Snuz Mattress Review

In this Snuz mattress review we take a look at this new all foam mattress that recently hit the market with an innovative multi-zone support design.  Snuz set out to create a comfortable memory foam mattress that provides comfort and support for all sleeping styles and both couples and individuals.

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Snuz has set out to help you get better sleep by creating a mattress with 7 zones of support to provide optimal ergonomic support and pressure relief.


Snuz mattress, king size

If you like the feel of memory foam and want a mattress that provides excellent support no matter what type of sleeper you are, then maybe the Snuz mattress is for you!

Read our Snuz mattress review to see what we feel about this exciting new mattress!

Construction and Materials

The Snuz mattress is a 10″ thick, all foam mattress made up of 3 layers of various foams.

  • 2″ Top Comfort Layer – This layer is 2″ of high density polymer foam that has 7 zones in it which provides pressure relief as well as sink and contour for each zone of your body. It also has aerated channels that helps air flow and dissipates heat.
  • 2″ Support Layer – This layer is 2″ of charcoal infused memory foam, which provides comfort and support as well as adaptable support. The charcoal aids in wicking away heat and absorbing moisture which aids in keeping the mattress clean and odor free.
  • 6″ Foundation Layer – This layer is 6″ of dense base foam that acts as the foundation and provides deep compression support.
Snuz Mattress Layers

Snuz Mattress Layers

Snuz Mattress Zones

The Snuz mattress is made up of 7 different zones that adapt to different parts of your body and are designed to provide support where it is needed most. 

Zones 1, 3, 5, and 7 are made up of a solid design which provides body support in the areas where more dense support is needed. Conversely, zones 2, 4, and 6 have a grooved design which provides pressure relief in the shoulders and hips.

The result of this zoned ergonomic design is a mattress that promotes less turning from reducing pressure points on the body. Less turning results in deeper, more restorative sleep. 

Snuz mattress layers and zones

Snuz layers and zones

The cover of the Snuz mattress mattress incorporates anti-microbial fabric which is designed to aid in cooling and prevent against dust mites 

Snuz mattress cover

Snuz mattress cover

Firmness & Support

The Snuz mattressis a universal comfort mattress, with a pre-set firmness designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of sleepers.  We rate the Snuz at around a 6 out of 10 (10 being the firmest).

The focus of the Snuz mattress is its unique 7 zoned polymer top layer, which is designed to provide the ideal pressure relief in the correct spots of the body and promote deeper, more restful sleep by preventing tossing and turning.

With many mattresses, since I am a heavier sleeper, I tend to press through the top comfort layers and feel more of the support layers which are often harder and not as comfortable.  This usually is the case with thinner 10″ mattresses which sometimes don’t have enough support for my heavier weight.


Snuz mattress corner view

This isn’t the case so much with the Snuz, however, as the 7 zoned support of this mattress provides enough support in the comfort layers without making me compress through them and come to rest on base support layers.

The memory foam does a great job at providing body hug and contour without feeling “trapped in foam”, and does a good job at providing support for all sleeping styles. 

As we are primarily side sleepers, we like mattresses that provide enough give in the top comfort layer to support our shoulders and hips, while also having the firmness if we switch to our stomach or backs. The Snuz does a good job at providing support for back and stomach sleepers as well due to the zoned comfort layers.


The Snuz mattress is quite comfortable, with top 7 zone comfort layer and charcoal infused memory foam providing a comfortable and cool sleeping environment.  The alternating support foam layers work to support and contour the body during sleep and promote restful sleeping.

The multiple layers of  memory foam provide the response needed to switch positions during the night and support my heavy bodyweight with ease, without causing too much movement during the night for Kaye when I get up or move around.

The Snuz has that classic memory foam body contouring and hug feel without experiencing that “sinking down into a hole” feel that often traditional memory foam mattresses cause. The 7 zone support does a good job at promoting a rather comfortable nights sleep.

Sleeping Hot

The Snuz bed does a good job of not sleeping hot due to the charcoal-infused foam layers in the mattress and the alternating grooved polymer foam that provides good airflow to the mattress.

