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Our Bear mattress review of this exciting new memory foam mattress that is targeted to athletes and those that live an active lifestyle. We take a look at how well this bed delivers on this promise!

Bear engineered their mattress to focus on cooling and muscle recovery for athletes by using a combination of different foams and Celliant in the cover which helps to regulate temperature and convert body heat into infrared light.


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The Bear is an all foam mattress that focuses on faster muscle recovery and cooling and is targeted to athletes and those who live an active lifestyle.
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bear mattress corner

Bear mattress, queen size

Read more of our Bear mattress review to see how we feel about this exciting new mattress technology on the market, and how it feels in real world sleeping conditions for us! Review updated Mar 8, 2022 @ 12:24 pm

Over the last 5 1/2 years we have reviewed and tested over 150 mattresses. Kaye and I were one of the first couples to start a mattress review site and we set the bar high for quality and unique research standards.


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Is the Bear Mattress Right for You?

Buy the Bear Mattress if you like:

  • Memory foam feel without the feeling of being trapped – The layer of responsive memory foam within this mattress allows you to change positions during the night, and it does not cause the feeling of being stuck in foam typical for most memory foam mattresses.
  • A cool-sleeping mattress – The unique design of this mattress combining the graphite gel-infused memory foam and the Celliant does a good job at regulating temperature and keeping this mattress cool throughout the entire night.
  • Leading an active lifestyle – Celliant cooling technology incorporated within the cover of the Bear mattress converts body heat into infrared light, helps with muscle recovery, and ensures a quality sleep, which makes this mattress ideal for athletes and those with an active lifestyle

You might not like the Bear Mattress if:

  • You like a heavier sleeper – If you are a heavier sleeper, the Bear mattress may feel a bit firm to you as it will cause you to press through the top comfort layer and feel more of the support layers below which are significantly firmer. So, if you are a heavier sleeper and you prefer sleeping on your side, this mattress may not be the right pick for you.
  • You like mattresses with a lot of bounce – The Bear mattress is an all foam mattress that isn’t very buoyant. So, if you are looking for a lot of bounce and responsiveness, the Bear may not work well for you.

Construction / Materials

The Bear mattress is a 10″ thick memory foam mattress made up of 3 layers of graphite gel-infused memory foam, quick response foam, and core support foam wrapped in a Celliant cover .

  • 1″ Top comfort layer – This layer is made of 1″ graphite infused memory foam and designed to provide cooling and comfort. Graphite is included which has been shown to be 7 times cooler than traditional memory foam.
  • 2.5″ Middle support layer – This layer is made of 2.5″ quick response foam and provides responsive support and pressure relief. The Bear Quick Response Foam used provides faster responsiveness during the night when changing sleeping positions.
  • 6.5″ Bottom foundation layer – This layer is made of 6.5″ core support foam and provides a foundation for the layers above as well as deep compression support.
Bear mattress layers

Bear mattress layers

The Bear has a cover made of polyester and Celliant which provides a soft sleeping surface and conveys the many benefits that Celliant is designed to provide.

Celliant converts body heat into infrared light, which has been shown in a number of studies to increase the oxygenation of blood in the body which results in decreased temperature, reduced muscle pain, and increased recovery time.

bear mattress cover

Celliant cover

The inclusion of Celliant in the Bear Mattress is the primary reason the mattress is targeted towards the athletic and active lifestyle market, and it does a great job in this regard.

Firmness & Support

The Bear mattress is a universal comfort mattress, coming in at a 7 on the firmness scale (10 being firmest). The combination of graphite gel-infused memory foam and quick response foam in the comfort and support layers provide a somewhat firmer feel but one that adapts to the body over time.

As a heavier sleeper than Kaye, I felt the Bear was on the firmer side, which is often the case for me with many universal comfort memory foam mattresses. This is because I tend to compress through thinner top comfort layers and feel the underlying firmer foundation layers.

