We want to disclose to our readers the relationships we have with the mattress manufacturers who we review.  This includes how we receive the beds we review, any compensation for reviews, any relationships with manufacturers, the nature of the content, etc..

We also are doing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising 16 CFR, Part 255.

Mattresses We Review

Some of the mattresses we review were provided to us for free to us with the hopes that we will review them and post them on our site.

This does not mean we get tons of free stuff, but we do receive some free mattresses to review.   Some of the reviews are from mattresses we have purchased in the past and no longer own, but have slept on them for a long time.

Some are mattresses we have outright purchased with the intent of using for ourselves or in a guest room with the intention of returning them if we don’t like them.

We don’t guarantee any manufacturer any positive review or take guidance from them regarding our experiences. We go by how the bed feels and our objective opinion of them.  Anything we recommend we do so from our own experiences to help others, that is the point of this site.

Compensation for Reviews / Affiliate Links

We do not receive any direct compensation for beds that we review. In some cases, we do have “affiliate links” to some (not all) manufacturer sites which provide us a commission if you click on the link and purchase the mattress.

This doesn’t cost you anything more if you purchase a mattress after clicking on the link and in many cases we can provide discounts for certain mattresses which save you money.

No company which provides this type of commission pays explicitly more than any other, as it all varies based on what size mattress someone purchases, whether they provide a % of the sale vs. a flat referral fee, and so on.  Some mattresses which we rank high provide lesser referral fees than ones that are ranked lower, and vice versa.

Relationships with Manufacturers

We do not have any relationships or are employed by any of the mattress manufacturers which we review. We don’t provide any guarantees to any manufacturer that we will give them a positive review or say how wonderful their beds are.

We have had many not-so-great experiences with expensive high-end memory foam beds and that is part of the reason we started this site, so we aren’t giving out reviews for any incentives.

No content is paid for or submitted to us for inclusion on our site. We don’t have paid banner advertisements on our site either, as we don’t believe in that and isn’t the purpose of creating our site.

Our Content

Our goal is to test mattresses ourselves and post our opinion of them so that you, the reader, can hopefully purchase the best bed for yourselves after reading what we have to say. We hope to receive as many mattresses as we can to test to do so.

We want to provide you with our real-world, objective experience with these mattresses and give you our pros and cons of each and tell you which one(s) we like the best so hopefully you will be able to not make the wrong mattress purpose.

What works for us, may not work for others, but we found there aren’t many sites reviewing beds from a couple’s perspective. In addition, not many that have heavier people such as myself (Andrew) which have our own unique requirements.

At the end of the day, what we write is our personal opinion and experience sleeping on these mattresses or sleep accessories and is intended to provide help to you, our readers, on what may be a good bed for you.  We have found that mattress feel is subjective, and really varies from person to person, but being able to point out pros and cons hopefully will help you make a decision on a mattress purchase.

We aren’t mattress industry veterans or consultants, we are just a couple that got frustrated trying to find a suitable mattress that met both our needs so we started this site.  Hopefully it helps you out in some way, and we really appreciate anyone that takes time to read our reviews!

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