DreamCloud Mattress Review

This review takes a look at the new DreamCloud mattress, a luxury hybrid pocketed coil / foam and latex mattress that recently hit the online market.  DreamCloud Sleep promises an unparalleled sleeping experience with their new bed by combining premium materials with 8 layers in a 15″ high mattress at an extremely affordable price.

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We recently received this mattress and are sleeping on it as our personal bed as we speak. In this review, we will share our initial impressions based on our experience sleeping on this luxury hybrid mattress.

If you like the feel of memory foam with the support and responsiveness of coils and latex, with super premium materials and craftsmanship, then the DreamCloud mattress may be for you.

DreamCloud Video Review

The company DreamCloud Sleep also sets themselves apart from the many competitors in the online mattress space by offering an industry leading 365 night sleep trial, their “Everlong” lifetime warranty, and will even pay to have the mattress cleaned for you after one year.

Hopefully this DreamCloud mattress review will help you in your next mattress purchase decision!  (Review updated May 7, 2018 @ 5:58 pm)

Construction and Materials

This is a 15″ hybrid pocketed coil, latex, and foam mattress made up of 8 layers.

  • 2″ Top Comfort Layer – This layer is 2″ of TrueTufted cashmere top cover that provides comfort and the sumptuousness to the mattress. The cover is hand tufted which is something usually found in mattresses costing 3-4x more.
  • .5″ Cooling Layer – This layer is .5″ of Gel Infused Memory Foam that provides cooling to the top layers of the mattress
  • 1.75″ Comfort Layer – This layer is 1.75″ of soft quilted memory foam designed to provide pressure relief and comfort.
  • .5″ Response Layer – This layer is .5″ of natural hypoallergenic latex designed to provide bounce and contour.
  • .25″ Support Layer – This layer is .25″ of DreamPlush supportive memory foam that provides additional body contouring.
  • .5″ Transition Layer – This layer is .5″ of DreamPlush high density supportive memory foam that works to provide a transition layer between the upper comfort layers and the lower coil support layer.
  • 8″ Support Layer – This layer is 7″ of high quality steel pocketed innerspring coils with a 5-zone layers that provide exceptional support to the body with varying stiffness depending on the zone, giving you support where it is needed most.
  • 1.5″ Base Foundation Layer – This layer is a final 1.5″ of high density super soft memory foam that provides the lower foundation layer to the mattress and deep compression support.

The cover is double tufted and made of cashmere- which really imparts a luxury feel to the mattress that is often not found on mattresses costing 2-3x what the DreamCloud costs, and also inhibits bedbugs and is breathable and soft.

DreamCloud tufted cover

DreamCloud tufted cover

The hand tufting process involves a cord that is run through the mattress and anchored on each end by a rosette of yarn, which compresses the mattress layer materials and binding them together so they do not move or shift laterally.

There are 30 of these hand-sewn tufts per queen DreamCloud mattress.  This process takes 1-2 hours per mattress and is something usually only found on super premium mattresses sold in retail stores costing upwards of $5-6000, which needless to say is a huge selling point for this bed.

Firmness & Support of the DreamCloud Sleep Bed

This luxury hybrid mattress only comes in one firmness option, which we rate it at a 6.5 out of 10 (10 being the firmest).  The multiple layers all work together to provide a level of firmness that works for sleepers of all different weights, which is something that hybrid mattresses are good at doing.

Most hybrid mattresses feel on the firmer side to me, as I am significantly heavier than Kaye, and I tend to press through the top comfort layers and feel more of the support layers in most mattresses.  However with the 15″ thick DreamCloud Sleep mattress, i definitely feel the soft plush top comfort layers and at the same time my heavier weight (230lbs) is supported by the pocketed coil layers.

As we are primarily side sleepers, we like mattresses that provide enough give in the top comfort layer to support our shoulders and hips, while also having the firmness if we switch to our stomach or back.  Some hybrid mattresses are a little too firm for our taste, and have in the past left me with numbness and pain in my shoulders and arms.

DreamCloud mattress, king size

DreamCloud mattress, king size

Not so with the DreamCloud mattress.  The multiple layers of foam and latex in the top comfort layers do an excellent job at cradling your body when sleeping on your side, and at the same time providing the support needed for back and stomach sleeping.

The top memory foam and latex comfort layers provide excellent body hug and contour with the underlying spring support layer providing the deep compression support for the body, and the cashmere hand tufted top layer is unbelievably comfortable.

Due to the high quality hybrid construction and materials, including an unprecedented 8 layers of materials – this bed provides the support a heavy sleeper such as myself needs, with the comfort there at the same time that both Kaye and myself prefer as a couple sharing a mattress.

How Comfortable is the DreamCloud?

The DreamCloud is extremely comfortable, and is the most comfortable hybrid mattress (or any mattress honestly) that we have tested to date.  The 15″ thick mattress has 8 different layers, of which the top comfort foam layers do an excellent job providing a comfortable sleeping surface that molds and hugs your body.

