How To Put on a Duvet Cover?

Duvet covers proved to be one of the most easy-care bedding options. Besides they can give your bedroom a totally new appearance every time you change them, they also protect duvets from getting too dirty, which is especially good for those duvets that can’t be washed. 

They are also easy to care for as they are machine washable, and they don’t take much space in your closet as they can easily be folded and fit anywhere.

However, although caring for duvet covers can be easy, putting them on duvets is not so simple as it may seem.

How To Put on a Duvet Cover?

Trying to fit a puffy duvet in through a small opening on a duvet cover can be a challenging thing to do. But, although changing a duvet cover can be a real challenge, there are some changing methods that can make the entire process easier and here we will share them with you.

Changing a Duvet Using a Traditional Way

To put on a duvet cover in this way, you will have to lay the duvet flat on your bed and make sure it is all spread out. Then you have to turn a duvet cover inside out by standing at the foot of the bed.

Once you do this, you should spread the duvet cover out and on top of the duvet, with the open end of the duvet cover near you. You don’t need to spread it all neatly, just enough to see the different corners of the duvet cover.

Put your hands into the duvet cover through its bottom opening and reach until you grab the two top corners of the cover near the head of the bed. Once you have a hold on these two top corners of the duvet cover, reach to grab the duvets’ top two corners.

All you will have to do after this is to shake the cover onto the duvet. Be sure to hold the top two corners of the duvet and duvet cover tightly and shake them to flip the duvet cover to the right side over the duvet.

Once the duvet is totally inside the duvet cover, close the opening on the duvet cover at the foot of the bed.

Changing the Duvet Cover Using the Rolling Method

Turn the duvet cover inside out just like you did using the first method. Once you turn it inside out, spread it over the bed and make sure that the opening of the duvet cover is at the foot of the bed.

After this, you should lay the duvet on the top of the cover and spread it to make sure that the corners of the duvet cover align neatly with the duvet corners.

If your duvet and duvet cover have any fasteners on the corners, don’t forget to attach them. These may be elastic pieces with buttons, small strings that can be tied together or small buttons and buttonholes.

Once you are done with this, you should roll the duvet and duvet cover starting from the top of the bed to the end of the bed. Try to roll both the duvet and duvet cover evenly all the way to the end of the bed.

After you roll the duvet and cover completely, you should invert the duvet cover by putting your hand into the duvet cover opening and grabbing the entire rolled side portion of your duvet and duvet cover.

Flip the side of the duvet cover over the side portion you are still holding onto and then repeat the process on the other side of the roll and flip the middle part of the cover over the middle part of the duvet.

Then you can unroll the duvet and duvet cover and close the opening of the cover by using a zipper or buttons.  



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