How Long Does It Take to Get Used to a New Mattress?

No mattress is made to last for an eternity no matter how much we may wish that and you will need to replace it eventually.

Purchasing a new mattress can be exciting and many people fall in love with their mattresses instantly. However, sometimes some of them may also have difficulties getting used to a new mattress.

Are you one of them? If so, you may want to know how long it will take for your body to fully adjust to your new mattress. Read our article and find out. Last updated Aug 14, 2020 @ 4:54 pm

Factors That Impact How Long It Takes to Get Used to a New Mattress

Getting comfortable with something that is new may take some time and here are some of the factors that may impact how much time it needs to pass before you fully get used to your new mattress.


Depending on the material from which your mattress is made, the first thing you may notice when you receive and unwrap your new mattress is the off-gassing smell.

This is a scent that a new mattress may give off due to its composition and packaging. These days, mattress companies are trying to use materials that don’t cause too much off-gassing, but there still may be some. You don’t have to worry as this smell won’t cause you any harm and it usually disappears after some time.

Some mattresses will need just a few hours to air out, while other types of mattresses may take up to 2 days. To get rid of it completely, it is advised that you leave your mattress to air out before you put your sheets on it.

New Sheets

Sometimes your old sheets that perfectly fit your old mattress may not fit the new one and may move during the night and cause discomfort. Getting new sheets that will totally fit the size of your new mattress may also help you to quickly get used to it.


After a first night on your new mattress you may wake up with a sore neck or back. This may happen because your body had become used to how your old mattress supported it.

Due to a constant use, its age and deterioration, your old mattress probably didn’t provide you with the proper support and now when your new mattress is supporting your body properly, you may feel a bit uncomfortable.

You just need to give your body time to adapt to a new mattress and fully get used to it and there won’t be any problem.

Materials from Which Your New Mattress Is Made

There are many types of mattresses these days that feature various materials in their construction. How long it will take to get used to your new mattress will also depend on the materials used in its construction.

There are mattresses made entirely of memory foam, latex foam or other types of foam, innerspring mattresses and hybrids that feature a combination of foams and pocketed coils.

The materials used in the mattress need some time to fully take shape and to achieve their final firmness.

Memory foam is one of the most popular materials used to make mattresses, but as it is a high-density material, it could take more time to break in and adjust to your body. The same goes for latex mattresses.

As for hybrid mattresses, the foam and springs will adjust around you as you move in your sleep and change positions and after a few weeks they will fully adjust to your body.

So, How Long Does It Take to Get Used to a New Mattress?

When you receive your new mattress, it is important that you give it time to wear in and adjust to your body.  

You can consider getting a new mattress like buying a new pair of shoes. You are likely to get blisters the first day you wear new shoes and you may not be so comfortable wearing them.

It will take some time for your feet to start feeling comfortable in them. The same goes for your new mattress. You may not get blisters from sleeping on it, but you may not feel so comfortable as you might have expected.

It is important that you give time to your new mattress, not only because you have been sleeping on something completely different for years, but also because the mattress itself, given the fact that it comes tightly compressed and rolled, will need some time to fully expand and soften up so it can provide you with an optimal level of comfort and support that you need for a comfortable and pain-free night’s sleep.

Some people need just a month to get used to a new mattress, while others need up to 2 months or more. In general, your body will need minimum 30 days to fully adapt to a new mattress. Therefore, you should not rush and give up on your new mattress only after a few nights sleeping on it. 


Getting used to a new mattress can take some time. There are various factors that can determine how long you will need to fully adjust to your new mattress and above we have mentioned some of them.

It is important that you give time to your new mattress so it can properly expand an soften up and so that it can break in and adapt to your body. We hope our article was helpful to you. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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