“Sucked In”: How I Cracked the Mattress Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

Ever wonder what happened to those solidly-built, two-sided mattresses that lasted for YEARS without denting or sagging? Yeah, me too. But in my search to find out why they’d vanished, I accidentally stumbled upon the mattress industry’s dirty little secret. Read on to find out what it is…

Like sleeping on a hot, sticky marshmallow

It all started when our regular memory foam mattress kicked the bucket… about 3 days after its warranty ran out.

Overnight it went from supportive to quicksand.

I felt suffocated. Like I was sleeping in a hot, sticky marshmallow. And so did my husband.

We woke up every morning, backs aching, covered in a thin film of sweat.

Our beloved memory foam mattress literally caved in overnight

And the impressions! Oh my gosh, the mattress sagged so much in the middle when my husband got up in the night I thought I’d roll into the dent and get stuck.

Seriously. My living room carpet was more comfortable than our mattress.

So as most normal people would, I started checking out different options online.

And that’s how it began…

It was all Google’s fault

I spent hours researching all the different types of mattresses out there.

Pillow top, air top, water top, gel memory foam…and all these weird and interesting new inventions.

But to be honest? Every mattress I looked at just seemed to scream: “Gimmick!”

So many features…so many gimmicks…so much “over-hype”

The more I searched, the more fancy features I read about…the more I just wished they made mattresses like they did 20 years ago.

Like the one my parents own (and are still sleeping on).

Solid, you know? And thick. Really thick. With two sides so you could flip it over if it ever started sagging, and then flip back over again whenever you felt like it.

You could sleep on those things for decades and never wake up with a crick in your spine.

Whatever happened to those mattresses?

Curious, I dug deeper into Google.

And that’s when the penny dropped.

Not kidding. This was shocking.

Turns out, there’s a reason why all these new mattresses sounded “gimmicky” to me.

Because they were.

Up until 10-15 years ago it was standard for mattresses to be made double-sided. So every time you had to buy, you were actually getting 2 mattresses in one.

Economical? Heck yes.

But guess what?

Making long-lasting mattresses isn’t good…for (drumroll please): mattress company profits.

So what did the big manufacturers decide to do?

They simply cut off one side of their mattresses.

Yup. You read that right.

They cut their manufacturing costs by making them single-sided, while at the same time, blew up their profitability because now, people would have to buy mattresses twice as often.

“We’ll sell TWICE as many mattresses now!”

Obviously, a genius move for mattress companies.

But guess who suffers because of it?

We all do.

You can imagine how furious I felt.

But at that exact moment, my fury turned to curiosity as a tiny ad caught my eye.

Thanks, Google.

It was for a 2-sided mattress.

(I felt like I’d just unearthed a fossil.)

So I clicked on it and found…

A different type of mattress company bringing something back from the past

Called IdleSleep, this business that started out with a good old fashion retail store was still bravely making traditional 2-sided mattresses.

This tiny company is making thick, solid mattresses just like in the good old days…

And when I say solid, I mean solid. These mattresses are 14 inches thick!

I couldn’t remember ever seeing a mattress online that was that well-built.


And they didn’t get to 14 inches by lazily stacking layers of memory foam on top of each other, either.

Their mattresses are made (in the US by the way) with their own unique “buoyancy foam” they invented themselves.

It sounded so. good.

They designed this foam to be soft enough to ease the pressure off your back, hips, and shoulders, but firm enough that you’d never get impressions in it. Ever.

That, and it sleeps cool, so you don’t get sweaty or feel like you’re gasping for air no matter how hot your room gets overnight. Plus, the foam is CertiPUR US-certified.

Now—I confess—I had to Google that. But what it means is the foam is free of hard metals, flame retardants, and formaldehyde…the chemical most mattress companies use while making their memory foam…which is also the same chemical scientists pickle dead animals in. (Yeah, eww.)

Less than 1% of beds in the US get awarded this CertiPUR certification, and to me, that means this tiny company is in it for the long run. That they’re putting their customers’ health—and not their profits—first.

All those thick, solid, chemical-free layers… and made in the USA too (another win in my books)

So, naturally, I thought these mattresses would cost a fortune. Heck, I’d be getting two mattresses in one, they were good for my health, and looked like a dream to sleep on…

But when I clicked to check out their prices I was floored.


They cost ‘round about the same as all the other “mattress in a box” brands I’d seen online!

And then there was the clincher.

Well, two clinchers, actually.

18 months plus a “forever” warranty

First clincher: they offered me the chance to try it out for…18 months.

18 months!

I don’t know about you but if someone is willing to give their product away…knowing full well the customer could return it a year and a half later and still get their money back…that to me says they truly believe in their product.

I could use it for a full 18 months and still return it if I wasn’t satisfied…

But there was the second clincher.

And that’s their “forever” warranty.

If an Idle mattress ever, EVER develops sag or impressions they replace it. Free of charge.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve had it 2 years or 5. They promise you get a solid, 2-sided mattress and they make sure they deliver on that promise.

It’s literally the last mattress I’d ever need to buy.

So I bought it.

My verdict? Idle is a no-brainer

After the first night we slept on it, I knew THIS was IT.

The buoyancy foam cradled my shoulders and hips without me feeling like I was sinking in…and at the same time it was so firm I didn’t feel my husband moving at all when he got up to go to the bathroom at 3 A.M.

We both woke up refreshed, cool, and ache-free.

And we’ve been sleeping just like that ever since.


Sounds corny, but we were happier than the folks in this photo when we woke up after our first sleep on our new Idle mattress

My only advice to you is: don’t be stubborn.

See, I was so badly burned by my memory foam mattress…and by the over-hype of all those one-sided mattress-in-a-box brands…that I was too skeptical in the beginning.

I literally had my eye on this mattress for a month—adding it to my cart and deleting it, over and over again—before I finally caved in and bought it.

That’s a whole month of sleeping well lost. Forever.

So, don’t be like me.

Do yourself a favor and check it out right now.

(You won’t regret it.)




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