Saatva Lineal Base | Saatva Adjustable Base Review

Are you considering an adjustable bed? It wasn’t long ago that adjustable beds were just hospital beds, and that was pretty much the only place where you could see them, in hospitals.

But now they are becoming more popular, and they seem to blend seamlessly into home decor and offer a wide range of benefits.

They can help distribute your body weight evenly to relieve pain in the neck and back, elevate the head to alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux and snoring and minimize the symptoms of asthma.

Being able to customize your sleeping position can also reduce swelling in the feet and maximize your comfort to get the best of your night’s sleep.

In this review, we will go over the basic characteristics and benefits of one such adjustable base that recently hit the market by the makers of Saatva and help you decide whether or not this adjustable bed might be a good addition to your home.

The Saatva company is already making a big impact with its high-quality mattresses and direct-to-home delivery and installation, and with the Lineal adjustable base, it’s taking on the heavyweights in the industry.

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The Lineal Adjustable base is one of the newest motorized bases available online. It offers some of the features that most adjustable bases have such as remote controlled setting, a great balance and whisper-quiet motor, but it also offers some high-tech features that really appealed to us as a couple.

Read our review and find out what are our experiences and what we think about this adjustable bed. Last updated Oct 2, 2019 @ 2:21 pm

Saatva Lineal adjustable base

Saatva Lineal adjustable base

Construction / Design

The Saatva Lineal adjustable base with its 850 lbs total max weight capacity is a unique base compatible with any open cavity bed.

It can perform without foundations or box springs and work with any mattress designed to fit an adjustable base, especially with the Saatva, Loom and Leaf and Zenhaven mattresses. (Read our Saatva, Loom an Leaf and Zenhaven mattress reviews).

It is made of a steel foundation with two motors (per Twin XL), and is wrapped in a durable and soft polyester cover. Its legs are adjustable as well, which gives you the option to adjust the height of your base in a range from 6-10″.

The motor of this base is described as being “whisper-soft” and is considered to be one of the quietest motors in the industry.

There is also under bed lighting that can be turned on and controlled via remote control, and it can be a great option for late night trips to the bathroom or other parts of your home or your late night amorous activities.

Not only the lighting, but all of the features and options that come with the Lineal can be accessed through a single remote that comes with it. The remote offers a user-friendly interface, the buttons are simple to understand, and 3 AAA batteries are also included.

As already mentioned, this adjustable base is entirely wrapped in one piece of fabric and is unlike other adjustable beds that have multiple sections, each individually wrapped in their cover.

There is also a layer of poly foam around the edges of this base which increases its overall comfort and helps avoid painful bumps when getting in and out of bed.

Besides this, the Lineal has translucent plastic retainers that can be installed in each corner to help keep the mattress in place while adjusting the base.

Saatva Lineal adjustable base construction

Saatva Lineal adjustable base construction


As for assembling the Lineal, there is nothing you’ll be required to do. The whole assembly process will not take you any time as the adjustable base will be completely set up for you by the two delivery-men upon the delivery.

Besides this, you will be given the option to have the retainer clips installed immediately by those men, or later.

However, you choose the latter option, you will have to do this yourself as once the delivery-men leave your property, they can’t come back to install the headboard brackets or mattress retainer clips.

But, installing those clips isn’t a complicated process. To install them, you will just have to screw the pegs into the cover. You won’t see any holes or marked places, so you can just poke the screw right through the fabric.

Other Features

The Saatva Lineal base is available in both split and single options that can perfectly fit a great variety of mattress sizes.

A split adjustable base may be an excellent solution for those who share their bed with a partner with different needs and sleep preferences as it allows for each person to select their own sleep position without disturbing the other, and it also eliminates any motion transfer between the partners.

The base can be moved silently without disturbing your partner which may be a huge benefit if you tend to change positions during the night frequently.

It will take a little longer to change from one position into the other but this lack of speed doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative feature.

Andrew and I have been using this base for a while and it proved to be a really good choice for us as a couple. We could use mattresses of different firmness levels and adjust the positions to our liking without disturbing each other.

I also didn’t roll into Andrew due to our weight disparity and experience that well-known feel of sinking into a hole which is often the case when we sleep on a single base and lower quality mattresses.

The Saatva Lineal base offers a great support for both the mattress and sleepers above. We are primarily side sleepers and we felt our hips and shoulders to be cradled enough and properly supported regardless of the option we chose.

We didn’t feel any discomfort while sleeping in other positions as well and didn’t feel our spines to be out of alignment.

Saatva Lineal Split King base

Loom and Leaf mattresses on the Saatva Lineal Split King base

There are several options that the Saatva Lineal base offers and that make it stand out from other similar products available on today’s market.