The gel infused foam top layer does a great job at preventing heat buildup while the hand tufted cashmere cover also makes the exterior nice and comfortable.  Immediately upon lying down on the mattress you feel enveloped in soft, luxurious, comfort. It really is something else.

DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress, king size

DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress, king size

The hybrid construction with the pocketed coil support layer along with the layer of latex in the top comfort layers provides the expected bounce to the mattress, while the multiple foam top layers provide good body contour and hug.

DreamCloud Sleep really raises the bar with the level of comfort in this mattress.  As mentioned, the top layers of memory foam and the tufted cashmere cover impart a sumptuousness that is unsurpassed by any other hybrid (or other mattress) we have tested at Memory Foam Talk over the last few years.

This mattress is both very supportive as well as being a very comfortable, and the premium materials all lend themselves to accomplishing this at a very attractive price that is hard to beat for a mattress with this many features and that is 15″ thick.

Sleeping Hot with the DreamCloud? No!

The DreamCloud mattress does a good job of sleeping cool due to the gel infused foam top layer as well as the innerspring coil layer which by design provides good airflow and discourages heat retention.

Sleeping hot is a big pet peeve of ours, (especially living in Texas) and is something that many all foam mattresses struggle with.  Being a hybrid, however, this bed has an advantage over all foam mattresses by the inclusion of the innerspring coil layer which helps with air circulation.

As such, the use of the gel foam layer, the latex layer, and the cashmere top cover combined with the hybrid coil construction all do a great job of ensuring the mattress sleeps cooler than most mattresses we have reviewed.

Sinkage & Motion Transfer on the DreamCloud

The DreamCloud mattress does an excellent job with sinkage, especially compared to most mattresses we have reviewed. As we always preach, sinkage (and motion transfer) is largely weight dependent.

The fact that I weigh around 230lbs tends to have a rather large bearing on the degree of sinkage I experience when sitting and lying on a mattress. Because of my heavy weight, on most mattresses I tend to cause them to compress down quite a bit when sitting on the edge, or sitting upright in bed.

Kaye, who is half my weight, experiences much less sinkage than I do, but again this is to be expected due to her much lighter weight and the fact that she doesn’t compress the mattress down as much as I do.

DreamCloud 15" mattress with 8 layers!

DreamCloud 15″ mattress with 8 layers!

This is not a problem with this mattress, in that not only does the 15″ thick construction prevent sinkage from my heavy weight, the premium layers of foam and high quality innerspring coil layer do an excellent job at preventing sinkage in the least bit.

Edge support is also very good with this mattress, due to the use of reinforced edge layer in the mattress construction. I did not compress the mattress much at all when sitting on the edge, and when sleeping near the edge did not experience any of the “rolling off” the edges or having them compressed under my weight.

Motion transfer is more than most all foam mattresses we have reviewed, as to be expected with a hybrid coil mattress which provides more bounce than a foam or latex mattress due to the innerspring coils in its construction.  However, the multiple foam layers used in the construction of this premium mattress limit excessive movement to a large degree.

We didn’t feel much disruption or shaking of the mattress when we got in and out of the bed and when we moved around, which is often to be expected from the hybrid coil construction of these types of mattresses which are more responsive and thus bouncier.

Smell / Off-Gassing

This mattress also gets high marks in this category for not having a noticeable smell upon opening the box. The hybrid coil / foam construction minimized the degree of off-gassing that all foam mattresses usually have.

Customer Service for DreamCloud Sleep

DreamCloud Sleep offers much more than the standard services that most bed-in-a-box online mattress companies are offering these days, which is something that really sets the company and this mattress apart from the rest.  This includes the following:

  • 365 night Trial period
  • Everlong Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • 100% money back guarantee for Returns / Refunds
  • Save $200 by clicking here

The company also provides white glove delivery and setup, and will even arrange to have your mattress cleaned after a one year period (a $300 value), and after 5 years of ownership, the company will even recondition your mattress to like new condition – which is definitely something we have never heard offered before!

DreamCloud Sleep luxury hybrid mattress

DreamCloud Sleep luxury hybrid mattress

The company is really looking to go above and beyond for the customer to deliver a premium experience with purchasing their mattress that is over and above any other similar mattresses sold online.

The DreamCloud also has a “Forever Warranty” which gives a lifetime warranty that protects the mattress from defects in materials and worksmanship. For more information, the link below at www.DreamCloudSleep.com has more information.



The  DreamCloud mattress is very reasonably priced – coming in at $1399 for a Queen, (can save $200 by clicking here) which is a good price given the quality materials and construction used in this mattress. However, 

*All prices below reflect the $200 off savings

Twin XL$799
Cal King$1299


The DreamCloud Sleep hybrid bed is a excellent luxury hybrid coil / foam / latex mattress that provides the benefits of both innerspring and memory foam materials.

