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Our Zotto mattress review highlights the new Zotto Sleep memory foam mattress that hit the market with a successful crowd sourced campaign on Kickstarter in the last year. We have been very excited to do this Zotto review for a long time after hearing great things about the mattress.

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This mattress was designed to provide great sleep through contouring hug, responsive feel, and optimal temperature regulation with a focus on cooling technology and using 4 layers of foam in its construction.

Read our Zotto mattress review below to see how we feel about it!  (Review updated Jan 25, 2019 @ 6:48 pm)

Construction and Materials

The Zotto mattress is an all foam mattress, eschewing latex or other materials, utilizing 4 layers of different foam in its 10″ construction. Personally, we like this as the feel of memory foam provides a more comfortable nights sleep for us compared to latex, but this is a pretty subjective statement. Some people like the responsiveness and bounce of latex, others do not.The Zotto has several unique proprietary features in its construction, including ThermaPhase cooling technology and CoolFlow foam, which are designed to provide optimum cooling and temperature regulation.

Zotto mattress layers

These layers do a very good job of keeping you cool while also providing a comfortable nights sleep which we will discuss in more detail.

The Zotto is composed of the following layers:

  • 2″ Comfort layer – The top comfort layer is made of the company’s patented ThermaPhase material which uses 2 different phase-change materials to target different temperatures levels in the same mattress. This layer is designed to provide cooling and comfort for different sleepers, no matter what temperature preference they have.
  • 2″ Support layer – This support layer is made up of CoolFlow memory foam and is designed to support the body and provide even weight distribution and spinal alignment as well as provide up to 95% increase in airflow for cooling as well.
  • 2″ Transition layer – This transition layer is designed to provide a layer between the base and support layers and provide localized bounce and responsiveness to the mattress, while at the same time minimizing motion transfer.
  • 4″ Base layer – This foundation layer is made of high density support foam. This provides the foundation for the mattress that is designed to work with the top layers to provide strength and structural support

Zotto cover

The Zotto has a extremely soft cover that is made of polyester and rayon. It is thin which allows you to feel the foam more directly as you lie on the mattress. It helps provide breathability and assist with cooling as well.

Firmness & Support

We felt that the Zotto mattress is a medium soft mattress, coming in around a 5/6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being firmness.) Initially the feel is rather soft and plush as you sink through the comfort layers of foam and your body is supported by the lower layers.

In terms of support, we feel the Zotto does a very good job of providing good support and weight distribution from the combination of foam layers.

We initially felt it was a little too soft for us, but after sleeping on it for several weeks as our “go-to mattress”, the Zotto actually revealed itself to be ideal in terms of support in a variety of sleeping positions.

Both Kaye and I are primarily side sleepers, and many universal comfort mattresses don’t support both my heavier (230lb) weight or are too soft for Kaye. Not with the Zotto, which we both like quite a bit compared to most mattresses we review.

The foam layers work well together to provide just the right amount of support without being too firm and causing pressure point pain, or too soft and not providing the support needed to sleep comfortably.


The Zotto mattress  is a very comfortable bed for both Kaye and myself, even with our different tastes in mattress firmness. I like a softer mattress, while Kaye prefers a firmer one – but the design of the Zotto allows my heavier weight to enjoy the soft hug and cradling of my body while her lighter weight is supported and doesn’t sink down into the foam as much.

zotto mattress review

Zotto mattress, queen-size

The foam layers provide enough give to allow it to mold to your body, but at the same time not causing you to feel stuck in it. There is a moderate amount of responsiveness from the foam layers and the gel comfort layer, which allows it to adapt to changes in sleep position.

The softness of the cover combined with the initial soft response from the memory foam layers really makes for a comfortable nights sleep, and this was shared by both of us.

Neither of us woke up with any back pain which mattresses that are on the softer side tend to cause us. In addition, the mattress slept very cool as well, which is important when two sleepers share a bed.

Sleeping Hot

The Zotto we feel is one of the coolest memory foam mattress we have slept on, on par with the Loom and Leaf which we have always felt was the coolest.

The company recently updated their mattress to include their proprietary ThermaPhase cooling technology and removed the copper that was previously in the top comfort layer.

The ThermaPhase technology and CoolFlow foam does a good job at preventing heat buildup due to the properties of the materials used in the construction.

The ThermaPhase technology utilizes different phase-change materials to enable temperature regulation for multiple sleepers that may have varying temperature preferences on the same mattress.

Phase-change materials help keep you cool when it is hot, and warm when it is cool, and is an advanced temperature regulation material.

We did not feel any discomfort or stickiness that is often the case with all memory foam mattresses, and the Zotto did an excellent job in this respect.

We rate the Zotto mattress as way above average in terms of not sleeping hot, and is significantly better than most memory foam mattresses in this regard.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

In terms of sinkage and motion transfer, we feel it is highly dependent on sleeper weight. I weigh considerably more than Kaye, around 230 lbs, so I tend to sink a lot more into the mattress when sitting up or on the edge.

When lying down, however, the bed supports me quite well and I enjoy the hug and feeling of being cradled in the foam.


Zotto mattress profile

Kaye did not experience this amount of sinkage as she weighs half of what I do. Nor did we experience the common phenomenon of her “sinking in a hole” or rolling towards me from the unequal weight difference on the mattress due to the minimal motion transfer.

The foam layers do a great job good job of distributing our weight between us on the same mattress which is a common problem we find due to our almost double weight differential.

As the Zotto is a much softer mattress, edge support wasn’t the best when sitting on it with all my weight, but it does a good job during the night of not making us feel like we were rolling off the sides.

Smell / Off-Gassing

We experienced an average degree of smell or odor from off-gassing when we opened the Zotto. There was a some but nothing overpowering compared to some other mattresses we have reviewed.

Customer Service

Zotto Sleep pretty standard when it comes to their warranty and support offerings. Most mattresses in this category share about the same offerings in terms of sleep trials and warranty, and Zotto is no exception here.

  • Shipping – free shipping, arrives in 2-7 days
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial Period
  • Discounts – >Save $100 by clicking here
  • Made in the USA


The Zotto mattress is very reasonably priced with a Queen selling for $875 (save $100 on a Zotto by clicking here for the Memory Foam Talk discount!) and free shipping.

Twin XL$600
Cal King$995


We feel the Zotto mattress does an excellent job at delivering a comfortable, cool night’s sleep for both of us, which is rare in mattresses we review.

The all memory foam construction with their exclusive ThermaPhase technology kept us cool and the different layers worked together to provide enough comfort and support for all sleeping positions.

The Zotto delivers the classic hug and contour of memory foam without the drawbacks of heat retention or feeling like we were trapped down in foam during the night.

The minimal motion transfer was excellent for couples sleeping together, and also handled our weight differential quite well compared to most mattresses we test.

This is one mattress we feel that nailed the universal comfort model with a soft yet supportive mattress that sleeps cool and appeals to a variety of firmness preferences.

Zotto Sleep ally got this right, and this has been one of our favorite mattresses we have reviewed on Memory Foam Talk to date!



Construction / Materials

9.5 /10

Firmness & Support

9.4 /10


9.3 /10

Sleeping Hot

9.5 /10

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

9.4 /10

Smell / Off-Gassing

9.4 /10

Customer Service

9.4 /10


9.5 /10


  • Sleeps Cool
  • Very Comfortable
  • Minimal off-gassing
  • Minimal Motion Transfer


  • May feel too soft for some


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