One Big Problem with the Bed In A Box Concept

So we have been receiving a few mattresses for us to review here on  lately.   Just yesterday, we had a mattress that was supposed to be delivered to our doorstep via Fedex.

Unfortunately, the Fedex guy must have decided to pass the buck on the 3rd floor apartment delivery for our location.  Not only was it not left near the door, it was nowhere close.

Which brought us to the problem.  How does the average person lug 75-100 pound boxes up 3 flights of stairs if they have no help? Or if they don’t have the strength to carry it up stairs?

Heck, I’m a pretty strong and big guy – but even I couldn’t carry the box up the stairs unassisted, and Kaye wasn’t able to help me carry them as she injured her shoulder recently.

The following photos illustrate one big issue with the Bed In A Box model of mattress delivery.  Every manufacturer selling direct on the Internet is using this model, with the exception of Loom & Leaf, so it affects pretty much every mattress you purchase. Except theirs, of course.

A Nest Alexander  arrived for us, but instead of being delivered to our door, showed up in the leasing office of our residence complex.  I crammed the box inside the car with the back door open carry the mattress near the staircase.

In the process, the box was damaged and the mattress came out. It was rainy yesterday as well which didn’t help.

Nest out of the box

I got the Nest to the bottom of the stairs. It is heavy, 100 lbs.

Nest bottom of stairs

The only way to get it up the stairs on my own was to flip it end-over-end, sort of like Cross-Fit style.  Quite heavy and not easy.

Nest going up stairs

Sort of a blurry “action photo” but I was trying to do this as fast as possible while Kaye took pictures. There was no way she could lift even one end going up the stairs.

Nest at Doorstep

I was so exhausted just getting it to the door. As you can see, the box didn’t make it at all.

This is a big issue with receiving a mattress by mail. Clearly. 

What would you do if you couldn’t do this yourself as the customer? If you didn’t have someone to help? If you needed that bed that day or would be sleeping on the floor?

I’m all for the concept of receiving a bed in the mail, but as we illustrated above – if you are anywhere but on ground floor the delivery guy probably isn’t going to dropoff that 100lb box up any flights of stairs.

For this reason, Loom & Leaf has the clear edge on their deliver model alone. Having delivery people bring a mattress in, haul away an old one, and install it is a much better process than the Bed in a Box model. We discuss this in more detail in our Bed In a Box vs In-Home Delivery post as well.


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