Novosbed vs. Leesa

When it comes to choosing a mattress, there are so many great brands on today’s market that it may be hard for you to find the one that will perfectly work for you.

In today’s review, we’ll be comparing two such brands: Novosbed vs Leesa. Both feature multiple layers of memory foam and both are made of the highest quality materials which makes choosing one of them a tough decision.

In this review, we’ll present you with the basic characteristics and benefits of these two mattresses that may help you pick the one that would best suit your specific needs and preferences. Last updated Dec 18, 2019 @ 3:17 pm


Construction and Materials

The Novosbed mattress is an 11″ mattress made up of 3 layers of foam.

  • 2″ Top Comfort Layer – This layer is 2″ of ultra-dense memory foam, designed to provide comfort and ensure cooling during sleep. It also is designed to provide support and relieve pressure points. The aerated foam allows free circulation of air through the mattress and keeps it cool.
  • 2″ Support Layer – This layer is 2″ of additional ultra-dense memory foam, designed to provide support and responsiveness and regulate transitioning motion between the upper and lower layers.
  • 7″ Support Layer – This layer is 7″ of base foam that provides support for the mattress as well as deep compression support for the body.

    Novosbed Mattress Layers

When adding the Comfort + top cover to it, the mattress gains another approximately 2″ of height.

The cover of the Novosbed mattress is made of polyester, silica, modacrylic, and Tencel, and it has a very nice soft textured pattern and feel to it. The zippered top of this cover allows adding the Comfort + top kit, and it is easy to be removed for cleaning purposes.

Firmness and Support

The Novosbed is offered in 3 firmness options. The one we reviewed is Medium firm, and it scores 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest.

It felt a little firm to Andrew who is significantly heavier than me, and who often tends to compress through the top comfort layers and feel more of the support layers beneath. However, after we zipped a complimentary Comfort + top kit to the mattress, which not only increased its height but its overall comfort as well, it wasn’t so firm anymore.

After sleeping on it for about 2 weeks, the mattress softened even more and completely adapted to our bodies becoming much more comfortable and supportive for Andrew’s 230lb weight and large 6’+ frame.

For me, the Novosbed was of perfect firmness. It provided the hug and contour of classic memory foam that I like so much without causing me to feel enveloped by a mattress.

Novosbed Corner View

In terms of support, we feel the Novosbed mattress does a really good job of providing excellent support in all sleeping positions. It provides enough give in the top comfort layers to support your hips and shoulders and enough firmness necessary if you switch to your back or stomach.


As I have already mentioned, the Novosbed may initially feel a rather firm and not as cushioned due to the slower-response memory foam in its construction. But, with time, it will become much more comfortable, and it will perfectly adapt and mold to your body without causing the feeling of being trapped in foam.

It is a comfortable mattress and supportive enough to support and distribute our weights evenly across the bed. It is especially good for heavier sleepers like my boyfriend, and it provides a nice degree of responsiveness needed when changing positions during the night without causing too much motion transfer.

Novosbed Corner view, queen

Sleeping Hot

Although you may feel slight heat retention from the mattress, which is common for most all foam mattresses, the Novosbed does a really good job at keeping you cool throughout the night due to its dense foam layers. It may be an all foam mattress, but it will not cause the sticky, sweaty feeling typical for most memory foam mattresses.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

When compared to other mattresses we have reviewed, this mattress does an excellent job of minimizing sinkage and motion transfer, although this is largely weight dependent.

Andrew sunk more than I did when sitting and lying on a mattress, but he did not reach the foundation, which many thinner mattresses often cause him to do (such as the Leesa.)

Novosbed Mattress Profile

The classic slow-response memory foam within this mattress isolates motion transfer and reduces it to the minimum thus allowing a sound and undisturbed sleep.

Edge support is also very good with this mattress, and better than in most other memory foam mattresses we have tested to date.

Smell / Off-Gassing

There was a minimal amount of off-gassing coming from the Novosbed mattress when we opened the package, which is to be expected given its all foam construction. But, it was nothing overpowering, and it dissipated during the night.

Customer Service:

  • 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Made in America
  • Free Shipping


The Novosbed mattress is reasonably priced coming in at $999 for a Queen, which is a great price for a mattress of such a high quality and construction.

Get the Novosbed mattress. 

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Construction and Materials

The Leesa is a 10-inch combination of memory foam and Avena foam for additional cooling and bounce and it is composed of the following layers:

  • 2″ Top Cooling layer – The top layer is made of 2″ of cooling Avena foam, designed to provide cooling and bounce.
  • 2″ Middle layer – This layer is designed to provide support to the body and pressure relief, and it is made up of 2″ of contouring memory foam.
  • 6″ Bottom layer – This layer is made of 6″ of dense support foam and it provides the foundation for the mattress and works with the top layers to create support.

