Sleep well, dream big: $1000 scholarship amount for the winning application

Sleep shapes dreams and dreams shape lives. We are Andrew and Kaye, the founders and creators of Memory Foam Talk. We are in search of the best mattresses, which address the needs of individuals as well as couples, just like us. We think buying a mattress for a couple does not have to be a compromise. When it comes to a couple like us with very different health issues, there must be a mattress that can address all of them. We have tried over 50 mattresses over the last few years, and that makes us quite an expert duo in reviewing and selecting the best of the best from the market.

We started with documenting our experiences with several well-known brands and sprouting brands online. Mattress shopping can be hectic for anyone starting their lives alone or as a new couple. Our reviews consist of memory foam, latex, inner spring and hybrid mattresses, which we have tried over the last year as a part of our journey. We believe that everyone has a right to choose the right mattress for themselves and his or her significant other without making any compromises. Our education and awareness about health problems and the kinds of mattresses on the market have helped us come this far with our simple project. This time, we want to help out bright students with a dream for the future with an exceptional scholarship of USD 1000.

Who can apply?

All applicants must be high school seniors. If you are home schooled, you can also apply if you have the equivalent qualifications.

College students can also apply for the scholarship. Your college must be an accredited US post secondary educational institution.

You have to be a citizen of the USA for applying to this scholarship.

You can also apply if you are planning to pursue a degree or already pursuing a degree at any of the accredited US post secondary institutions.

You need a minimum of 3.0 GPA to apply for this scholarship.

How to apply?

The application process is quite simple. You need to create a short video (no longer than 10 minutes) that will answer all the questions below –

  • How is shopping for mattress more challenging for couples?
  • What kind of evolution of technology will help couples pick the right mattress?
  • How are the traditional bed and mattress selling companies coping with the online selling trends?
  • What do you think are the main challenges that make it so difficult to find the ideal mattress for all individuals and couples?

As you can see from the Memory Foam Talk website reviews, we only use authentic photos and videos of bedrooms and mattresses to convey our message. Therefore, try to keep your message as real as possible. Use real statistics, research and your creativity to answer the four critical questions.

Include your full name, school name, school year, which college you plan to attend (or you are already attending), your current GPA and why you think you should get this scholarship.

Important dates

Keep the following dates marked on your calendar –

The application process begins in March 2018.

The process closes on 31 March 2018 at midnight.

We will announce the winner on 15 April 2018.

The selection process

Only one video will win the scholarship of USD 1000. The video which will meet or exceed the expectations of our scholarship committee will win this money. The application has to meet all given criteria. You can send in only one application. Send all your applications at [email protected] with all your contact details.

Please do not send in paper applications, application letters, and personal applications. We will only entertain video format applications in popular video formats including MP4, AVI, and ASF.

We will directly contact the winners of the scholarship via the registered email address. If the recipient (winner) does not reply with a week, the committee will select the next best application as the winner. The new winner will get the USD 1000.

How can I use the scholarship money?

You can directly use the fund for paying your tuition in college or any accredited university. You can also use it to cover other related educational expenses at an accredited US educational institution. The money is non-transferrable. You can access the full scholarship funds after the announcement of the winner in the 2018-2019 school year.

We will verify the school name, result and other credentials before handing out the amount to the winning student next year.

Is the scholarship renewable?

The scholarship is non-renewable. Although, we have a new scholarship for each session (year). The one for 2017 is already ongoing. Keep an eye on the opening dates and closing dates of the application process for the next year.


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