On this page, we battle top brands side by side.

You may know what you like already but just need to compare it to others, than this is where to start.


Zenhaven vs. Tempur Pedic

Picking a perfect mattress for your specific needs and preferences isn't so simple. There are many different features, types, and materials available and it may be hard to realize what would best work for you. Memory foam and latex mattresses both have made a...

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Zenhaven vs. Loom and Leaf

Are you looking for the easiest way to buy the mattress that will perfectly meet your needs? Perhaps you should look for your mattress online. There are a large number of online mattress retailers offering various types of mattresses, and Saatva has established...

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Zenhaven vs. Spindle

Are you looking for a mattress made from natural materials? These days there is a great variety of mattresses made from natural materials on the market, and latex mattresses are those that have people talking. Latex proves to be a fantastic choice for many reasons....

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Zenhaven vs. Avocado

We are back with another comparison. This time we'll be comparing the 100% all natural latex Zenhaven with the latex/coil hybrid Avocado. Both are durable green mattresses using natural latex in their construction, and both are highly breathable mattresses that sleep...

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Brentwood Home Cedar vs. Spindle

A good night's sleep plays a significant part in your general health and well being, your day-to-day energy, ability to concentrate and your mood. But, the quality of your sleep largely depends on the quality of your mattress. If your old mattress is not capable of...

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Brentwood Home Cedar vs. Zenhaven

Are you in the market for the new mattress? Are you looking for the well-known brands of mattresses made up of the highest-quality materials? If so, then the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe and the Zenhaven mattress from the makers of the Saatva and Loom and Leaf...

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Brentwood Home Cedar vs. Avocado

Today again we’ll be reviewing two luxury hybrid mattress brands that are focused on using natural and organic materials. the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe vs Avocado. Both are highest-quality “green” mattresses, composed of all natural, eco-friendly, and organic...

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Brentwood Home Oceano vs. WinkBeds

The last decade saw big changes in terms of technologies used in the design of mattresses. In addition to the advances in the materials used in the construction of mattresses, various combinations of these materials are used to create hybrid mattresses that are...

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