How To Clean Suede Pillows?

Suede pillows are popular decorative items, not only because suede is a beautiful material, but also because it is very durable. However, no matter how durable your suede pillows may be, they can get dirty from use and may need cleaning from time to time.

Read our article and learn how to clean your suede pillows without damaging them and without the use of a professional dry cleaning service.

How To Clean Your Suede Pillows?

Check the Care Tag

The first thing you should do is to check the care tags on your suede pillows. All suede pillows usually have labels that tell you how to clean them properly and whether it is safe to use water or is it better to avoid it and use rubbing alcohol instead, whether you should avoid using any liquid and only use your vacuum for cleaning them, etc.

Use a Suede Brush

If you can’t find a care tag on your suede pillows, then one of the safe ways to clean them would be to use a suede brush. Gently brush the pillows, remove the dust and prepare the pillows for another cleaning step if it needs to be cleaned further.

Brushing your suede pillows with a brush specially designed for this will lift up the nap, which allows you to easily saturate the pillow with cleaner you decide to use.

If you don’t have a suede brush, you can use a clean towel and it will do the job equally well.

Clean Suede Pillows With the Right Cleaning Mix

For cleaning your suede pillows even deeper, you can fill a spray bottle with warm water and add a few squirts of mild dish soap, or you can fill the spray bottle with undiluted rubbing alcohol and use that instead.

Once you mix the cleaning substances, you should apply your cleaning solution to small sections. Work on one small area at a time and spray it with the cleaning solution you are using so that it is damp, but not totally soaked. Use a towel to gently rub in the cleaning solution with a circular motion.

Dip another towel in clean water and repeat the circular motions you used to clean the pillows to rinse them and remove the soap remains. After this, you should let your pillows to air dry. If you are cleaning both sides of your pillows, let one side to dry first and then flip it to the other side.

Once your suede pillows are completely dry, you can use a soft suede brush to fluff the suede fibers back up and give them a fresh and clean look.  

Vacuum Your Suede Pillows

To clean your suede pillows from dust and dirt, you can vacuum them by using the upholstery attachment. This is a good cleaning option if your pillows can’t be cleaned with any liquid. Begin at the one end of each pillow and run the vacuum slowly down the pillow.

Cleaning Stains on Your Suede Pillows With a White Vinegar

This is a good solution if you need to spot clean your suede pillows and remove the stains caused by oil or ink. Pour a few tablespoons of white vinegar into a small bowl and dip the clean cotton cloth or towel into it so it is dump but not totally soaked.

Scrub the stains on the pillows gently in circular motions. This will keep the nap of your pillows up and allow you to remove the stains completely. Once you are done, rinse with water. Again, dip the cloth into clear water so it is dump but not completely soaked because too much water may leave water stains on your cushions.

How To Remove Gum or Wax from Your Suede Pillows?

To remove gum or wax from your suede pillows, you can use ice. Put several ice cubes in a plastic bag with a zipper and wrap the bag in a clean towel.

Hold the ice against the wax or gum until it hardens. This may take you several minutes. After this, you can peel the frozen gum or wax off your pillows. Do it slowly to avoid damaging the fabric.



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