How To Dispose of a Foam Mattress Topper?

Do you have an old foam mattress topper and you want to dispose of it but don’t know how?

Whether your mattress topper stopped providing you with enough comfort and support or you just want to upgrade to a more luxurious topper, you want to make sure you are disposing of your old mattress topper in the most responsible way.

So, what do you do with it?

Here we have shared some of the best ways to get rid of your old foam mattress topper that are good for the environment and your wallet.

Can You Throw Away a Mattress Topper?

If you want to throw away your old foam mattress topper, you can do it, and the service that collects trash in your neighborhood will take it away.

However, even if you are allowed to throw away your old mattress topper on trash day, you may want to think again whether throwing it away like this is really the best way of disposing of it.

It certainly isn’t one of the greenest choices, as it will get taken to the nearby dump and the landfills in America keep growing bigger with junk with every day.

Also, memory foam mattress toppers are not made of the eco-friendly materials and when you leave them in a landfill or dump them anywhere else, they will begin to decompose release hydrogen cyanide, flame retardants, isocyanates, etc. all of which have an extremely negative impact on the surrounding environment.

This is why you should try to recycle or repurpose your old foam mattress topper with a few useful tips that we will provide here rather than throw it away. Keep reading and find out how you can do this in the most creative and eco-friendly ways.

Recycling a Mattress Topper

Throwing your mattress topper into the trash can harm the environment. Instead, you should try to find local recycling centers and ask them to tell you about the best recycling programs or drop-off sites for your foam mattress topper.

You shouldn’t set it with your usual recyclables because it needs to processed in a specialized facility according to the materials it is made of.

Contact the manufacturer or your mattress and ask about a recycling program. Some manufacturers take old bedding through disposal or buy-back agreements. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website and look there for more details about this, or contact them and ask them directly.

If you purchased your topper from a local store, you can call them and ask if they can recycle if for you.

Call your municipality’s Board of Health or local Health Department and ask about any recycling programs they may sponsor.

Many local health boards public works departments have recycling programs that usually focus on recycling mattresses. However, most of them will also accept any related bedding items, including foam mattress toppers.

Donating Your Foam Mattress Topper

If your topper is still in a good condition and you just want to try out something else, then you can give it to a family member or a friend. Ask around and see if anyone needs it and if anyone is willing to take it.

If no one wants it, you can try to donate it to local charities or online classified sites. Examine your mattress topper in detail and post and ad for it online together with a good picture of any damages or stains, detailed information about its age, condition, materials, delivery options, etc.

You can use some good classified sites to find a new home for your mattress topper or social media pages like Facebook to connect with people and find those from your area who are looking for a foam mattress topper.

If you want to donate it to local charities, many charity organizations such as homeless shelters, women’s shelters, family shelters, etc. will probably accept your mattress topper.

Repurposing into Household Items

There are many creative ways how you can reuse your old mattress topper if you can’t recycle it or give it to someone.

If you have pets, you can cut your memory foam mattress topper to a perfect size that will suit your dog or cat. You can either wrap a piece of a sheet or sew some fabric around it to make sure the foam stays in its place and to make it more comfortable.

So, a mattress topper can serve as a cheap alternative to branded dog beds which can be a great solution for senior-aged pets, especially if your old mattress topper is a memory foam topper since memory foam supports joints.

Besides this, you can also use the foam from your old mattress topper to stuff the chairs or make comfortable cushions for garden benches.

Old memory foam mattress toppers can be used during camping trips for padding under sleeping bags since memory foam reacts according to body temperature and can be a great heating solution when you are camping.

In addition, you can use the foam from your old mattress topper to create lumbar support pillows for vehicles and desk chairs by cutting the foam down to a size that will comfortably fit your lower back while you are sitting. 


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