How to Make a Couch from a Twin Mattress

Does your Twin mattress take a lot of space in your tiny home and you want to do something to optimize it and make it look nice as well? Have you considered transforming your bed into a beautiful couch?

Yes, you read it well. A Twin bed can be made to look and function like a couch during the day and here we are going to share with you a step-by-step guide on how to make a couch from a Twin mattress that will not only save space but look stylish too. Last updated Jul 1, 2020 @ 4:54 pm

Step 1

The first thing you should do is to remove headboards and footboards from your bed frame and risers too if your bed is on risers as they will be too high and your Twin mattress won’t look like a couch.

If you think you will need a new bed frame, you have several options here. You can build a bed frame yourself if you have the needed equipment and tools and make a sturdy base for your mattress.

You can buy wood for your bad frame or make it from pallets, which is the cheapest option as you can get pallets totally free from a local store or factory.

If this won’t work for you, you can purchase a ready-made bed frame. Just keep in mind that you need one without headboards and footboards.

There are even special bed frames, designed for people who want to make a couch from a Twin mattress. These are called stackable.

This means that one bed frame can be put on another and joined together to form an L shape and function as a couch or sofa and then split and put side by side to transform into a King size bed.

Step 2

A couch configuration requires walls to serve as back support. Push your bed against the wall lengthwise to create a back support and foundation for a backboard, cushions and bolsters.

All the cushions that you buy won’t hold upright when you sit and put the pressure of your body on them if there is no wall and backboard behind.

Step 3

Now you need to create and mount a backboard. Like we have already mentioned, a backboard will provide back support along with the wall and help make your Twin bed look more like a couch.

Measure everything to get the right dimensions and cut plywood. Cover the plywood with batting and fabric that matches your daybed cover. Use a staple gun on the reverse side to attach the cover to the backboard and then attach the backboard to the wall with the right screws.

Step 4

Get some foam bolster wedges to get more back support and bring the sitting area forward which will make sitting more comfortable. The foam bolsters are long, usually triangularly shaped pieces of foam and they are frequently used on daybeds for back support.

Step 5

Now get something to cover your mattress with. If you are going to use your bed for sleeping and as a couch, it will need more protection.

If you decide to use bolster wedges, you can get a daybed cover or Hollywood bed cover set that includes matching bolster covers. These are also sized to fit a Twin bed and you can use them during the day, then easily remove them when you want to go to bed.

Step 6

Get some pillows to add a bit of style to your new couch. There are various types of pillows for couches that come in a variety of designs and covers.

Pick some that will go nicely with the daybed cover you choose and they will give your couch a distinctive look and make it even more comfortable.


There are many ways to optimize space in your home and one of them is to transform your Twin bed into a comfortable and stylish couch.

Although this might seem as a complicated thing to do, it’s quite simple in fact and all you need to do is to follow the steps that we mentioned above.

We hope our article will be helpful to you and that you will manage to make a beautiful couch from your Twin mattress.


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