How To Clean Leather Pillows?

Beautiful decorative pillows can completely change the look of a space regardless of whether you are just experimenting with different color schemes or you are updating a room for a season.

There are numerous options to choose from. They come in thousands of different colors, prints, fabrics and fills and the type of the pillows you purchase will determine how you will care for them.

Pillows with removable covers are the easiest to clean since you can wash them in any way you want. Pillows with sewn-on covers, however, require spot cleaning, or other sort of treatment that won’t cause discoloration of fabrics.

In this article we will discuss how to clean leather pillows.

Leather pillows are some of the most luxurious and most beautiful decorative items, and with proper care you will be able enjoy them for a long time and they will only become more pleasing.

Maintaining leather is easier than you might think and this will pay you off in many ways. Pillows made of natural hides will develop character and get more beautiful over time. Also, leather will get softer with age and use and your pillows will become even more comfortable.

Read on and learn what are the best ways to keep your leather pillows fresh and clean.

How To Take Care of Your Leather Pillows?

Keep Your Leather Pillows out of Direct Sunlight and Away from Extreme Heat

This is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to taking a proper care of leather pillows. UV rays from the sun can burn your skin and they can equally damage leather pillows. They will cause leather to fade, dry out and crack and shorten the useful life of your pillows.

In addition, you should keep your leather pillows away from extreme heat, such as a radiator or a heat register. High heat can dry out leather causing it to lose its natural oils and become brittle and stiff.  

Avoid Sitting on Them While Wearing Leather and Keep Pets Away from Them

You should avoid sitting on leather pillows while wearing leather because if you perspire, this can cause bleeding of the dies, and stains may appear on your pillows. Also, try to keep your pets as far away from your leather pillows as possible because everything from claws to pet urine can stain and ruin fine leather.

Keep Your Leather Pillows Clean

If your leather pillows become stained or get dirty, you should clean them carefully and never allow them to become excessively dirty, because dirt and body oils can get deep into the leather and cause the appearance of stains that can become difficult to get rid of.

Most oils and dirt, food and beverage stains can be successfully cleaned without damaging the finish of the leather or causing it to harden or crack. Here is how to keep your pillows clean:

Routine Cleaning

To remove dust, use a soft, clean towel or cloth and wipe the pillows. This will not only help you remove dust from your pillows but it will also give you a close-up look at spots that may need some extra care.

Wipe your pillows gently and if you notice any spots that seem dull, gently buff them to a soft luster. Also if you notice any small scratches gently rub them with your fingertip. If your pillows are made of a high-quality leather, this will be enough to move the oils that can be naturally found in the hide and remove scuff marks and scrapes.

Cleaning the Spots on Your Leather Pillows

Dropping the food or spilling beverages can happen to anyone. You may sit on your bed or sofa with a snack and a piece of it may fall on some of your pillows or you may accidentally spill the whole glass of juice. While it seems like a disaster, it actually cleans up easily.

All you need to do is to use a clean, soft cloth and wipe off the juice or excess oils from food and then leave them alone. Even if the dark spot appears from the oils coming from food, you don’t have to worry. The hide will absorb and spread out the oil over time, so you don’t have to do anything else.

How To Clean Your Leather Pillows To Keep Them Soft?

When cleaning your leather pillows, you shouldn’t use any special cleaning products. All you need is a bit of distilled water and a soft towel or cloth. Buff the leather with the damp towel or cloth whenever you feel a deeper cleaning is needed. This will remove dirt from the grain of the hide.

If even deeper cleaning is needed, or if your pillows have spots that aren’t oil based, then it is best to seek the help of a leather cleaning professional to clean your pillows.