Where to Donate a Mattress

When it’s time to get a new mattress, many people simply throw away their old beds without thinking about other possibilities.

They don’t want their room cluttered, but they are not quite sure how to get rid of their old mattresses which is why they often decide to throw them away.

There are many potential uses for old mattresses. For instance, they can be given to those in need or donated to shelters for people with no settled home, etc.  

We compiled this guide and gave you some possible options to help you figure out where to donate a mattress. Keep reading to find out whether your mattress qualifies for donation and what are the best options. Last updated Apr 29, 2020 @ 7:46 pm

Can You Donate a Mattress

Before you can even think about donating your mattress, you should check whether it is good enough for donation. You can donate an old mattress only if it is in fairly good condition and if it meets certain standards.

Check whether your mattress has any tears, stains, discolorations, sagging places, deep compressions or some undesirable items like bed bugs. Mattresses in a poor condition won’t be accepted by charities and if you decide to give it to some of the shelters, they will just have to throw it away after you leave.

So, don’t give away something you wouldn’t want to keep and sleep on yourself. It will only going to help someone if it is in a good condition.

How to Donate a Mattress

If you have checked your mattress and if it is still in a good condition and you think it can be donated, here is how you can donate it:

Donating Mattresses to Charities

Donating a mattress to a charity is one of the most common options. Many local charities will be happy to accept your mattress donation such as shelters for the abused women, children or men or shelters for the homeless, etc.

But, like we have already mentioned, most of them will only accept a mattress that is in good condition, that has been gently used and that is in good shape.

Here are some of the most common charities that could accept your mattress:

Habitat for Humanity

This is an organization that builds affordable and sustainable homes for the homeless and less fortunate and equips them with donated furniture and household goods.

So, giving your old mattress to Habitat for Humanity is a great option, as they are often looking for mattress donations to help those who need them most.

You can rest assured that your donation will be used for good and that it will go directly to a person or family in need.

They also offer pick-up for large furniture donations when that is possible. To see whether this is possible for you, you will have to check with their nearest branch. In some areas you can even find an online furniture donation pick up scheduler that makes donating pretty easy.

Can You Donate a Mattress to the Salvation Army

The answer here is no. Unfortunately, the Salvation Army does not take mattresses or box springs as they don’t have enough space to store them.

Although they can be a great option if you want to donate other pieces of furniture, even your used bed frame, they are not equipped enough and don’t have enough storage space to accept mattresses.

Donating a Mattress to Goodwill

Unlike the Salvation Army, Goodwill is one of the organizations that accept mattress donations as well as other furniture as long as they are in good shape.

Many Goodwill centers also offer pick up for large items if you don’t have any way to transport them. However, before you take your mattress there, you should call them first and make sure they have enough space for your donation.  

In some states and cities, this organization does not accept mattress donations due to the lack of storage space and donation overload issues.

Furniture Bank Association of America

The Furniture Bank Association of America is an association that collects furniture and other essential items and provides them to those living in poverty.

They provide these items at no cost at all or very cheaply and they will collect your mattress from your home if you live within some 15-20 miles from one of their Furniture Banks.

So, if there is a Furniture Bank near you, call them and see if they want to take your mattress donation.

What Are Other Possible Ways to Donate a Mattress

Sometimes it can be hard to find a local charity when you are looking for a perfect place to donate your old mattress.

But, you should know that there are other options and one of them is Donation Town. It is an excellent online resource that has compiled a National Directory of Charities in the USA.

They have an extensive guide on how to prepare your mattress for donation, and offer a good database that will help you find all the local charities and agencies that accept mattresses.

Besides this, it is a totally free service, and many of the charities that accept mattresses will actually pick up your mattress for you if you can’t take it there yourself.


If you got a new mattress and you don’t know what to do with the old one, you should consider donating it rather than throwing it away.

But, before you start looking for the best place to donate it, you should check it and see if it is still in a good condition and if it will really going to be of use to someone.

In this article we mentioned some of the best options for donating your mattress available out there. We hope it will be helpful to you and that you will manage to send your good old mattress to the best place.

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