How to Stop Moving in Your Sleep

Do you tend to move a lot in your sleep? Does that prevent you from getting enough of a quality night’s rest?

Tossing and turning in bed and inability to stay still while sleeping can disturb your sleep and wake you up constantly throughout the night.

There are various reasons why this happens and we are going to mention some of them below and give possible solutions to your problem that could help you sleep more peacefully in the future. Last updated Aug 17, 2020 @ 7:16 pm

How to Stop Moving in Your Sleep

The simple answer to this would be: improve your sleep hygiene and you will improve the quality of your sleep. To improve your sleep hygiene, you will have to pay attention to certain habits you are practicing during the day.

Everything you do or don’t do during the day, especially right before you go to bed can impact the quality of your sleep.

So, how to improve your sleep hygiene and stop moving in your sleep?

Avoid Late Dinners and Coffee Right before Bedtime

You should avoid late dinners and eating spicy and sugary foods right before bedtime as this may cause your stomach acid to rise to your throat when you lie down and lead to heartburn and restless sleep. It’s best to eat two hours before you go to bed and give your body time to properly digest food.

Also, you should avoid drinking coffee right before bedtime as it can keep you awake long after you go to bed and affect your sleep.

Avoid Bright Lights and Using Electronic Devices before Bedtime

Light in all forms can prevent your body from releasing melatonin, a chemical that promotes sleep. This is why you should dim the lights in your bedroom before bedtime and avoid using tablets, phones, computers and any other electronic devices that emit blue light.

Prolonged exposure to blue light right before sleep can keep your brain active longer and cause you to toss and turn during the night.

Don’t Exercise Late in the Day

Although many people believe that exercising late in the day can help you sleep better, this does not necessarily have to be true. Yes, exercising may tire you physically, but it will stimulate you mentally.

It will also increase your body temperature and make you unable to fall into a deep sleep and rest properly. Therefore, it’s best to exercise in the morning or early afternoon.

Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Sleeping in a messy room can cause you to toss and turn and interfere with your sleep. That’s why you should keep your bedroom tidy. It will help you relax and get rid of stress and anxiety before sleep.

Regulate Your Sleep Schedule

To avoid tossing and turning during the night, you should try to regulate your sleep schedule and adopt healthier sleep habits. This means that you should try to go to sleep when you are sleepy and keep a regular wake up time.

Try to keep a consistent wake-up time, even on weekends. If you get up early for work during the week, you body will get used to this and if you sleep a few extra hours during the weekend, this can throw your sleep schedule out of balance and mess up with your sleep.

Waking up at the same time every day and avoiding long naps during the day, stimulates your body to fall asleep easier at night.

Get Out of Bed When You Can’t Fall Asleep

If you haven’t fallen asleep more than half an hour after going to bed, you should get out of bed and try to do something else that might help tire you like reading a book or listening to relaxing music.

This way your body and brain won’t associate lying in bed with being awake. Once you feel tired, you should return to bed.

Deal With Anxiety before You Go to Sleep

If you have some troubling thoughts that keep you awake, you should focus on getting them out of your head. Try to write them down on a piece of paper and that should help.

If not, you can try some simple breathing exercises such as inhaling and exhaling exercises. They should help relax your central nervous system and slow your thoughts.

Get a New Mattress

Sometimes the main culprit for your poor sleep may be an old, sagging and lumpy mattress.

If you have an old mattress that causes you to toss and turn throughout the night in an attempt to find a comfortable sleeping position, then it’s maybe time for you to get a new one.


Moving in your sleep and tossing and turning during the whole night can interfere with your sleep and impact its quality and the quality of your life in general.

There are many reasons for tossing and turning at night, including poor sleep hygiene, some activities we do on a daily basis, certain habits, etc.

Practicing good sleep hygiene, such as keeping a consistent sleep schedule, avoiding late dinners, using of electronic devices that emit blue light, etc. can help you stop moving so much in sleep.

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