Best Mattress For Snoring

Snoring is another common condition that affects millions of people all around the world. While some people may snore occasionally, others snore every night and this can only get worse as they age.

Besides the many sleepless nights that snoring can cause both for the snorer and those within listening range, it can also lead to some serious health issues.

If you snore or share a bed with a snorer, then you know how snoring can ruin sleep quality. That’s why you need to think about all possible options that could help you solve your problem.

One of them is getting a brand new mattress that could eliminate all discomfort and reduce snoring.


Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Mattresses for Snoring

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In this guide we will say something more about this condition, discuss some of the most effective tips that could help you reduce snoring, and give our top choices for the best mattress for snoring.Last updated Mar 10, 2022 @ 5:53 pm

What Is Snoring?

Snoring is loud breathing that occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat and causes them to vibrate while you breathe.

It is one of the most common conditions that can affect nearly anyone, although men and overweight people are more likely to snore.

What Are the Symptoms of Snoring?

Snoring is often associated with sleep apnea which occurs when your airways are partially or completely obstructed during the night.

The symptoms of snoring that may also indicate that the person suffers from obstructive sleep apnea include:

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring can happen as the result of various factors such as:

  • Obstructed nasal airways – Nasal airways can become obstructed due to a cold, allergies, sinus infections, a deviated septum, etc.
  • The anatomy of your mouth – The specific anatomy of your mouth can sometimes cause snoring. If you have a low and soft palate, it can narrow your airway and obstruct your breathing. The elongated tissue hanging from the back of your soft palate can also affect your breathing and cause snoring.
  • Poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue – If the muscles in your throat and tongue are too relaxed, they can fall back and block your airway and thus cause snoring.
  • Heavy weight – Gaining too much weight can lead to bulky throat tissue which can further lead to snoring.
  • Sleep position – The position you choose to sleep in can often have a huge effect on snoring, but we will talk more about this in one of the following sections.

Snoring Risks

There are many health risks that result from snoring or that snoring can point to. Some of them include:

Sleep Apnea

Snoring is often a sign of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that occurs when your airways are partially or completely obstructed causing you to stop and start breathing again repeatedly during the night.

Sleep apnea when untreated can further lead to other health issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, etc.


Snoring can also be a sign that you are at risk of a stroke. There are studies that show that people who are heavy snorers might snore because of plaque in neck arteries which causes them to narrow. This can cause loud snoring.

So, the louder you snore the more chance there is that you may possibly have a stroke.

Heart Disease

Snorers are also more likely to have cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. All these problems could possibly lead to a heart attack.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux occurs when the airways relax too much and let the stomach acid reach the esophagus. This condition is the most common in overweight individuals and those who tend to sleep on their back.


Snoring can cause headaches for both the snorer and the people listening to the snorer. Certain studies show that people who tend to snore are also prone to having headaches in the morning.

Can Your Sleeping Position Cause Snoring?

As we have already mentioned before, sometimes the position you prefer to sleep in can cause snoring. Namely, sleeping on your back can often lead to snoring.

Sleeping on your back can cause your tongue to fall back and obstruct your airway and result in snoring, especially if the muscles in your throat and tongue tend to relax too much while you sleep.

The Best Sleeping Positions for Snoring


Sleeping on your back can cause snoring but if you prefer this sleeping position, then you should make sure that you keep your head properly elevated to prevent snoring. To achieve this, you will need a good and supportive pillow.

Propping your head up will reduce nasal congestion and prevent your tongue and the surrounding tissue to collapse backward and cause snoring.


If you are a snorer, sleeping on your side would be the best sleeping position for you.

Sleeping on your side will prevent gravity from pressing your neck and head downwards which can narrow your airway. It helps keep your mouth closed and stop snoring.


Sleeping on your stomach may cause a sore neck and pain in the back but it is a good position for snoring.

Tips to Reduce Snoring

Changing Your Sleeping Position

Sometimes simply changing your sleeping position can help you solve your problems with snoring. If you sleep on your back and if propping your head up doesn’t work, then you can try sleeping on your side instead.

If you are primarily a back sleeper and if you find sleeping on your side difficult, you can get used to it easier if you use a trick with a tennis ball.

Stick or stitch a tennis ball to the back of your nightshirt and it will remind you to roll to your side every time you attempt to sleep on your back.

Use a Humidifier in Your Bedroom

Sometimes dry air can make you snore too by drying your throat and nose too much. To prevent this, you can use a humidifier in your bedroom. It will add the necessary moisture to the air and allow you to get more of a quality night’s sleep.

Exercise and Eat Healthy Food

Gaining too much weight can cause snoring too, but you can stop this by exercising regularly and eating healthy food.

