When Is a Child Too Old to Sleep With Parents?

Do you practice co-sleeping with your little one? While sharing a bed with kids while they are young certainly has numerous benefits, eventually the time when they will need their own bed will come.

If you are wondering when this should happen, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we are going to answer the frequently asked question: “When is a child too old to sleep with parents?” and give you some helpful suggestions. Last updated Sep 12, 2020 @ 7:09 pm

What Are the Benefits of Co-Sleeping?

Like mentioned, there are many benefits of sleeping with your child.

Children that sleep with their parents won’t look for some other security figures to sleep with and will not be dependent on a blanket or toy while going to sleep. Teaching kids to depend on certain things to self-soothe them can impact their ability to handle stress later in life.

Furthermore, sleeping with a child promotes family bonding. By letting your child sleep with you in your bed, you are showing them that you love them and care for them and the child will feel special and wanted.

This helps kids develop a special bond with parents and they are less likely to be rude and disrespectful to them later in life.

Also, sharing a bed with your child helps them become more social. Studies show that children who sleep with their parents are less likely to have emotional and behavioral problems.

They are also happier, capable of handling stress better, have fewer tantrums, are more social with other people around them and make friendships easier.

When a Child Is Too Old to Sleep With Parents?

The answer to this question depends on your parenting style. While in many families kids go straight from the crib to their own bed, in other families parents prefer to share their bed with their children.

If you belong to the latter group of parents then you should know that there is not exact age when you should stop sharing a bed with your child.

The answer to the question above would be: “You should stop sleeping with your child when it gets uncomfortable for either of you”. As kids grow, their sleep and the sleep of their parents can get disturbed by co-sleeping.

It might happen because of the lack of space in bed or your or your child’s restless sleeping, snoring, or some other issues. In such cases, that’s a clear sign that your kid has to move to his/her own bed.

Also, if co-sleeping affects the relationship with your partner and you feel that you don’t have enough time for just the two of you and for those precious moments you share in bed that are crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship, that may be another sign that you little one should transition to his/her own bed.

So, you should do what works for both you and your child and what makes you comfortable. When you should stop co-sleeping with your child should be your decision. If everyone is happy and getting enough sleep, then there is nothing wrong to share a bed with your child.

Do what you think is the best, trust your instincts and enjoy the time you spend with your child.


There are many benefits of letting your little one sleep in your bed with you. This allows you to soothe them easier and improves your family bonds and other things, but you may find you are unsure when it’s the right time to stop co-sleeping.

There is no right answer to this as every family and everyone’s parenting style is different, but there are some things to consider and we’ve mentioned some of them above. We hope our article was helpful to you.


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