bamboo pillows:

Wash the Cover First

You should begin by taking off the cover of your pillow. Place it in the washing machine and wash it by using a gentle, cold water cycle.

If you want to be totally sure that the cover won’t get damaged, you can always wash it by hand using cold or lukewarm water and mild detergent for hand washing.

Hand Washing the Bamboo Pillow

To hand wash your bamboo pillow you will need a lukewarm water and mild detergent without bleach. Fill the sink or a tub with water that is neither too hot nor too cold and place your pillow there and wait until it gets completely wet.

Use a small amount of detergent, squeeze the pillow and rub in the detergent so it can get deep into your pillow. Do this for a couple of minutes until you are sure the detergent went through the whole pillow.

Squeeze out the pillow thoroughly until there is no more detergent left in it.

Drying Your Bamboo Pillow

Like it was the case with the washing machine, you should never dry your bamboo pillow in a dryer because the high temperature in a dryer can melt the foam and cause your pillow to crumble.

Instead, you should let your bamboo pillow air dry. For best results you should hang t to dry in the sun by using specially designed hanger for pillows or place it on a flat surface with the clean white towel beneath. If you choose the second option, make sure you turn the pillow to the other side from time to time just to make sure it dries completely.

Make sure your bamboo pillow is completely dry before you use it because even a little bit of dampness may cause the appearance of mildew.

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