Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty Pillow Review

Are you in the market for a new pillow, but you are not sure what to look for? Whether you prefer softer or firmer support, the most important thing to consider when looking for a perfect pillow is to pick one that will keep your neck in an even position and in line with your spine.

This makes the Tempur-Pedic pillows a perfect choice. Central to those pillows is their proprietary Tempur material.

Inspired by the pressure-absorbing foam that NASA designed to cushion astronauts during lift-off, Tempur-Pedic used years of research and development to create special memory foam that responds to the unique shape of your body, your temperature, and weight.

This resulted in extraordinary mattresses (click here to read our review of the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze mattress) and pillows and a fully personalized experience that relieves pressure points, keeps your neck properly aligned with the rest of your body and encourages a continuous and restful sleep.

There is a Tempur-Pedic pillow ideally suited for every sleeper and all their sleeping styles, and the one that we’ll be reviewing today is the Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty pillow filled with thousands of soft squeezable micro-cushions which allow greater airflow through the pillow, aid in cooling and give you the flexibility to fluff and adjust the pillow to your liking.

Read our review and see what we think about this amazing new pillow. Last updated Oct 3, 2019 @ 6:40 pm

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Construction & Materials

Like the previous Tempur-Pedic pillow we have reviewed, this one too does not come compressed in a plastic package. Instead, it comes packed neatly in a case which can be reused to store the pillow or keep it clean during the travel.

You may notice a slight off-gassing smell with this pillow upon opening the case, but as it is a shredded foam pillow, the smell will be less noticeable than with the Tempur-Pedic Cloud pillow that is entirely made of one block of memory foam and will dissipate within a few days.

The Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty is available in two sizes: Queen which measures 27″ L x 19″ W and King which measures 35″ L x 19″ W. As for the construction of this pillow, we couldn’t obtain many details about it.

They don’t share a lot of information about their technology as they consider it a proprietary information, so it is hard to find out of what exactly their pillows are made, etc.

However, we learned that this pillow is filled with the premium Tempur shredded polyfoam and polyester fibers which keep the foam from clumping together.

As mentioned above the outer layer of the Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty is filled with thousand of squeezable Tempur microcushions which allow you to fluff and adjust the pillow to your liking, add to the breathability of this pillow and create a cooler sleeping surface.

All in all, we know that what is used in the construction of the Tempur-Pedic Cloud pillow is the highest-quality proprietary Tempur material that perfectly adapts to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders and your temperature to provide you with the right balance of support and comfort you need for a continuous and quality night’s sleep.

Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty pillow

Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty pillow

The cover of this pillow is made of 100% quilted cotton that is removable with a small gray zipper at one side of the pillow.

It is also machine washable though the very pillow cannot be washed as the Tempur foam will absorb a lot of water, and it will take a lot of time to dry naturally. You probably won’t manage to dry it completely before the mold appears.

The backing of the cover is a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The cover is white with an arched stitching pattern which makes it aesthetically pleasing and gives a nice feel to it.


The Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty is a really comfortable pillow. Soft microcushions cradle your head and neck and offer a huggable comfort and the right amount of support necessary for all sleeping positions.

We personally like pillows made of shredded memory foam that allow a good degree of adjustablility, and although this pillow is not totally adjustable (you can’t open the pillow and remove the filling to reach the desired amount), you can manipulate the filling to create the feel and support you need.

It is one of our favorite pillows and what Andrew and I really like about it is that it has this memory foam feel and support while it allows us to move the fill around, depending on what position we sleep in.

Although this pillow is classed as soft, it’s not so soft as a feather pillow as the Tempur is by its nature a dense and heavy material and will not compress completely and firm up during the night. It will not firm up regardless of how long you may lie on it, its degree of softness will remain the same.

It will return to its lofty shape after each use, and if any indentation appears, all you’ll need to do is to fluff the pillow and it will quickly return to its original shape.

This pillow is designed to have a medium-soft feel to accommodate stomach, side, or back sleepers, but we felt it to be most comfortable when sleeping on our sides or backs. 

When lying on my stomach I didn’t initially find it to be uncomfortable as it compressed pretty well, but I soon felt the need to turn on my side. So, it is more on a loft side, and unless you are a wide shouldered sleeper, this pillow may not hold your head in level with the rest of your back.

When lying on my back and side, however, it cradled my head and perfectly contoured my neck filling the space under it. It molded to my head and neck giving me a cloud, sink-in feel but it did not cause me to feel trapped in foam.

The Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty pillow may not be ideal for stomach sleepers, but it has enough give and support needed to provide a comfortable sleep when lying on your back or side.

This pillow also responds quickly which allows you to adjust your positions easily during the night and, being made entirely of shredded foam and polyester fibers, it allows a greater circulation of air to keep you cool and comfortable all night.

It doesn’t retain heat and its breathable cover wicks away moisture and eliminates that sticky, sweaty feeling present with many all foam pillows.

Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty side view

Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty pillow side view

Price / Warranty

The Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty pillow comes in at only $99, which is an extremely reasonable price given the highest quality materials used in its construction and the overall comfort it provides.

You can purchase the pillow through the Tempur-Pedic website. Shipping is free, and the pillow arrives in 5-7 business days.

Tempur-Pedic pillows are made to be durable and long-lasting. However, sometimes things can go wrong, and to protect you against product defects, the company includes a 5-year limited warranty with their pillows. During that time Tempur-Pedic will repair or replace the product at a handling cost to the customer.

Given their use as personal items, the company does not allow the pillows to be returned.

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Is the Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty Pillow Right for You?

Buy the Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty pillow if you like:

  • Memory foam feel – The Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty pillow is entirely made of shredded Tempur foam and polyester fibers and it may be ideal for you if you like the classic feel of memory foam. It will perfectly adapt and contour to your head and neck, relieve pressure points and provide you with a soft and cushioning feel without making you feel trapped in foam. It also quickly responds to pressure which facilitates changing positions during the night.
  • Lght, lofty pillows – As mentioned, this pillow combines shredded foam with a polyester fiber fill which results in a pillow of amazing softness and a nice loft to it.
  • Back or side sleeping – This pillow is more on the lofty side and as such it perfectly works for back and side sleepers as it can provide enough comfort and support necessary for these sleeping positions while it may be too lofty for stomach sleepers and they may feel tension in their necks.



If you want to ensure a great night of restful sleep, then you should definitely order this pillow.

The responsive Tempur material will gently cradle your head and provide you with the right amount of support necessary to keep your head and neck in proper alignment with the rest of your body, while its cotton quilt cover adds to its overall softness and comfort.

In general, our experience with the Tempur-Cloud Soft & Lofty pillow was positive. Being made of the highest-quality proprietary Tempur material, it perfectly adapts to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders and your temperature to provide you with the right balance of support and comfort necessary for a continuous and restorative sleep.

The pillow also allows you to manipulate the filling to adjust it to your liking, and it proves to be an ideal fit for back and side sleepers, while it may be too lofty for stomach sleepers and sleepers of a smaller frame as it will force their heads towards the edges and cause spinal misalignment.

It is a durable, long-lasting product that comes with a 5-year warranty and free shipping, and is unlike any other memory foam pillow present on today’s market.


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