Kaye felt it was just right, as she prefers a firmer mattress anyway and weights a lot less than I do. The longer we slept on it, however, I did feel that it adapted to my body and seemed less firm than I initially considered it to be.

Support was good with the Bear, as the 10″ design and combination of foam layers does a good job of supporting you during the night in various sleep positions.

The 3.5″ comfort layer does a very good job of providing responsiveness during the night and a degree of bounce, while the underlying core support layer is firm enough to prevent “bottoming out” or excessive sinkage even with my 230lb weight.


The Bear is a quite comfortable mattress, with the graphite gel-infused memory foam, quick response foam, and overall construction providing a comfortable night sleep in all sleeping positions.

The combination of the graphite infused memory foam and the quick response foam really made for a comfortable sleeping surface when changing positions.

We did not feel stuck in the foam and the mattress quickly responded to our changes in position during the night.

This all foam performance mattress also has a good amount of bounce due to the responsive foam layer, which was especially beneficial for us as a couple during those late-night (and early-morning) amorous activities.

Compared to other memory foam mattresses which sometimes would leave us “stuck” in the foam, the Bear does a great job preventing this by providing enough “bounce back”.

bear mattress profile

Bear mattress profile view

Sleeping Hot

One of the greatest attributes of the this mattress is how cool it sleeps. The combination of the graphite infused memory foam and its ability to cool 7x faster than traditional foam made a noticeable difference during the night.

The Celliant cover also seemed to reduce any aches and pains that I sometimes experience during the night due to back and shoulder injuries, and made a big difference.

Bear gets high marks in our sleeping cool evaluation by the excellent combination of these two technologies.

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

There was a average amount of sinkage with the Bear mattress, but this was mostly due to my heavier weight as a fairly large sleeper (230 lbs.)

When sitting up or near the edge, I compressed the mattress a fair amount. However, when lying prone on the bed during the night, the mattress did a good job and supporting my body evenly.

As a lighter sleeper, Kaye did not sink into the mattress nearly as much as I did, which again – is a function of sleeper weight.

As for motion transfer, there is a moderate due to bounce amount that we encountered when sleeping on the Bear mattress as a couple.

This is an important factor for us, as excessive movement from our mattress causes sleep disruptions for both of us. The Bear did a decent job of preventing too much motion compared to other memory foam mattresses.

Smell / Off-Gassing

The Bear Mattress had minimal amounts of off-gassing when we unboxed it, which is above average compared to the other mattresses we have reviewed. Any smell that was present quickly dissipated and we did not notice it really at all during our first night’s sleep.

Customer Service

Bear provides pretty much the standard amount of customer service you can expect in a “Bed In A Box” online mattress retailer. This includes:


The Bear is reasonably priced at $850 for a Queen (actually, $800 with $50 coupon, just follow this link and enter code TALK50)

SizeBear HybridBear Mattress
Twin XL$640
Cal King$1650$940


Get the Bear Mattress
The Bear is an all foam mattress that focuses on faster muscle recovery and cooling and is targeted to athletes and those who live an active lifestyle.
Save $50 on the purchase of the Bear mattress! Use code: TALK50



In summary, the Bear Mattress is a great mattress designed for those that lead an active lifestyle and who are looking for a memory foam mattress that sleeps cool and provides a nice degree of bounce as well.

The Bear is great for couples due to the cooling features as well as the bounce, although this also does cause a small degree of motion transfer.

Of all the mattresses we have tested so far, the Bear by far sleeps the coolest and is one of the few mattresses to utilize the impressive Celliant technology in its construction.

All in all, the Bear mattress is a very high quality mattress and delivers on its promises. We hope that our Bear mattress review helped you evaluate this great mattress!

Bear Mattress


Construction / Materials


Firmness & Support




Sleeping Hot


Sinkage & Motion Transfer


Smell / Off-Gassing


Customer Service





  • Sleeps cool
  • Celiant technology
  • Good bounce


  • Some motion transfer


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