Nectar UK Mattress Review

After making a splash in the United States with its luxury foam mattress, bed-in-a-box mattress retailer Nectar Sleep has decided to take its special mattress technology across the ocean by creating a British version of its amazing Nectar bed.

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Nectar Sleep is one of the world’s top online mattress retailers dedicated to creating the most comfortable mattresses and pillows and providing their customers with the most comfortable night’s sleep and the best prices on the market.

Nectar has become the fastest-growing mattress retailer in the USA the last 2 years and has introduced many firsts in the industry such as a 365-night sleep guarantee and Forever Warranty – providing a lifetime warranty for their products.

Nectar mattress review, King size

Nectar mattress, King size

Using its innovative sleep technology, Nectar Sleep has designed this extraordinary new mattress they recently introduced to the UK market that we’ll be reviewing today.

Combining an adaptive cooling cover with 3 layers of premium memory foam that offer enough contouring and a perfect balance of comfort and support, the Nectar UK mattress is designed to meet the needs of European sleepers, but how does it feel like to sleep on it?

This in-depth review of the Nectar UK mattress evaluates all of the criteria we use to determine what constitutes a good mattress, which includes firmness / support, comfort, sleeping hot, and other features as outlined below.  Review updated Jan 13, 2019 @ 6:38 pm 

Construction and Materials

The Nectar UK mattress is a 25cm thick mattress, custom-made with innovative Adaptive cooling cover and four-layer design comprised of three layers of foam. The mattress also comes with 2 free pillows.

  • 4cm Nectar Smart Sleep Layer – This layer is 4cm of breathable visco elastic foam that includes Revo technology. This means that this layer is made from revolutionary memory foam, which is up to 30 times more breathable than other premium memory foams and serves to regulate body temperature.
  • 5cm Pressure-Relieving Layer – This layer is 5cm of soft visco elastic memory foam that relieves pressure points and provides a consistent level of contoured comfort throughout the whole night.
  • 16cm 7- Zone Support Layer – This layer is 16cm of a dense and yet highly-breathable foam that perfectly adapts to the shape of your body and provides the right amount of support to those areas of your body where it is needed most. It provides optimum comfort and firmer support targeting the hips and under the shoulders and acts as the foundation for the layers above.


Nectar UK mattress layers

Nectar UK mattress layers

The Adaptive Cooling Cover on the mattress is more breathable, softer, and better at absorbing moisture than any premium cotton.

It is also bed bug resistant and includes special temperature regulating technology which means that it draws heat away from your body and circulates fresh air as you move. It responds dynamically to temperature change, meaning the warmer it gets, the more it will evaporate moisture and work to keep you cool.

Nectar Mattress Cover

Nectar Mattress Cover

In addition, this cover can be removed and cleaned if necessary, and even replaced by the company after some time if requested, in those cases where regular cleaning can’t get it fresh enough for you.

Firmness & Support

As for the firmness of the Nectar UK mattress, it is a universal comfort model, which means that it only comes in one firmness setting designed to appeal to a wide range of sleepers.

This all foam mattress comes in medium firmness which the company puts between 5.5-7.5 out of 10 (10 being the firmest) on the firmness scale, and which is nicely illustrated by the graphic that you can find on their website and that’s given below.

Lying down on it, we personally felt that the Nectar UK mattress was more on the medium-firm side of the spectrum (we would rate it around a 6.5), but quite comfortable due to the luxurious materials used in the cover and top comfort layers.

Over the time, however, the mattress became a lot softer, adapting completely to the specific shape of our bodies and our weights.

A perfect combination of layers and different materials allows this mattress to both contour and support your body.

The top comfort layers hug your body and provide it with a soft and luxurious feel while the firmer underlying support layers provide you with just the right amount of support necessary to keep your whole body properly aligned.

Nectar mattress, corner view

Nectar mattress, corner view

The Nectar UK mattress is a good fit for both light and heavy sleepers regardless of their sleeping styles, and it worked perfectly for us in that it supported my heavy weight and Kaye’s lighter weight with ease and distributed our weight evenly across the bed. It also provided us with the comfort we needed for a quality and sound sleep.

We are primarily side sleepers, and that’s why we prefer mattresses that have enough give in the top comfort layers to cradle and mold to our shoulders and hips while having enough firmness necessary if we switch to our stomachs and backs.

Back sleepers and stomach sleepers will also find the Nectar UK mattress good for those styles as well, as it is firm enough to provide support and comfort for those sleeping styles without being too soft and causing excessive sinkage.

Its soft, cloud-like quilted cover and memory foam layer beneath gently molded to our bodies and provided us with an amazing feel, while its high-quality, dense base layer provided us with the necessary support for our bodies and prevented us from sinking too deep into the mattress and feeling “trapped by foam” which some memory foam mattress cause.


The Nectar UK mattress is one of the most comfortable beds we have tried out so far, which comes as no surprise as it is our top-rated mattress overall in America.

This is a big statement, given we have tested over 100 of the leading mattresses on the market. It offers just the right level of firmness, comfort, coolness and breathability to provide you with the best sleeping experience in your life.

The Nectar offers a perfect balance of comfort and support with its extremely comfortable top layer and the soft and breathable cover providing good airflow through the mattress.

The top comfort layers distributes your weight evenly across the bed and contours to your body while they also work together with the dense foundation layer to support your body and provide you with proper spinal alignment.

