Layla Mattress Review

Our review of the Layla mattress, a recent entrant to the market that is bringing several innovations to the mattress industry. Layla Sleep is one of the first companies to offer copper infused memory foam as well as provide a mattress that can be customized to different firmness preference.

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Layla Sleep was started by two Silicon Valley brothers who grew up in the mattress industry as well as other mattress industry veterans.

This is our updated review of this mattress, which has been improved and is much better and one of our favorite mattresses on the market today. Read about Layla in our “Top 10 Best Mattresses Guide”

Read our following updated review of the Layla mattress to see what we think about this innovative new mattress that is on the scene! (Review updated January 2018)

Layla Mattress Construction / Materials

The Layla is a 10″ memory foam mattress with 4 layers of copper infused memory foam and base support foam. The mattress uses a core inner support foam layer and a comfort layer on each side, which provides the different firmness settings when flipped over.

  • 3″ Comfort Layer (Soft setting) – 3″ of high density copper infused memory foam to provide cooling and improve blood circulation
  • 2″ Support Layer – 2″ of convoluted foam that provides airflow and support for the comfort layers on each side
  • 4″ Base Support Foam – 4″ of 2.o ILD Poly Base foam to provide overall support for the mattress in both comfort configurations.
  • 1″ Comfort Layer (Firm setting) – 1″ of the same high density copper infused memory foam as 3″ layer.

Layla Sleep designed the Layla mattress with the use of copper, which is proven to increase blood flow and improve circulation. In addition, copper also has cooling properties that the technology in the foam aims to also improve in the mattress.

Layla Mattress 4 Layer Cross Section

It is designed to provide a mattress that can be flipped over to change from soft to firm, depending on sleeper preferences which we will discuss in more detail.

The cover is lined with THERMOgel technology that causes the bed to react to your body’s sweat in order to keep you cool at night as well. It is very soft and comfortable as well.

Layla mattress cover

Layla mattress cover

Firmness & Support of the Layla Mattress

As mentioned, this model is unique in that by unzipping the cover and turning the mattress over, you can go from a soft feel to a firm feel in the same bed. This is somewhat similar to the Luxi, which offers a similar type of flippable feature as well, which we like quite a bit.

The Layla comes by default in the softer configuration from the company, which we feel is on the softer spectrum of the firmness scale at around a 5-6 (10 being the firmest.)

When we unzipped the mattress and flipped it over to the firmer side, the 1″ comfort layer resulted in a much firmer feel, around an 8 out of 10 (10 being firmest), as the support foam did most of the job with the thinner comfort layer on that side.

Layla mattress, corner view

Layla mattress, corner view

Personally I like softer mattresses, even though I tend to sink down in them more than most with my heavier weight (230lbs.) It does a great job at supporting both my heavier weight as well as Kaye’s lighter weight, without feeling “trapped in foam”.

Support was better for side sleeping to me on the softer side, while if you are a stomach or back sleeper you may want the mattress on the firmer setting.

This mattress will support just about all firmness preferences we feel, from those that like the softer/medium feel to those wanting the firmer one, just by unzipping and flipping the mattress over. Something that almost all “universal comfort” models can’t accomplish.

Layla Mattress Comfort

The Layla is rather comfortable, which was apparent to us upon first lying down on it. The cover is very soft and the all foam construction on the soft firmness setting really allowed me to sink into the mattress but not feel trapped.

As mentioned previously, this really depends on what firmness preference you have, as if you enjoy a softer mattress the Layla definitely satisfies this on the soft side. Similarly, if you prefer a firmer mattress, just unzip and flip it over for a firmer comfort level.

We feel that the new updated Layla does a much better job at appealing to all sleeper preferences, as the previous one we tested in late 2016 did make us feel like there wasn’t a middle ground between soft and firm – but the layer modification Layla did made the current model perfect for all sleeper positions.

Sleeping Hot on the Layla? Nope!

True to form, the Layla does deliver when it comes to not sleeping hot, which is a common problem with most memory foam mattresses. The use of copper infused foam definitely works, as we didn’t feel the stickiness that can normally be a result from sleeping on an all foam bed.

The THERMOgel infused cover also contributes to not sweating when sleeping as well. As a heavier sleeper (230 lbs), living in Texas, and sleeping with a partner – this is a HUGE deal. This model does a GREAT job at sleeping much cooler and is head and shoulders above almost every other mattress on the market.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

Sinkage (and motion transfer) really depends on which firmness setting you have the Layla configured to. As sinkage is largely weight-dependent, I sunk down a lot more on the softer side.

My heavier weight compressed through the top comfort layer foam more than Kaye did, who weights half what I do. However, this is something I personally enjoy, as I prefer the feeling of my body being contoured in foam which helps support my back and shoulders.

It does an excellent job at supporting my heavier weight and not causing Kaye to “roll down into me” because of our weight difference which is one of our pet peeves..

On the firm setting, this was less of an issue due to the support layer doing most of the work supporting sleeper weight.


Likewise, edge support is better on the firm setting than the soft for the same reason – however, the edge support is very good with the Layla and I did not compress or sink down to the foundation as I often do with other memory foam mattresses.

Motion transfer was excellent (in that it is very minimal) with the Layla on the soft side as well compared to the firm. The new model is much better at balancing weight out compared to the first Layla we reviewed, which is a great benefit for couples and something we look for.

Smell / Off-Gassing

The Layla had a minimal amount of smell when opened for our review of the mattress, which is excellent due to being an all-foam mattress. This is common with memory foam type mattresses, but with the Layla was not that bad or last very long at all.

Layla Sleep Customer Service

Layla offers some great offerings, which are pretty much on par with many bed in the box models – including:

  • 120 night sleep trial
  • Lifetime
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping and free returns
  • Ships in 7 days
  • $100 off with our MFT100 coupon and clicking here


The Layla sleep is very competitively priced at $899 for a Queen ($799 with our exclusive $100 off coupon)

Twin XL$599
Cal King$999


The Layla is an innovative new mattress on the scene that offers a few features that other mattresses don’t these days, including the use of copper as well as a design that allows for changing firmness settings.

Due to the design and materials, it does sleep cool and depending on your sleep preferences, can go from soft to firm somewhat easily.

We feel that the Layla meets the needs of almost all sleepers, as we are very particular when it comes to comfort and is perfect for us as a couple with different weights and preferences in a mattress.

The use of copper actually does what the company claims in our view, even though it is hard to measure these results, we did feel that the mattress was cooler than most memory foam mattresses in its class and we did not have any discomfort with hip or shoulder pain that we often do with many mattresses.

All in all, the Layla is a well designed and innovative mattress for those that want more choice than the standard universal comfort type mattresses on the market today.

We were so impressed by the updates Layla made to their mattress, that we have ranked it our #3 mattress and in our “Top 10 Best Mattresses” Guide. We hope our Layla mattress review helps you make a decision on your next mattress purchase!



Construction / Materials

9.6 /10

Firmness & Support

9.7 /10


9.6 /10

Sleeping Hot

9.6 /10

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

9.6 /10

Smell / Off-Gassing

9.5 /10

Customer Service

9.5 /10


9.6 /10


  • Sleeps cool
  • Firmness adjustability
  • Great price
  • Copper technology