Loom and Leaf vs. Leesa

Loom and Leaf and Leesa are two very popular online mattress retailers, who have made quite an impact on the mattress industry in the last few years.Both offer mattresses at a fraction of the price of in-store brands, while providing similar if not better quality than...

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GhostBed vs. Leesa

In today's review we'll take a look at two popular mattresses coming from well-known mattress companies: GhostBed and Leesa. Both are high-quality mattresses available online and delivered directly to you via quick shipping.Both have their unique characteristics and...

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Why We Love Loom and Leaf

Why We Love Loom and Leaf Over the last 9 months or so we have slept on and reviewed close to 20 mattresses since starting  And we love our Loom and Leaf the best still. We have tried all foam mattresses, latex hybrid mattresses, hybrid pocketed...

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Best-rated Memory Foam Mattresses

The many choices of memory foam mattresses in the market today leaves many people confused on what choice to make when purchasing this type of mattress.As a couple who have slept on and tested over 75 of the best mattresses to date (many of them memory foam...

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One Big Problem with the Bed In A Box Concept

So we have been receiving a few mattresses for us to review here on  lately.   Just yesterday, we had a mattress that was supposed to be delivered to our doorstep via Fedex. Unfortunately, the Fedex guy must have decided to pass the buck on the 3rd floor...

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Welcome to Memory Foam Talk!

Hi there! I'm Andrew, the co-founder (along with my fiancee Kaye), of memory foam Talk. We created this site as a resource for people like you that are looking for the best memory foam mattress to get a great night's sleep!   We review the best memory...

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