Get a Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are special mouthpieces designed to stop snoring by preventing your airway from closing during sleep. There is a great variety of these mouthpieces and to get the right one for your needs, you should go to a dentist.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol or Taking Sedatives before Sleep

Although alcohol and sedatives can help you relax, they can also make you snore as they also relax the muscles in your throat and tongue. That’s why you should avoid drinking alcohol and taking sedatives at least two hours before going to bed.

Get a New Mattress

Sometimes even a mattress that doesn’t provide you with the amount of support and comfort that you need, or an old, lumpy, and sagging mattress can cause snoring.

Therefore, you should get a new mattress that will suit all your specific needs and sleep preferences and that will stop or at least reduce snoring.

How Can a New Mattress Help You?

If you are sleeping on an old and uncomfortable mattress as we mentioned, then you might snore and you probably won’t get enough of a quality night’s sleep.

If your mattress already shows the signs of aging such as sagging and lumpy places, then it’s time to get the new one.

A new mattress chosen according to your needs and sleep preferences will suit you completely and provide you with just the right amount of comfort and support you need for a continuous and sound sleep without snoring.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Snoring?

To get the best mattress for snoring, you should search for those mattresses that will suit your sleeping position and provide your spine, neck, and head with the right amount of support.

It should prevent any misalignment that can cause the airway to narrow and cause snoring.

The mattress should be of perfect firmness, neither too soft nor too firm. It should continuously provide you with the support your spine, head, and neck need regardless of the position you choose to sleep in.

You should be able to sleep in any position you want and not have any snoring problems.

Top 3 Picks On Best Mattresses For Snoring

Here are our top picks for the best mattress for snoring:

1. Puffy Lux Hybrid

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Puffy Lux Hybrid

The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress is an interesting hybrid mattress with a nice 12″ thick design that comes with some extraordinary features. It is a universal comfort model which means that it is designed to appeal to a wide range of sleepers with different needs and sleep preferences, including those who struggle with snoring too.

The dense foam layers used on the top of this mattress give you a true memory foam sensation and provide you with the right amount of comfort during sleep and they won’t cause you to push all the way down through it and come to rest on the harder pocketed coil support layer below.

The mattress will distribute your body weight evenly both when lying or sitting up in the bed and work perfectly for all sleeping positions and all types of sleepers.

The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress comes in at $1499 for a Queen, but this is quite a reasonable price given the quality materials used in its construction and the level of comfort and support that it provides.

Get the full Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress review.

2. Hope Original

($1500 for a Queen. Get the best price on the Hope Original mattress.)

Hope Original mattress

The Hope Original mattress is a unique all-foam mattress that features an intelligent layered design that delivers amazing comfort, support, and cooling.

It is a 12″ thick all-foam mattress that features a unique layered design that effectively and consistently delivers an ideal balance of pressure-relieving comfort and support. It will keep your spine properly aligned while providing incredible pressure relief and eliminate any possibility of the appearance of pain in joints and hips.

This mattress provides a medium-firm feel, perfect for all sleeping positions and all types of sleepers, including heavier sleepers and those who suffer from snoring or some other sleep-related disorders.

It also does an amazing job of sleeping cool due to the use of various cooling technologies in its construction such as a Deep Freeze Plus Cooling Cover with special reactive temperature technology, Atlas PR Gel Memory Foam layer, a layer made of the company’s proprietary Cloud Motion Memory Foam, etc.

Get the full Hope Original mattress review.

3. Avocado

($1399 for a Queen. Click here to get $175 off the Avocado, use code: AVOMFT!)

Avocado Mattress | Memory Foam Talk

The Avocado Green is an all natural hybrid coil and latex model which provides excellent cooling and comes with some extraordinary features that can be found in mattresses costing much more.

It is a universal comfort model and comes in at around a 6 on the firmness scale (10 being firmest), and is excellent for side sleeping and those who tend to snore.

The Avocado utilizes springs and latex, both of which are perfect materials for providing airflow and cooling along with an organic wool cover which also wicks away heat. Now it also comes with pillow top that is permanently attached with 2 more inches of plush organic latex for added pressure relief and luxury.

This helps sleepers stay cool and they also get some great support which helps reduce airway obstruction and snoring.

The Avocado is a great option for those that are looking for an organic model that sleeps cool and is one of the best mattresses for snoring.

Get the full review of the Avocado Green mattress here.


Snoring is a common condition that affects millions of people all around the world and while some people may snore occasionally, others snore every night.

Snoring doesn’t only reduce the quality of your sleep and the sleep of your partner, but it can also be a sign of an underlying health issue or even lead to various other health problems.

There is a wide range of options that can help you can stop or at least reduce snoring such as: changing your sleeping position, using a humidifier, exercising regularly and eating healthy food, etc. but perhaps the most effective solution would be getting a new mattress.

Here, we have provided you with our top choices for the best mattress for snoring. We have chosen them carefully and all of them are specifically designed to suit the needs of snorers.

We hope this guide helps you deal with your snoring problems and that it will be useful during your next mattress purchase.


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