How to Keep Air Mattress from Deflating

Air mattresses are some of the most comfortable options available on the market these days, but they sometimes tend to deflate during the night. Does the same thing happen with your air mattress too? Do you know why and how prevent this from happening?

There are several reasons why air mattresses tend to deflate during the night and we will discuss them below and provide you with a few tips on how to take care of your air mattress and avoid deflation in the future. Last updated May 7, 2020 @ 10:23 pm

Why Does Your Air Mattress Keep Deflating

Air mattresses can deflate due to different reasons and the most obvious of them is a puncture. But, what if your air mattress doesn’t have any puncture and it’s still losing air?

Here are some of the most common reasons why this usually happens and tips on how to keep your air mattress from deflating.

Your Air Mattress Has a Puncture

Like mentioned, punctures and holes in the body of your air mattress are the most obvious reasons why your air mattress may be losing air during the night.

These beds are made from thin materials and have delicate structure which is why they are susceptible to stretching and puncturing. If your air mattress has a puncture or a hole you will hear the air escaping when you put a pressure on the mattress.

Punctures and holes can be caused by sharp objects, pet’s claws, etc. and they may not be so easy to find. You should listen and try to hear where the air is escaping, look for punctures carefully and do what you can to seal them once you find them.

However, if the air is escaping through the hole on the seam, this may not be so easy to fix. The surface of a seam is not flat and attaching a patch to it to seal the hole won’t be that easy.

What to do to prevent the appearance of holes and punctures?

To prevent the appearance of punctures and holes on your mattress, you should keep all sharp objects such as pins and needles away from it. Also, don’t let your pets sleep on your bed and don’t allow your kids to play and jump on it.

Your Air Mattress Has a Leak Around the Pump

Another reason why you air mattress may deflate during the night is a leak in the area around the pump.

Over the time, the pump may stress the connection between your air mattress and the pump, weaken that area and lead to air loss. If not addressed immediately, an air leak that was small at the beginning can grow into a huge leak, your mattress will lose more air and deflate quickly.

How to prevent this?

You need to be careful when inflating your air mattress if you want to prevent the appearance of holes and punctures around the pump area. Avoid putting any pressure on the pump as this can stress the connection and eventually lead to a small puncture that can grow as the time passes.

Variations in Temperature

The air during the night is usually cooler than the air during the day. When the night comes and the temperature in your room drops, the air inside your mattress condenses. This is why your mattress may lose some pressure and feel deflated in the morning.

Also, most air beds are made of PVC which tends to stretch when it is exposed to heat. If your air mattress is placed in front of a window, or some other source of heat, the plastic will warm up and stretch when you lie on it or apply pressure to it.

This can also cause your air mattress to lose some pressure and give you the impression that it has a leak.

What to do to prevent this?

Try to prevent huge variations in temperature in your room and keep your mattress away from windows, heaters and other sources of heat.

Overloading Your Air Mattress

When you overload your air mattress and put too much pressure on it, the materials used in its construction can stretch and give you the impression that it has a leak or lead to punctures and real deflation.

Keep in mind that air mattresses have weight limits and Twin and King size air mattresses can’t support the same weights. So, be careful not to exceed the manufacturer’s weight limit.

What to do?

Make sure you follow the instructions and respect the manufacturer’s weight limit for your air mattress. These limits apply both to sleeping and sitting on bed, so keep this in mind.

Other Tips That Can Help You Keep Your Air Mattress from Deflating

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above and your air mattress is still losing air, then some of the tips below may be more helpful.

Fold and Store Your Air Mattress Carefully

You should fold your air mattress properly and store it somewhere safe after each use. If your air mattress is not properly folded and stored, it will eventually develop small holes and start to leak air.

To prevent this from happening, you should follow the folding and storing instructions provided by the manufacturer or read our previous article (How to Fold and Air Mattress) and learn how to do this right.

Lie Flat on Your Air Mattress

Avoid sitting on the edges of your air mattress constantly as your body weight will put a lot of pressure on that small area of your mattress and holes and tears may eventually appear.

You should lie flat on your air mattress and distribute your body weight over a larger area. This will keep your air mattress from deflating and prolong its lifetime.


Air mattresses can deflate during the night due to different reasons. The most obvious one is a puncture, but deflating can happen as the result of other factors too.

In this article we mentioned some of them and provided you with possible solutions and tips on how to keep your mattress from deflating.

Although you may not stop your air mattress from leaking air permanently, you can at least slow down the process and prolong the lifespan of your mattress.

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