Puffy Adjustable Base Review

Adjustable beds continue to grow in popularity as more people become aware of all the benefits and conveniences that they offer.

Considering that they offer you the ability to raise and lower your head and feet, and that they come with numerous other features such as massage options, built-in nightlight, USB ports, etc. it is not surprising that they receive pretty high customer satisfaction ratings.

In this review we’ll be focusing on one such adjustable bed coming from Puffy, an online mattress company.

Puffy is a privately held company, highly regarded among customers for its service, quality, and charitable acts. Its aim is not to sell far and wide but to provide a direct-to-door sleep products that anyone can afford.

Along with its flagship mattress, Puffy also sells an adjustable mattress base that we’ll be reviewing today and a mattress foundation.


Get the Puffy Adjustable Base
This is an innovative base that comes with a number of great features such as head and foot incline, various massage options, zero gravity positioning, built-in LED lighting and USB plugs.
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The Puffy Adjustable Base features a durable metal foundation, that allows you to adjust your leg and head height and enjoy gentle massages with a quick press of a button.

It gives you the possibility to customize your sleeping position in less than a minute and achieve total relaxation and a restful night’s sleep.

Besides these, there are many other features that this base offers and that make it truly unique and set it apart from other similar products available on today’s market.

Read our review and find out what what are our experiences with this base and why we think it may be a perfect choice for you. Last updated Jan 12, 2022 @ 5:17 pm

Puffy Adjustable Base

Puffy Adjustable Base

Construction / Design

The Puffy Adjustable Base is compatible with any open cavity bed.

It can perform either with or without foundations or box springs and work with any mattress designed to fit an adjustable base, whether it be innerspring, memory foam, latex, or hybrid, but especially with the Puffy mattresses. (Read our Puffy and Puffy Lux mattress reviews.)

The Puffy Adjustable Base is made of a durable metal construction with six legs and a platform wrapped in a soft fabric that gives it a nice look and feel. There is also a layer of poly foam around the edges which helps avoid painful bumps when getting in and out of bed.

The legs of the base are adjustable as well which gives you the option to adjust the height of your base in a range from 4, 6.5 to 9.5 inches.

The frame itself is sturdy and durable, designed to provide necessary support to both the mattress and sleepers above. It is equipped with quality motors that operate independently of each other and are controlled via a wireless remote.

The wireless remote is battery powered. It is easy to be used and allows you to lift the head or feet area, select how far up or down you want to go and control your comfort without the mess of wires.

The base is also equipped with 3-speed, dual independent massage motors and two USB ports which give you the possibility to charge your tablet, phone, or any other portable device.

Besides this, there is a large metal retainer bar at the bottom of the platform that goes at the foot of the mattress and which helps keep the mattress in place while adjusting the base.

Puffy Adjustable Base construction

Puffy Adjustable Base construction


The Puffy Adjustable Base is delivered right to your doorstep and all you have to do to set it up is to take it inside, unpack it, attach the motor to the base, plug the cables to the power supply, screw in the legs, turn it over, and plug it into the wall to operate.

A few steps is all it takes to set up your Puffy base. You won’t need the help of handymen or any special tools, and the whole process of assembling the base will take you less than a few minutes.

Once the assembly is done, you can start enjoying your new customizable comfort.

Other Features

The Puffy Adjustable Base is available in both split and single options and they can perfectly fit a great variety of mattress sizes.

A split adjustable base may be an excellent solution for those who share their bed with a partner with different needs and sleep preferences as it allows for each person to select their own sleep position without disturbing the other, and it also eliminates any motion transfer between the partners.

This time, however, we used a single base (Queen size) and it worked perfectly well with our Puffy mattress. We are satisfied with its overall comfort and support and how silently it moved when we wanted to change position.

This single base required some compromises as we couldn’t adjust positions to our liking separately, but we are primarily side sleepers and it worked perfectly for us when when sleeping on our sides.

We felt our hips and shoulders to be properly cradled and supported. As for other positions, we didn’t feel any discomfort while sleeping or relaxing in other positions as well and didn’t feel our spines to be out of alignment.

Puffy Adjustable Base head incline

Puffy Adjustable Base head incline

The Puffy Adjustable base comes with many features from ordinary head and foot incline and various massage options, to a zero gravity positioning, built-in nightlight and USB plugs.

