How To Clean Faux Fur Pillows?

Faux fur pillows can serve as amazing decorative items, but they easily get dirty, and cleaning them properly without damaging them can be extremely difficult.

There are several methods of cleaning faux fur pillows and which of these methods you should use depends on the manufacturer’s instruction tags.

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With a little effort you can keep your faux fur pillows looking their best. Read our article and find out the best ways to do this.

How to Clean Faux Fur Pillows?

Check Tags on Your Pillows

You can wash your faux fur pillows in a washing machine or by hand, but before you do this, you should check their tags and see if there are any specific cleaning instructions.

There you will find detailed instructions on how to clean them properly, whether the color of your pillows will run and how you should wash them, whether you should wash them separately or with similarly colored items. In addition, the tags will also include symbols that show how you should care for the pillows.

Follow the guidelines and use the information from these tags and decide what to do with your pillows.

Wash Your Faux Fur Pillows in a Washing Machine

Place Your faux fur pillow in the washing machine. If the faux fur cover is removable you can turn it inside out as this will protect the fur from wearing out too much. Regardless of what is specified in instructions, avoid washing them together with other items.

Set the washing machine to use cold water and the delicate wash cycle. Use only a mild laundry detergent, designed for hand washing. Turn the machine on and add a detergent. A detergent that is too strong can damage the faux fur or cause it to lose its color.

You should also use a fabric softener to make the fur fluffier and prevent the fibers from sticking together. Choose the machine setting with the least amount of agitation in the spin.

When the machine finishes it cycle, remove the pillows from it, shake them a bit to fluff up the fur and get rid of any excess water. If they are soaked in water too much, try to absorb it with a thick towel.

Washing Your Faux Fur Pillows by Hand

If you decide to wash your pillows by hand, then you should use the right materials for that and wash them in the lukewarm or cold water. In this way the faux fur pillows won’t lose their texture and shape. Again, use only a mild soap designed for hand washing.

If your pillows got dirty only in some places, you can spot clean them. Instead of submerging the entire pillows in the water, you can use mild detergent and and gently rub them with your fingers into the areas that need cleaning. Avoid scrubbing them too much because this could damage the faux fur.

Rinse them in clear cold water until all the soap is gone. By cleaning your faux fur pillows in this way, you will help them maintain their original texture and shape and last much longer.

After you finish cleaning them, shake them to fluff up the faux fur and get rid of any excess water on the surface. Then you can proceed to remove the additional excess water from them by wrapping and pressing them gently against a thick towel.

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How To Dry Your Faux Fur Pillows?

You should air-dry your faux fur pillows. Never use an electric dryer because even a low heat could melt and permanently mat the fibers. Avoid using a no-heat setting as well, because the friction caused by the faux fur tumbling around in the dryer will also produce some heat that can destroy the fibers.

Try to dry your pillows naturally. Put them somewhere outside and let them dry. Be careful not to forget them outside when the rain begins as this will ruin your pillows. If the weather is bad, you can air dry them inside. Choose a well ventilated place in your home that will allow your pillows to dry well or add a fan to speed the drying process.

When drying them in this way, lay them flat on a clean table or use some of those specially designed hangers for pillows and hang them on a clothes line.

To help your faux fur pillows dry faster, you can fluff up the fur by brushing it with a pet care brush that has widely spaced metal bristles. Brush the fur carefully so you can avoid damaging it.



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