Best Mattress For Restless Sleepers

Sleep can be challenging when you’re sharing the bed with a restless sleeper. Sleep can be hard to come by for both when you are next in bed with someone who moves around a lot in bed; either consciously or subconsciously.

You know you or your sleeping partner falls in the category of a restless sleeper if you move a lot while trying to sleep.  Do you know that you can lessen tossing and turning just by replacing your mattress?

In this guide, we outline what makes the best mattress for restless sleepers and provide our recommendations on which mattress to chose if you or your partner suffer from restless sleep. Last updated Feb 17, 2019 @ 11:27 pm

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For Better or Worse, Till Restless Sleep Do Us Part…

If you are a couple, and your partner can’t seem to just stay put in bed while you’re trying to fall asleep, then this could be a major issue that needs to be resolved. While this may seem to be such a small issue to even discuss further, it has been known to be a source of friction between couples and if not resolved can cause quite a few problems.

This could look petty at first, but being a restless sleeper is a serious issue that must be dealt with right away in order to prevent late night arguments, lack of sleep, and aggravating sleeping disorders that all can cause problems for both sleepers.

In this guide, we discuss how to choose the best mattress if you are a restless sleeper, and our recommendations.

Signs of a Good Mattress for Restless Sleepers

1. Motion Isolation

When you or your partner tend to move or roll around a lot when in bed, you tend to transfer that motion on the person you share the bed with which then wakes him or her up and disrupts sleep.

This is dubbed as “motion transfer” and is one of the key criteria we evaluate when reviewing mattresses here at Memory Foam Talk. Although it is quite normal for someone sleeping to constantly change sleeping positions, it can be very bothersome for the person he or she is sharing the bed with if it disturbs their sleep as well.

Lying in a comfortable and cool bed will help you sleep better and reduces the constant tosses and turns you make at night. While some mattresses with “motion isolation” could be costly, it is deemed a worthy investment because you get to get better, uninterrupted, and deep REM sleep that allows your body cells to regenerate and rejuvenate itself.

Ideally, if you want minimal to zero motion transfer, you should try memory foam mattresses because they tend to absorb energy and limit motion transfer so you won’t be disturbed even if your partner tosses and turns in bed. While mattresses with better motion isolation can be less responsive than their counterparts, you get the advantage of getting a good night sleep because it minimizes motion transfer.

2. Customization / Personalization



Being able to personalize both sides of the bed is definitely a great advantage in any mattress, and especially so for couples that have a problem with motion transfer from restless sleep.  Mattress with customizable firmness options allow each sleeper to have their desired comfort level which helps to minimize disruption between sleepers on the same mattress.

Multi-Position Adjustability

Some mattresses even go far beyond adjusting firmness settings, allowing you to adjust them from a lying to a sitting or reading position whenever you like. Even better, some mattresses let you set different positions on either side of the bed.

3. Best Mattress Material and Construction for Preventing Restless Sleep

Memory foam is regarded as the best material when it comes to motion isolation due to its natural conforming property. The material is also exceptionally good at relieving pressure points, relieving and preventing pain, and promoting proper spinal alignment. Memory foam is still the most popular and common materials used in the mattress industry today.

Latex is also an excellent choice because the natural component conforms to your movement and also distributes body weight efficiently. The difference between latex and memory foam is the fact that latex is very buoyant and responsive, so you will feel like you’re sleeping on top of the mattress, not in it. Latex is also very cool, and one of the coolest materials used in mattress construction.

Hybrid coil  mattresses with individually wrapped springs provide good motion isolation benefits and optimum support to relieve pressure points. Innerspring also sleeps cool thanks to the coil structure that allows air to circulate easily. However, some are bouncier than others and can cause increased motion which can be an issue for couples sharing a bed.

Three Best Mattresses for Restless Sleepers

You could be sleeping with a very old and lumpy mattress which could be the culprit for restless nights. While you may think you are saving money by holding off on purchasing a new mattress, you are actually losing more money because of the health risks that an old and rough bed could be causing you and your partner.

It’s a great thing that a change of mattress will shift things around and solve this sleeping dilemma once and for all. You spend around 1/3 of your life sleeping and if it continuously gets disrupted, the pitfalls could damage your health, work or school performance, and even your social life.

1. Luxi

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The Luxi is a high-end multi-foam mattress which you can buy at an affordable range. What’s even better about it is the much longer lifespan compared to other luxe-type of mattresses.

It is gaining popularity because it has a 3-in-1 adjustability feature which allows you to customize or adjust according to your comfort range or sleeping position.  Each side of the Luxi can be customized according to sleeper preference, which makes getting your individual sleeping environment right if it may be different than your partner.

The mattress provides the right contour, comfort, and support plus has great motion isolation feature that is a huge help if you share a bed with a restless sleeper. Not only that, it also helps relieve troublesome back pain which is often a problem for those that have restless sleep.

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2. Helix Sleep

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If you want to personalize or customize your sleeping experience, then the latex hybrid mattress, from Helix Sleep is perfect for you.

When you order a Helix Sleep, they provide you with a questionnaire that will allow them to personalize your mattress with the options you chose. They take these preferences in terms of firmness or if you want to sleep hot or cool; among others, and then create your ideal bed.

What’s really unique about this mattress is that you get to personalize each side of the bed. This means you can customize your mattress depending on which side of the bed you are on such as in the case if you share beds with a partner.

The Helix is also not as expensive as compared to other luxury customizable beds around which offer fewer competitive features as this one. It offers superb value for money and more personalization features that help appease restless sleepers.

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3. Loom & Leaf

($1299 for a Queen mattress, click here to get the best deal on a Loom & Leaf)

The Loom and Leaf is another great mattress for restless sleepers.  It has remarkable motion isolation that is recommended to be used by couples, side-sleepers, and restless sleepers. The Loom & Leaf comes in two different firmness options to cater to sleeper needs and preferences better.

The firmer model (an 8 out of 10 in terms of firmness, 10 being the highest) has much better motion isolation as compared to the softer one (a 5 out of 10). If you’re sleeping alone, the softer Relaxed Firm is adequate, but if you’re sleeping as a couple, especially those with huge weight difference, we highly recommend the Firm.

One thing that we really love about the Loom & Leaf is the medical grade cooling layer which allows the mattress to sleep a lot cooler than competing memory foam mattresses. Say goodbye to hotness and stickiness during the night which is often a problem leading to restless sleep.

The Loom & Leaf has very high quality memory foam construction that is gentle yet conforms to your body shape and sleeps very comfortable. Loom and Leaf offers quality that is on par with leading store brands such as Tempur Pedic at a fraction of the price and one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

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