It offers head and foot incline, zero-gravity positioning, a TV lounge position, one-touch remote settings, a wall-hugging design, full-body massage options, and under-bed lighting.

The head and foot incline can be manually changed by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the wireless remote. They indicate up or down for both the head and feet, and once you reach the flat position, the Lineal base doesn’t allow further decline.

Zero-gravity positioning option arranges the bed to slightly raise your legs and back to make you feel like you are floating which improves your blood flow and relieves pressure points.

The TV lounge position is similar to the Zero-gravity position, but in this position the head is tilted a bit upward while the feet are dropped a bit as well.

A wall-hugging feature allows you to place your adjustable bed against the wall and, no matter in what position the bed is, it will always keep the same distance between the top of your mattress and the headboard to avoid scratching the wall.

This also allows you to save space without losing any performance.

Saatva Lineal adjustable base remote control

Saatva Lineal adjustable base remote control

The custom remote setting, however, proves to be one of the most impressive features of this base. It gives you the ability to pick your favorite position and set it as your custom setting.

Once it is saved, it allows you to get into the bed and reach your desired position simply by pressing one button.

The Lineal also offers a few massage options. Namely it allows you to select a massage that will work just for your upper or lower body, or that will massage your whole body up and down in a wave-like motion. 

The base sends light vibrations to the mattress to massage you gently and create a soothing feel that will quickly lull you into a sleep.

Price / Warranty

The Saatva Lineal base is pretty reasonably priced coming in at $1399 for a Queen, while the Split version we have is a bit pricier, coming in at $2498.

Though the LIneal adjustable bases may appear as pricey, those are excellent values given their quality materials, construction and design and the direct-to-home shipping and installation.

Twin XL$1249
Cal King$2498
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The base also comes with a 25-year warranty, which includes no cost for any repairs or parts for the first 5 years.

As the bases are made to order and delivered directly to you by truck and professionally installed, you have to first put in your zip code on the site to determine if they offer delivery to your area. As they have so many distribution facilities setup by now, this usually isn’t an issue.

Once you select the size of the base and place your order, within 24 hours you’ll receive a call confirming it and letting you know the expected delivery date.

The company representatives are extremely friendly and will walk you through the entire process, which for us was around 10 days.

The delivery is arranged via a local delivery company who calls you the day before delivery is scheduled and then on the same day within an hour of delivery.

The guys that delivered our bed and adjustable base took away our older mattress, brought in the new mattress and the base, unwrapped and installed them in our room quickly and professionally.

Every person involved was extremely friendly and helpful, and the entire ordering process went super smoothly.


Is the Saatva Lineal Base Right for You?

Buy the Saatva Lineal base if you like:

  • An adjustable base with many features – This adjustable base comes with many features such as head and foot incline, zero-gravity positioning, a TV lounge position, a wall-hugging design, full-body massage options, and under-bed lighting. It also contains custom programmable setting on the remote which allows you to pre-set your favorite position. Once you set it, all you need to do is to get into the bed and press the button and the base will move into your desired position.
  • An adjustable base that won’t scratch your walls – The Lineal adjustable base allows you to place it against the wall without hitting the wall. No matter what position the bed is in, it will always keep the same distance between the top of your mattress and the headboard to avoid scratching the wall.
  • Massages – As we have already mentioned, this adjustable base comes with several massage options which give you the possibility to set the base to send gentle vibrations into the mattress to massage only your upper body, lower body or your whole body up and down in wave-like motions.



The Lineal Adjustable Base is a fantastic choice if you are looking for extra comfort and want to get more use out of your mattress.

It’s not an ordinary base as it has many features such as head and foot incline, zero-gravity positioning, a TV lounge position, one-touch remote settings, a wall-hugging design, full-body massage options, and under-bed lighting.

All these features make it stand out from other similar sleep products available on today’s market.

It perfectly works with the Saatva as well as the Loom and Leaf and Zenhaven, and other mattresses that are suitable for adjustable bases.

In terms of pricing, this adjustable bed is pretty good, and the white glove service makes the whole process of its assembly and installation hassle-free.

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on the purchase of a Saatva Lineal base!
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Overall, the Saatva Lineal adjustable base is the highest-quality base that provides extraordinary support to the mattress and sleepers above and the right amount of comfort necessary for a sound and restorative night’s sleep.

Our experiences were only positive and we would say the Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base is an amazing addition for a bedroom. It’s not only highly functional, but it is also aesthetically pleasing and will contribute to creating a cozier atmosphere in your bedroom.

We hope you enjoyed our Saatva Lineal adjustable base review and that it can help you during your next big purchase.