Even though it is an all-foam mattress, which are known to hold heat at times, the Snuz design with the charcoal and grooved foam helps absorb heat and really works to keep the mattress cool during the night and preventing heat buildup.

As a couple who has tested over 50 mattresses, this is a big deal for us and something that the Snuz does a great job at – preventing heat buildup or causing sweating during the night.

This temperature regulating technology does a good job at wicking away moisture and absorbing and odors as well.  We did not experience the sticky feeling that we often do with foam mattresses in the least bit which was something we really were thankful for.

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

The Snuz mattress does a decent job with minimizing sinkage, especially compared to most mattresses we have reviewed. As we always preach, sinkage (and motion transfer) is largely weight dependent.

The fact that I weigh around 230lbs tends to have a rather large bearing on the degree of sinkage I experience when sitting and lying on a mattress. As the Muse is a thinner 10″ mattress compared to many of the thicker mattresses on the market, when sitting I tend to compress the mattress to a degree.

snuz mattress sinkage

Snuz mattress profile

When lying down, however, I don’t sink down as much, due to the high quality foam layers and the zoned support construction.

Edge support is about average with this mattress, and about the same as most 10″ all foam mattresses we have reviewed. As noted, when sitting on the edge I do cause the Snuz to compress more than normal, which is to be expected from my heavier (230lb) weight.

When sleeping, however, the Snuz does a good job at dispersing weight more evenly across your body.

I slept near the edge at times to test this and did not experience any of the “rolling off” the edges or having them become compressed under my weight too much, but as noted – sitting on the edge does cause some sinkage and edge compression.

Motion transfer was also excellent (minimal!) due to the all-foam construction, which is known to offer superior reduction in motion transfer between sleepers moving during the night.

This is often a big issue for us, when my heavier 230lb body moves or gets out of the bed and wakes Kaye up during the night (who as a result is often not happy!) Thankfully, this wasn’t the case with the Snuz and didn’t cause either of us to be disturbed when we woke up or moved around on the mattress.

Smell / Off-Gassing

Like most all foam mattresses, off-gassing is often a problem due to the foam being compressed and shipped in a box to your doorstep. Some mattresses suffer this unpleasant phenomenon more often than others.

This mattress didn’t have too much of a noticeable smell upon opening the box, but we do advise unboxing and letting the mattress off-gas any odors for 12 hours or so if you are sensitive to these types of odors.

There was markedly less off-gassing and odor that foam mattresses usually have, which was rather surprising to us given the all foam construction.

Customer Service

Snuz offers pretty much the standard warranty and support offers as most “bed in a box” companies, which includes:

The Snuz has a 100 night sleep trial which is a decent amount of time to allow you to determine if the mattress is a good fit for you. If it isn’t you can easily get your money refunded and have the mattress picked up. More information on this trial period can be found at

The 10 year warranty that the company offers is fairly standard, and provides a guarantee from defects in the product construction as well as indentation or problems over time.


The Snuz mattress is very reasonably priced, coming in at $850 for a Queen, which is a great price given the quality materials and construction used in this mattress.

Twin XL$690
Cal King$950


The Snuz mattress is a great mattress that combines multiple layers of quality foam  layers in a nice 10″ high mattress with a unique 7 zone support layer.

The Snuz bed provides a great medium feel and good support for all sleeping styles, with that classic memory foam feel of body hug and great contouring, without feeling like you sink into the mattress.

The combination of the various alternating layers of foam along with the charcoal infused foam results in a mattress that sleeps cool, has  less motion transfer, and an average amount of sinkage.  The temperature regulating materials help keep the mattress cool, which is a huge selling point.

The Snuz does a great job at providing a comfortable and supportive mattress for all sleeping styles.  The team behind Snuze created a vey comfortable and cool sleeping all foam mattress that delivers excellent support at a great price.

We hope this review of the Snuz mattress helps in your next purchase decision!



Construction / Materials

9.1 /10

Firmness & Support

9.2 /10


9.2 /10

Sleeping Hot

9.3 /10

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

8.8 /10

Smell / Off-Gassing

9.2 /10

Customer Service

9.2 /10


9.2 /10


  • Innovative 7 zone support
  • Sleeps cool
  • Good value


  • Sinkage for heavier sleepers


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