Our Favorite Mattress for Couples – Luxi!

Our Favorite Mattress for Couples – Luxi!

Kaye and I started Memory Foam Talk over a year ago with the explicit purpose of finding a mattress that met both of our sleep needs and preferences, something which we had disagreed on quite a few times in the past.

Well, suffice to say, starting a mattress review site didn’t really help that out as much as we thought it would.  The sheer amount of different mattresses that we have reviewed so far (approaching around 40 almost!), has actually INCREASED our disagreements in most cases, as what works good for me, doesn’t always work good for her.

Many of the “universal comfort” model Bed-In-A-Box offerings didn’t provide the firmness choice in one mattress that we both share.

Or they slept too hot.

Or they made us feel every move the other made during the night.

Then we found the Luxi Sleep mattress…


And everything changed!

Why do we love the Luxi?

Well, for one thing their “flip it / split it” design makes customizing each side to our individual sleep preferences something that makes disagreements on firmness or comfort a thing of the past. By allowing each side to be a different firmness, we both can configure the Luxi exactly how we like it individually, while being on the same mattress.

Up until we tested out the Luxi, we literally would fight at night over certain mattresses that we had to sleep on as part of our review process, but which would result in one of us often in the spare bedroom.

When we got the Luxi, we configured each side separately (my side softer, Kaye’s firmer), which allows us to each sleep on the mattress how we like things.  Game changer.

What else?

There are certain factors that make a big difference with purchasing a mattress for sharing with a partner. Sleeping hot / temperature regulation is a big one. Sharing a bed with another 98.6 degree human on materials that retain heat or don’t minimize it (like many memory foam mattresses are known for), results in a big sweaty sticky mess at night. Not enjoyable.

The Luxi doesn’t have this problem, for 2 reasons:

1.) The materials used in the construction of the Luxi do a great job at minimizing heat buildup. The innovative “knobby” Support Balancing Technology (SBT) layer does a great job at improving airflow and minimizing heat.

2.) The split configuration isolates heat transfer due to their being completely separate individual sides, thus not transferring heat between each sides.  Really makes a big difference.

What about motion transfer?

Well what a great question. Another BIG issue for us at night is the bed shaking or moving when one or both of us moves around in the night, either changing sleep positions or getting up to use the bathroom, etc..

The split design and construction of the Luxi completely eliminates this. As in, NO motion transfer. Something even the best mattress we have tested can’t achieve. It just physically isn’t possible to transfer the motion when there is a break in the mattress under the cover.


This is a really big deal to Kaye, who often gets onto me during the night for waking her up if I’m restless, or have drank too much water in the evening!  Not shaking or moving the bed improves both of our sleep, and is something we are thankful the Luxi has improved.

The company goes a long way to make sure you are happy.

Luxi Sleep prides itself on making sure that their customers are happy and for not having to contribute to waste and the environment disposing of mattresses that customers return.  (Here’s a hint – mattresses aren’t actually returned, they are disposed of in most cases – in the best case, donated to need organizations.)

Luxi has a very low return rate (like sub 1%) because they go out of their way to improve whatever issue you may have. Their Sleep Experience Team goes over and above to ship out additional firmness layers, comfort layers, or whatever they can to make sure the mattress meets your sleep needs.

By adding these layers to your mattress, either one side or both, the company makes sure that they listen to their customers.  Founders David Farley and his daughter, Shannon Farley, really go out of their way to provide an exceptional mattress buying and support experience.

All that makes a difference for couples sharing a mattress

We feel we have earned the right to say, “trust us”. We have slept on more mattresses this past year than most people will their whole life. Many great ones for one of us, but not always both.

Luxi gets it right for both of us, in the same mattress.

Which means less nights for me in the other room!

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