How To Clean Microfiber Pillows?

Microfiber pillows started gaining popularity recently due to many benefits which they offer and because they come at more than affordable price.

These pillows are some of the best pillows available these days. They are usually made from the mix of polyester and nylon fibers. Each microfiber strand is thinner than a thread of a silk or a human hair and they together make these pillows extremely comfortable and a preferred choice of many households and the hospitality industry.

In addition, microfiber pillows are very breathable a can stay cool throughout the whole night. Tightly woven microfibers are also naturally antimicrobial and are effective in repelling moisture.

These pillows are also very lightweight and static free and very affordable compared to other types of pillows such as wool or cotton.

So, if you have just bought new microfiber pillows or you already have some, you must be keen to know how you to clean them properly and keep them looking fresh and new.  

Read our article and find out how you can clean your microfiber pillows without damaging them.

How To Clean Your Microfiber Pillows?

The first thing you will have to do before you begin washing your microfiber pillows is to inspect them in detail and see which ones need to be washed and separate them from the clean pillows.

After you pick the pillows you want to wash, remove their covers and put them in the washing machine. Add a small amount of mild detergent and set your machine on a gentle wash cycle. Once the washing is complete, take out the covers and let them dry naturally or put them in a dryer set on the air dry mode.

If you choose to dry them naturally in the sun, let them dry and then you can iron them if you want to get rid of any wrinkles that may have formed. You can cover the pillows once you wash and dry them too and simply run a brush over the covers to smoothen out the creases and ends.

Spot Cleaning Microfiber Pillows

Now, to remove stains from your microfiber pillows and clean them partially, you will need to fill a bowl with a lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild detergent used for hand washing.

Take a soft, clean, white towel or cloth and dip it into the mixture to make it wet, but not completely soaked and then gently rub the stains. Once you remove the stains, you can repeat the process with dipping the cloth or a towel in clean water to remove all the remains of soap.

After you are done with spot cleaning, you can leave your pillows to dry naturally on the sun or you can use dry them by using a blow dryer set on the cool mode.

Washing Your Microfiber Pillows

If your microfiber pillows need to be washed thoroughly, you should wash them by hand and use a mild detergent only. Fill a tub or a sink with lukewarm water and add the detergent.

Put your pillow into the water and squeeze it gently until all the dirt gets out. Rinse the pillows in clean water and squeeze them gently again to remove all the remaining detergent from them.

Avoid drying them in a dryer as your microfiber pillows can easily get damaged in a dryer. Let them dry naturally instead. Hang them outside on a clothes line by using special hangers for pillows or place them on a flat surface and put a clean towel beneath.

Choose a white towel to avoid transferring of colors from the towel to the pillows. If you choose the latter option, make sure to flip the pillows to the other side from time to time so that they can dry completely everywhere.

Pick a sunny day to wash your microfiber pillows so that they can quickly dry outside. If you don’t have where to dry them outside, you can place them in a well ventilated room in your home as well.

Other Cleaning Methods

To spot clean your microfiber pillows, you can also use alcohol. It won’t damage your pillows because microfiber is basically nothing but polyester. So, you can rub alcohol on the stains and clean them.

If your pillows just smell bad but they are not dirty you can just dust your pillows with some baking soda. Make sure to cover the whole surface of the pillow.

Let it sit for a couple of hours and then vacuum it by using a special upholstery vacuum cleaner attachment. Baking soda won’t only absorb the odor, but it will also remove any dust from your pillows and make them look and smell fresh again.