What Kind of Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

Have you ever noticed that you are always sleeping better and more comfortable when you are sleeping at hotel than when you are sleeping at home?

This is because the types of mattresses that hotels use are some of the most comfortable beds. In this article we will explain what kind of mattresses most hotels use and what makes them so special. Last updated Jul 28, 2020 @ 2:32 pm

Why Do Hotels Use Highest Quality Mattresses?

There are two main reasons why hotels usually buy the highest quality mattresses. The first one is that purchasing high quality beds means that they don’t need to replace the mattresses so frequently.

Many hotels have guests every night and highest quality beds will endure everything and last for years.

The second reason is popularity. When guests are sleeping comfortably on hotel beds, they will most likely return to that same hotel and give it some great reviews and ratings. This ensures that hotel stays popular and frequently visited.

Do All Hotels Have High-quality Mattresses?

The answer is no. Unfortunately, not all hotels can offer the highest quality beds for you to sleep on and some hotels, like 2 or 3-star ones, often purchase the cheapest mattresses that they can find out there.

Such choice of mattresses usually gives these hotels the lowest ratings and many negative reviews.

Also, not all hotels see the importance of purchasing highest-quality mattresses and spending so much money. They often buy cheap foam mattresses that need to be replaced every other year or so, in order to provide their guests with at least some sort of comfortable sleep.

What Kind of Quality Mattresses Do Hotels Use

Hotels use various types of highest quality mattresses, but those that you are most likely to find are innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the most common mattresses that are being used at most hotels. This is because they provide an ideal balance of comfort and support.

They offer enough support from the series of coils beneath a foam pad, latex or pillow needed to keep your spine properly aligned regardless of the position you choose to sleep in.

There is also enough comfort that comes from the soft materials used on top that cradle your body and eliminate the appearance of pressure points.

Most hotels also use innerspring mattresses with individually encased coils that provide customized support and reduce motion transfer.

These mattresses range in terms of firmness and price and if you are looking for this mattress type, you will certainly be able to find something for your specific needs and sleep preferences.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are some of the most expensive mattresses that you can purchase, but they are also some of the best and most comfortable mattresses available out there. You will find them at top hotels that offer only the best to their guests.

They feature a combination of materials and usually combine the highest quality pocketed coils with various layers of memory foam, latex foam or other types of materials that can provide the sleepers with the best sleeping experience in their life.

IDLE Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid mattress layers

Do Hotels Use Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses?

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are also used in some hotels, although not so frequently because these mattresses are softer and not many guests prefer softer beds. These mattresses are usually preferred by people who have back and joint pains.

If you like the hugging and contouring feel of traditional memory foam then this mattress type may be the right one for you.

A memory foam mattress will allow you to sink into it to a certain degree for a perfect pressure relief. It will cradle and conform to the unique curves of your body and provide support where it is needed the most.

Luxury hotels usually avoid these mattresses but may provide them at your request.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are great, but they are rarely used in hotels. They are made of a natural latex and offer the comfort of memory foam and the support of an innerspring mattress.

However, they are often expensive because of the highest quality and natural materials used in their construction and are, therefore, avoided by most hotels.


Hotel mattresses are some of the most comfortable mattresses that can provide you with amazing sleeping experience.

In this article we explained what makes these beds so special and talked about some of the most popular types of mattresses that hotels use.

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