How to Wash a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular these days as they are an ideal solution for anyone struggling to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

These blankets have numerous benefits and they proved to be effective in reducing anxiety and stress and helping people fall asleep easier and stay asleep all night long.

Taking a good care of your weighted blanket and keeping it clean will ensure that you will enjoy all the comfort it provides for a long time, but the whole process of washing and cleaning it can turn out to be a bit complicated.

Keep reading and learn how to do this in the right way and avoid damaging your blanket.

Preparing a Weighted Blanket for Washing

Before you can wash your weighted blanket, you should prepare it for washing. First of all, you should read the cleaning instructions. Check the tag on your blanket and see if there are any special instructions on how it should be treated and washed.

Most weighted blankets can be washed in a washing machine set on a gentle cycle with cold water, but this can differ depending on the material of your blanket and how dirty it is.

See if your blanket has a removable outer layer. If it does, this layer functions like a duvet cover and it can be treated and washed separately.

Once you do this, you should inspect your blanket thoroughly. Search for any signs of a damage or stains that may require a special treatment before you wash the whole blanket.

If your blanket has visible stains, treating these prior to washing can stop them from getting even deeper into the blanket during washing or drying process. Treatment will depend on the type of a stain and whether it is a stain from a food spill, juice, body fluid, etc.

How to Remove Stains from Your Blanket?

You should remove the stain as soon as you notice it. If it is a fresh stain, you can try to remove it by exposing the stained section of the blanket and holding it under cold running water.

Water will loosen the fibers of the fabric and wash off most of the stain. Make sure you use cold water because hot water may sometimes damage the fabric and cause the stain to set into the blanket’s fibers.

To spot clean your weighted blankets and remove stains from beverages or bodily fluids, you can use a special spray for this that does not contain harsh chemicals that could possibly damage the gentle material of your blanket.

This means that you should avoid the products that contain bleach or other whitening agents and pick a stain remover designed for the type of a fabric from which your blanket is made.  

Place a stained section under a cold running water and hold it for there for some time and then spray the stain remover directly on the stain. Gently rub the spray with your fingers or a very soft brush. If the stain is visible on the underside, repeat the same process on both sides.

If the stains come from food or anything containing oil, you should use dish soap and apply it directly on stained places after holding them under a cold running water again. Gently rub in the soap with your fingers or a soft brush such are soft bristled laundry or tooth brushes. Use upward rubbing motions to remove greasy stains.

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket?

Once you are done with removing stains, you can proceed and wash the whole blanket if it is necessary. Start by washing the outer layer first if it has it.

This layer serves to protect the inner material of your weighted blanket and you can unzip it and take it off and then put it in a washing machine, set on a gentle cycle. Wash it with cold water and small amount of liquid detergent.

After you wash the outer layer, you can tumble dry it by setting your dryer to low heat. Avoid drying it completely in this way to prevent crumpling and hang it outside to complete the drying process.

Washing Your Blanket in a Washing Machine

Check the fabric of your weighted blanket and what it is made of as different materials should be washed differently. You should also check the size of your blanket and its weight.

If it weights more than 12lbs and if your washer doesn’t have a capacity to wash it, then you should take it to a professional laundering service that has large commercial machines.

Once you decide where you will wash your blanket, put it in the washer. Set the washer according to the instructions given on a tag on your blanket and use a gentle detergent that does not contain any harsh chemical such as bleach or other whitening agents.

Hand Washing a Weighted Blanket

Fill a tub halfway with water that is neither too hot nor too cold. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can use a large laundry basin as well, just make sure it is large enough for a weighted blanket and the amount of water you need to wash it.

If you are washing it in a tub, make sure you don’t fill up the tub too much to avoid spilling the water over the edges while you are moving and washing the blanket.

Use an appropriate amount of a mild detergent for hand washing  and avoid harsh chemicals that can damage a gentle fabric of your blankets.

You should submerge the blanket completely in water and use your hands to gently knead the blanket in sections. In this way you will know where you have cleaned it. Don’t try to lift or squeeze your blanket as it may be too heavy. Leave it in a bathtub and drain the water.

Pour fresh water again and rinse the blanket. Repeat the process until there is no soap residue left on it and until the rinsing water appears to be crystal clear.

Once you are done with this, drain the water from a tub and try to squeeze out excess water as much as possible by rolling the blanket tightly without lifting it. Regardless of this, you won’t be able to get all the water from your blanket and this is totally normal.

Avoid wringing it as this could misshape the blanket or redistribute its weight.

Drying a Weighted Blanket

You may need help to get it out of a tub. Put it in a dryer if it has the capacity and size to dry your blanket and use a low heat setting. Consider throwing in a clean white towel to help fluff your blanket up while it is drying.

If you don’t have a dryer or it doesn’t have a capacity or size to dry your blanket, you can take the blanket outside and lay it out in the sun or over a banister. Avoid hanging it to dry as this can cause weight redistribution again and stretch the material and ruin the blanket.

 Shake it regularly to get rid of excess water and make sure its weight is evenly distributed.


So, a weighted blanket can be a great addition to your bedding. It can help you relax, increase your comfort and the quality of your sleep, and you need to take a good care of it so you can enjoy its soothing comfort for a long time.

To take a good care of your weighted blanket, you need to wash it regularly. Although washing a weighted blanket may seem a bit complicated, it is not impossible. There are many ways how you can do this and we have listed some of them above.

We hope this article can help you wash your weighted blanket and keep it clean without damaging it.


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