This mattress is also known for its pressure relieving properties. It is firm enough to support you and prevent you from sinking too much into the mattress while it is also soft enough to be gentle and cradle those parts of your body where pressure points are most likely to appear.

Nectar Mattress Profile

Nectar Mattress Profile

In addition, the mattress has a good amount of bounce and responsiveness which facilitates changing positions and getting in and out of bed during the night and makes it ideal for sex. (See Nectar in our Best Mattress for Sex Guide)

It also sleeps quite cool thanks to the combination of adaptive cooling cover and breathable, temperature regulating memory foams that prevent the build up of excessive body heat and allow free airflow through the mattress for additional cooling. (more on this below)

Sleeping Hot

As we have already mentioned, the Nectar UK mattress sleeps quite cool due to the use of breathable, temperature regulating foams that disperse body heat. Also, their adaptive cooling cover is softer, more breathable, and better at absorbing moisture than any premium cotton.

Together, these two technologies allow for great circulation of air through the mattress which aids in cooling and keeps you comfortable during the night and prevents you from sleeping hot.

Sleeping hot was a big issue for us as a couple living in Texas, but this mattress did an excellent job of keeping us cool throughout the whole night. Its special technology prevented the build-up of heat and sweating and it totally eliminated that sticky, sweaty feeling present with many other all foam mattresses which was something we really were thankful for.

This certainly won’t be a problem in the U.K., but for those sleeping hot, you can rest assured you won’t sweat at night with a Nectar.

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

In terms of sinkage, the Nectar does a really good job at minimizing the degree of sinkage.

Its memory foam layers will hug and contour to your body and distribute your weight evenly across the bed, while the firmer support and base layer below will provide you with excellent support necessary for all sleeping styles and prevent you from sinking too much into the foam and feel enveloped by your mattress.

As we always tend to mention, both sinkage and motion transfer are weight dependent, and as I’m significantly heavier sleeper than Kaye (105kg vs 50kg), I experience a larger degree of sinkage when sitting or lying on a mattress than she does.

With most all foam mattresses, I tend to quickly press through the top comfort layers and come to rest more on the firmer core and base layers below which are often hard and not so comfortable, but this was not the case with the Nectar UK mattress.

It also didn’t cause Kaye to roll into me due to our weight disparity or make her experience that well-known feel of “sinking into a hole”.

Edge support is good with this mattress as well, and better than in most other memory foam mattresses we have reviewed. I didn’t compress the edges too much when sitting or lying near them and I also didn’t experience any “rolling off” the edges sensation.

The Nectar UK mattress will help keep your sleep from being disturbed by a restless partner too. Premium memory foams used in the construction of this mattress all work together to absorb and minimize the amount of motion transfer and allow you to easily move around in bed or get in and out of it during the night without disturbing the sleep of your partner.

Smell / Off-Gassing

As for smell / off-gassing, there might be some smell / off-gassing coming from this mattress due to the dense foams used in its construction and the nature of its packaging (it is shipped folded and tightly compressed in a plastic package), but it is nothing too serious and will dissipate within a few days.

All you need to do is keep it in a ventilated room and any smell that is present will quickly disappear.

Customer Service

Nectar Sleep is a unique company in that it offers options that are far above and unlike any other options offered by other online mattress manufacturers. This includes:


The Nectar UK mattress is extremely reasonably priced, coming in at only £599 for a Double. If you’re looking for an affordably bed built with high-quality materials, at a great price and shipped directly to your doorstep,  your search should end here.

Small Double£599
Super King£799


There are many mattress options on the market, but less so in the UK until recently. If you’re looking for a medium firm mattress that will provide you with a high degree of support and the contour / body hug feel of memory foam, then you should look no further from the Nectar UK mattress.

Being designed with an adaptive cooling cover and three layers of premium foam, it offers just the right balance of comfort and support necessary for a cool, comfortable night’s sleep and is one of the best all foam mattresses currently present on the online mattress market – and in our opinion, the best in the U.K. market at present.

Its comfortable pillow top has enough softness to cradle and mold to your hips and shoulders while its underlying support layer has enough firmness necessary to provide you with the support you need if you switch to your stomach or back.

The mattress also has enough bounce and responsiveness which facilitates moving around in bed and getting in and out of it and makes it ideal for sex as well!

The mattress’ breathable and temperature regulating memory foam layers work together with the adaptive cooling cover to dissipate excessive body heat, allowing for good circulation of air through the mattress which helps keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

The dense foam support layer also minimizes motion transfer, which makes this mattress a perfect choice for you if you plan on sharing your bed with a partner.

All in all, we are fully satisfied with how well the Nectar UK mattress worked for us. The team behind this amazing all foam mattress really got all the things right and created an excellent mattress capable of appealing to a wide range of sleepers with different needs and sleep preferences and delivers great comfort and support for all sleeping styles.

If you are looking for a premium all foam mattress, and live in the U.K.,  you can’t go wrong choosing this mattress.  Hopefully this Nectar UK mattress review has provided you with helpful information that may assist you in your next purchase decision. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!

Nectar UK


Construction / Materials


Firmness & Support




Sleeping Hot


Sinkage & Motion Transfer


Smell / Off-Gassing


Customer Service





  • Great value
  • Very comfortable
  • Sleeps cool


  1. Can I use mattress on the same night as delivery

    • Sure as long as it uncompresses to full size. It can take up to 24 hours to do so, but you can still sleep on it…


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