The mattress is a luxury medium firmness bed which is around a 6.5 out of 10 (10 being firmest) that is 15″ high and made up of 8 layers that provides excellent support for all sleeping styles.

The DreamCloud mattress provides an optimal degree of bounce and responsiveness from the coil hybrid design and latex layer included in the construction. While this makes the mattress have some motion transfer, there isn’t much due to the multiple layers of memory foam used in the mattress layers that helps minimize movement between sleepers.

Again, this bed is unbelievably comfortable, due to all the comfort layers and the use of cashmere in their top cover layer- something usually found in mattresses 3-4x priced much higher.

It also sleeps very cool due to the use of gel infused memory foam layer in its comfort layers as well as the innerspring pocketed construction that helps prevents heat buildup.  The mattress has minimal sinkage and good edge support as well, which all lends it to it being a great mattress for couples as well as those that like the bounce of innerspring mattresses and the hug and contour of foam.

In our opinion, the DreamCloud hybrid mattress is the best hybrid mattress we have ever slept on and tested to date, and is our top pick for hybrid mattresses and one of our top overall picks as well in our Top 10 Best Mattresses Guide.

If you want a luxury hybrid mattress that sleeps cool and is super supportive and comfortable at a price 3-4x less than competing in-store mattresses of the same quality, with a lifetime warranty and 365 night sleep guarantee – the DreamCloud simply cannot be beat.

Hopefully this review of the DreamCloud mattress helps you out with your next purchase decision! If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.



Construction / Materials

9.8 /10

Firmness & Support

9.7 /10


9.7 /10

Sleeping Hot

9.7 /10

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

9.7 /10

Smell / Off-Gassing

9.5 /10

Customer Service

9.3 /10


9.6 /10


  • Super thick
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Luxury materials
  • Quality materials


  1. Amanda

    In your review for Nectar you said it was your primary mattress, but I think I caught at the end that the DreamCloud is now your primary mattress. What made you switch to the DreamCloud mattress being your primary mattress between testing rotations? I’m debating between the 2 mattresses.

    • Andrew

      We have a 3 bedroom house. We switch between mattresses when reviewing them, and at present those are the DreamCloud and Nectar. Kaye likes the Nectar more, I like the DreamCloud, so sometimes that means i’m sleeping in the other room when I snore 😉 . It really depends on the feel you like. A hybrid will be firmer on average due to the steel springs in the core support layer. Hybrids we have found have less “hug and contour” even with their layers of memory foam on top. Either one is a great choice, and as I said – we have both of them as our “go-to” beds in between testing all the other ones..

  2. Kevin Eyewanders

    We’ve been sleeping on a Dreamcloud since sometime in January, shortly after it was launched. It was a last minute switch from two other mattresses we’d narrowed down to to replace our very body-contoured, permanently compressed memory foam mattress of only a year or so. Initially I liked this mattress a lot, and my fiance still does for the most part. It may be due to my greater weight (not heavy per se, at 215 lbs) but I find that throughout the night as I sleep and the foam heats up my body creates a deeper depression in the middle than I would like – not enough support for my buttocks and mid-section – and I get a slight hammock-feel that causes me a bit of pain by morning. This is precisely the reason we replaced out former mattress, though it’s to a *much* lesser degree. Still, at the price of this mattress compared to our former one, I’m not sure this can be a keeper for us. The warranty and return policy was a huge factor and as much as I’d like to keep it and not begin this process again, we’re strongly thinking about returning it. Perhaps it’s just a bit too much soft foam in the top layers – at the beginning of the night everything feels great, but I wake up many nights feeling “concave” and having to shift the middle of the bed and out of the “valley” that’s been formed. Too bad because overall we really love this mattress.

    • Andrew

      Hmm, as that is the opposite of what we feel.. I personally weigh 235 lbs and don’t cause that at all. So that’s really strange. I personally feel its on the firmer side, and that the top foam layers do a great job at preventing me from feeling its on the firm end of the spectrum.. Well the good thing is you have that sleep trial – of course you can always get your money back – and if that’s the case you can. Maybe contact them and tell them and see if they can send out a replacement? As usually those kind of sagging or indentations come from the underlying core support layers not being strong enough – which certainly isn’t the case with the DC as it has 8″ of coils to prevent that. Really could be an issue with that one bed you got, as we have yet to hear that.

  3. Anthony Stefanacci

    Finally a reviewer that isn’t 5’7 150lbs. I am really considering this mattress, it looks amazing, and being even bigger than you, 6’5 275lbs, i need something that supports but can also handle me, my gf and my dogs.

    • Andrew

      It can for sure.. and yes, that’s why we started this review site as well! It will definitely support your heavier weight given the 15″ thick construction and 8 layers.. as well as the gf and dogs too 😉


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