The Leesa has an extremely soft cover woven from one piece of polyester-Lycra blend fabric that works to provide a cool surface and comfort as well.

Firmness and Support

The Leesa, unlike the Novosbed, comes in only one firmness option designed to appeal to a wide range of sleepers, and it is around a 5/6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest.

I tended to compress the top layers of the Leesa mattress less than Andrew who weights considerably more than I do. Therefore, Andrew did not feel that the Leesa provided much support to him when sleeping, as his heavier weight caused him to compress through the upper layers quite a bit.

The thinner construction of this mattress also caused him to bottom out when sitting up on it which was not the case with the Novosbed.

Leesa mattress, queen size


While the Leesa has a soft and comfortable exterior and the Avena foam in the top cooling layer provides a bit of responsiveness and bounce, it does not provide enough support and comfort like some other all-foam mattresses we have tried out to date.

Andrew felt it was not supportive enough for his heavy weight and it caused him to reach the foundation of our bed which, if you are a heavier sleeper as well, may reduce the overall comfort and affect the quality of your sleep.

Sleeping Hot

As for sleeping hot, the Leesa does a good job here, and it is about average in this category. Its thin cover and the use of the Avena foam layer in its construction provides good air flow, makes this mattress breathable, and eliminates the feeling of stickiness usually present in memory foam mattresses.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

As it has been already said, sinkage and motion transfer is highly dependent on sleeper’s weight and as Andrew weights around 230 lbs, he pressed through the 10″ Leesa top layers immediately upon sitting and lying on the mattress.

The sinkage of the Leesa also caused motion transfer during the night as Andrew would sink lower than me, which caused me to roll into him.

Edge support in this mattress is minimal and Andrew’s weight compressed the bed. Lying flat seemed to disperse his weight, but at times when rolling over in the night, he would feel the harder support layer through the compressed thinner comfort layer.

Smell / Off-Gassing

There was a small degree of off-gassing/smell coming from the mattress upon opening the box. It is due to the all-foam construction of this mattress, but it is nothing overpowering when compared to some other mattresses we have reviewed.

Customer Service:


Leesa is pretty reasonably priced when compared to the in-store brands, and it comes in at $849 for a queen. You can save $100 on this mattress by using the link given above.

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Novosbed vs. Leesa Mattress Comparison

Below is our comprehensive side-by-side comparison of the Novosbed vs. Leesa mattress.

Layers 2″ of ultra dense memory foam, 2″ of additional ultra dense memory foam, 7″ of base foam2″ of cooling Avena foam, 2″ of contouring memory foam, 6″ of dense support foam
CoverMade of polyester, silica, modacrylic, and Tencel with a soft textured pattern and a zippered topSoft, woven from one piece of polyester-Lycra blend fabric
Firmness7 out of 105-6 out of 10
Motion TransferVery minimalHigher than in most memory foam mattresses
Price-Queen $999$849
Warranty15 years10 years
Trial Period120 days100 days
ShippingFree shippingFree shipping, arrives in 2-7 days
Refunds and ReturnsYesYes

Which Mattress Is Right for You?

Choose Novosbed mattress if you like:

  • Classic memory foam feel – The highest quality memory foam within the Novosbed mattress does a pretty good job of providing deep compression support, pressure relief and contouring to your body. It provides a hug typical for memory foam without causing you to feel enveloped by a mattress.
  • A mattress with different firmness options – The Novosbed mattress comes in three firmness options and a complimentary Comfort + top cover which adds to the overall comfort of this mattress. This additional layer allows you adjust the firmness level of your mattress according to your needs.
  • Sharing your bed – Being an all foam mattress, the Novosbed does an excellent job of reducing excessive motion transfer. It also doesn’t cause a large degree of sinkage which makes it a perfect option for couples. So if you plan on sharing your bed with a partner, the Novosbed may be the right pick for you as it will not cause you and your partner to roll into each other and feel as if you are sinking into a hole. It will allow you to change your sleep position or get in and out of bed during the night freely without disturbing the sleep of your beloved one.

Choose Leesa mattress if you like:

  • Memory foam feel – The softness of the Leesa cover combined with the initial soft response from its memory foam layers provide a soft feel typical for memory foam. 
  • Sleeping cool – The thin cover of this mattress and the use of the Avena foam layer in its construction allow easier air flow, make this mattress breathable, and eliminate the feeling of stickiness usually present in memory foam mattresses.

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