All the features can be accessed and controlled via a wireless remote control that comes with the base. It allows you control your comfort without the mess of wires and adjust the base to the desired position in less than a minute.

There are two motors that operate independently and give you the possibility to pick any position. So they allow you to raise the base and lift your back to approximately sixty five degrees which is perfect for reading, watching television or just lounging.

The base can also elevate your legs up to forty five degrees to reduce pain in your lower back, improve blood flow and help you solve the problem with swollen feet and even high blood pressure.


Get the Puffy Adjustable Base
This is an innovative base that comes with a number of great features such as head and foot incline, various massage options, zero gravity positioning, built-in LED lighting and USB plugs.
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Besides these ordinary functions, the Puffy base offers zero-gravity positioning as well which arranges the bed to slightly raise your legs and back to make you feel like you are floating.

With a single press of a button, your back will be raised to 10 degrees while your legs will be raised up to 30 degrees. This position helps relieve pressure on your body, improves blood flow and stimulates relaxation and rejuvenation.

To relax even more and get rid of tension and pain in your muscles, you can choose one of the massage options that the Puffy base offers.

There are 3-speed, dual independent massage motors built into the base which send vibrations into your mattress to gently massage either your upper of lower body and help you relax and lull you into a sleep.

Besides this, the Puffy Adjustable Base comes with some additional high-tech features such as dual USB charging ports and LED lighting.

There are two USB ports on the right side of the base that give you the possibility to charge your smartphone, tablet or any other portable device and have them near you in case you need them.

By pressing a button on your wireless remote, you’ll activate a soft-white indirect light to help you find your way to the bathroom or other parts of your home easier during the night or early in the morning without hurting your eyes or bothering your partner.

Puffy Adjustable Base remote control

Puffy Adjustable Base remote control

Price / Warranty

The Puffy Adjustable Base is pretty reasonably priced, coming in at $995 which is a good value given the quality construction and all the conveniences that this adjustable base offers.

Twin XL$895
Split King$1795

What most impressed us is that this adjustable base, just like the Nectar adjustable base we have recently reviewed, has a guarantee.

As I mentioned before, sleep trials usually don’t apply to adjustable bases because they weight a lot and are complicated to ship and return. but trying the Puffy Adjustable Base is totally risk-free.

Puffy ships this adjustable base for free and offers 101 nights of free trial, so if you are not 100% satisfied with the base, you can return it for a full refund up to 101 days after your purchase.

The base also comes with a 10-year limited warranty. During this period the company will repair or replace your base free of charge, but you will be responsible to pay all service, transportation, labor, and shipping costs related to the repair or replacement of base.


Is the Puffy Adjustable Base Right for You?

Buy the Puffy Adjustable Base if you like:

  • An adjustable base with zero gravity feature – Besides ordinary features such as head and foot incline that this adjustable base offers, it also gives you the possibility to adjust it to zero gravity position which will improve your blood flow, relieve pressure points on your body, help you with swollen feet, snoring, acid reflux and more.
  • An adjustable base with built-in nightlight – The Puffy Adjustable Base has built-in LED lighting that can light up your path during the night and that can be activated by pressing a button on your wireless remote. The light is soft-white and indirect and it won’t hurt your eyes or bother your partner.
  • Massage – As already mentioned, this adjustable base has 3-speed, dual independent massage motors that offer several massage options. They will set the base to send gentle vibrations into the mattress to massage your upper or lower body and help you relax and relieve aches and pains.


If you are in the market for an adjustable bed, you should definitely consider purchasing the Puffy Adjustable Base.

It is an innovative base, unlike most most conventional adjustable bases, and comes with a number of great features such as head and foot incline, various massage options, zero gravity positioning, built-in LED lighting and USB plugs that can be accessed and controlled via wireless remote.

The Puffy Adjustable Base is, therefore, capable of providing you with ultimate comfort and support necessary for total relaxation and a restful night’s sleep regardless of the position you choose and you can get all this at a very budget-friendly price range.

All in all, Andrew and I are satisfied with the overall quality and comfort of this adjustable base and all the options that it offers.

Designed to meet the needs and sleep preferences of a wide range of sleepers, it really made our nights more enjoyable and we don’t have any doubts it will work the same for you.


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