How to Store a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have numerous benefits and they have become essential items for all those who struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Besides this, they have numerous health benefits and are highly effective in helping people deal with various health issues and sleep disorders.

But, regardless of how comfortable and useful they might be, sometimes it can be hard to deal with them, especially when you want to store them. Weighted blankets are, as their very name implies, bulky and heavy and moving them around or attempting to store them can be extremely difficult.

How to Store a Weighted Blanket?

If you have a weighted blanket that you don’t want to use for some time and you want to tuck it away somewhere, you should know that finding the right place to store it won’t be so simple as it may seem.

Due to its specific construction and heavy weight, folding a weighted blanket can turn out to be an impossible mission and putting it on an ordinary decorative ladder is not an option.

Woven baskets and other similar storage options are not such a good idea as your weighted blanket will be too large for this. So, what to do?

Not all hope is lost and there are some ways how to store a weighted blanket neatly and safely without troubles. All it takes is a little creativity.

Best Ways for Storing a Weighted Blanket

When it’s too hot to sleep under a weighted blanket, you can leave it folded at the foot of your bed although it may end up kicked to the floor every night. This is not an ideal solution if you want to store it for more than just a few days. That’s why you should look up for other storage options.

When shopping around for storage solutions, there are two things that you should keep in mind and they are the size and weight of your blanket.

If the blanket is too large and heavy, hanging it on hangers or hook isn’t ideal and setting it on a thin and high shelf in your closet will be really hard.

If a blanket is thinner, then it may fit into a container with other blankets, but if it is thick, then it will be too bulky for this storage option.

Here are some of the best storage options for weighted blankets:

A Couch with Built-in Storage

Most couches these days are made with a storage base and are built to withstand a heavy weight. If you have one such couch, you should consider storing your weighted blanket there as it will likely have enough room to hold even the bulkiest weighted blanket. Once you decide to use it again, you can easily pull it out.

An Under-bed Storage Bag

As weighted blankets are usually large and bulky, they would best fit soft-sided containers. So, you can get a large under-bed storage bag, put your weighted blanket there and stick a bag under the bed.

In this way, you will both keep your blanket close to you in case you need it and you won’t have to lift it to the high shelves and risk sore arms or a back injury.

The Bottom of Your Drawer

If you have enough space in your drawer at the bottom, you can consider folding your blanket and storing it at the bottom of your drawer. Use the surface of your bed to neatly fold your weighted blanket and tuck it safely in your drawer for the next time you need it.

A Decorative Sack

Another great storage option for your weighted blanket may be a large decorative sack. Make sure you get a bag with a nice design and stuff the blanket inside it.

Once you stuff the blanket inside the bag and tie the bag, you can set it in a corner or against a wall and you will get a beautiful decorative item. No one will know what’s inside and when you decide to use the blanket again, you can save the bag, fold it and put it away for the next use.


So, weighted blanket are extremely useful items that come with numerous health benefits. They can help you fight certain health issues and sleep disorders and improve not only the quality of your sleep but the quality of your life as well. 

But, they are often too heavy and bulky which makes their storing really difficult. Above we have shared some of our weighted blanket storage ideas and we truly hope they will be helpful to you. 

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