What Is a Plush Mattress?

Are you wondering what is a plush mattress? When shopping for a mattress or other bedding products, you will certainly run across a few terms that may not seem so familiar to you, including this one.

The term plush is used by some companies to help describe the levels of softness that the top comfort layers of their mattresses offer. However, this may not be the best use of the term.

In this article we will try to explain what “plush” exactly means and help you realize whether plush mattresses may be the best choice for you. Last updated Jul 28, 2020 @ 6:24 pm

Plush Mattress Meaning

Like we have already mentioned, the term “plush” is used by many mattress companies to describe the overall level of softness that the top comfort layers of mattresses provide. But, this may not be the best usage of the term plush.

To understand the term and what exactly it means, you need to be familiar with the differences between firm, soft and plush mattresses.

Firm, Soft and Plush Mattresses

A firm mattress is more rigid to the touch, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like a plank of wood. A firm mattress doesn’t have so much give and doesn’t provide that sinking feel, but instead has a sturdy support.

A soft mattress compresses easily when you apply pressure to it and you will likely experience some level of sinking when resting on a soft mattress.

A plush mattress is a mattress that offers a soft feel, but also enough support. It will allow you to gently sink into it to a certain degree while hugging and cradling your body as you fall asleep.

Who Should/Should Not Choose a Plush Mattress?

Back Sleepers

Plush mattresses work well for back sleepers, as they contour to their bodies to relieve pressure points while they also provide enough support to keep their spines properly aligned.

If you are back sleeper and you would like to try this mattress type, make sure to choose a high quality brand to avoid sagging after some time.

Side Sleepers

Plush mattresses work best for side sleepers. They allow their bodies to sink into them to a certain degree for a perfect contour and pressure relief, while they also provide enough support to keep their spines naturally aligned.

If you are a side sleeper, you should know that plush mattresses are highly recommended for side sleepers, otherwise you should go with medium firm mattresses for more support.

Stomach Sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper, you might want to look for something a bit firmer as these beds may be too soft for you and can create pressure points on your stomach and chest, throw your spine out of alignment and cause pain. Firm beds are the best for this sleeping position.

People Who Suffer from Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, you should avoid plush mattresses. Although plush mattresses, especially those made entirely of memory foam, offer excellent contouring and pressure relief, they may be too soft for you if you suffer from back pain and aggravate your symptoms.

People Who Suffer from Shoulder and Hip Pain

If you suffer from shoulder or hip pain or both, then a plush mattress may be perfect for you. Most people usually experience hip and shoulder pain from sleeping on their sides on a firm bed.

A plush mattress surface will conform to your body and relieve pressure points while it will also have enough support to keep your spine properly aligned. Such surface can help you get rid of hip and shoulder pain.

Restless Sleepers

If you are a restless sleeper and you tend to move around in bed a lot, then you should avoid plush mattresses and opt for something slightly firmer that would prevent you from sinking too much into a mattress and feeling enveloped by it.

Such mattress will facilitate your moving around in bed and getting in and out of it during the night.


If you share your bed with a partner, a plush mattress may work well for you. Plush mattresses are usually made of foam which reduces the amount of motion transfer, which means that you won’t be able to feel the movements of your partner during the night and vice versa and your sleep won’t be disturbed.

Heavy Sleepers

If you are a heavier sleeper, you might want to look for something that will provide you with better support. Plush mattresses may cause you to sink too much into them and even bottom out.


The term “plush” is often hard to understand and here we tried to explain what exactly it means who would benefit the most from a plush mattress.

Just keep in mind that the term plush, although often interchangeably used with soft, is actually a level of comfort that falls somewhere between a truly soft and medium firm sleeping surface.

This means that plush mattresses offer incredibly soft sleeping surface, but they are also supportive enough to keep your spine naturally aligned.

We hope we managed to help you realize what “plush” exactly means and that it will be easier for you now to determine what comfort surface would be the best pick for you.


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