Top 10 Best Mattress Reviews of 2018 / 2019

There are so many mattress choices on the market these days to choose from, from the in-store mattress brands like Sealy, Simmons, Tempur Pedic, and more, to popular online options like Casper, Loom and Leaf, Nectar, Brentwood Home, Leesa, etc.

With such a large number of options, it may be hard for you to make a decision on which is the right one for your needs and which one you should purchase.

Here at Memory Foam Talk, we have reviewed over 100 of the most popular mattresses that have come out in the last few years and we came up with the list of the top rated mattress brands for this year based on our personal experiences sleeping on all these mattresses and on what customers tell us as well.


Top 10 Best Mattress 2018 / 2019


In this guide, we broke down our list of the top picks into different categories to help you find easily an ideal mattress for your specific needs and preferences as there isn’t one mattress that suits everyone, but there is one that is right for each person.

We Picked the Best That Are the Top Rated Mattresses in Our Reviews

These mattresses are the best in their given category and represent many different mattress types: memory foam, latex, latex hybrids, innerspring hybrids, and customizable mattresses for the best individual comfort.

We present a summary table below, followed detailed descriptions of each, with links to reviews, mattress discount codes if available, and more.   Last updated Jan 17, 2019 @ 11:25 am


Here are our Top 10 Bed Mattresses, Our Highest Rated Summary:


MattressReviewPrice RatingMaterials
nectar-logoRead Review$69996%Memory Foam
dreamcloud mattress reviewRead Review$119996%Foam + Latex + Coils
layla mattress reviewRead Review$79996%Memory Foam +
loom-and-leafv2Read Review$129996%Memory Foam
Read Review$149995%Foam
Read Review$109995%Coils + Foam
avocado-logo 120Read Review$139995%Organic Latex +
Read Review$149995%Coils + Foam
brentwood mattress reviewRead Review$179995%Natural Latex + MicroCoils + Coconut Husks
rsz_tempurpedic-222Read Review$3000+95%Foam

Nectar Sleep

Price: $699

Rating: 96%

Feel: Medium Firm

The Nectar Sleep has emerged one of the best mattresses of the new year, and our top pick in 2019 due to the exceptional value and unparalleled sleep trial and warranty they offer.

This 11″ thick mattress is made up of 4 different layers of high quality foams and other materials including medical grade cooling gel and very luxurious materials in the top cover including Tencel.

Nectar mattress review, King size

Nectar mattress, King size

The mattress comes in a Medium Firm universal comfort model, which provides the firmness and support in the lower layers with a very soft and luxurious top comfort layer that uses very premium materials.  The Nectar quickly became one of our best rated mattresses and is very popular, and what we personally sleep on in between reviewing mattresses.

Nectar has been on the market for over a year, and has gotten quite a bit of press in major publications for its very high quality mattress that rivals much more expensive brands at a fraction of the cost.

The Nectar provides excellent support in all sleeping positions, and as stated – the level of craftsmanship and quality make for a very comfortable sleeping environment especially given the price.

One of the great differences with Nectar Sleep is their commitment to their product and customer. They offer a 365-night sleep trial and “Forever Warranty” for the life of the bed. Something other competing companies just can’t beat, and which makes them one of the best online mattress companies that has emerged as of late.

At $824 ($699 with our $125 MFT125 coupon), the level of quality and comfort are extremely hard to top for a mattress of this quality.


Price: $1399

Rating: 96%

Feel: Medium

The DreamCloud was just recently released, but is already one of our favorite mattresses we have reviewed at Memory Foam Talk, and easily makes our Top Mattress list of 2018 due to its exceptional comfort, support, and super high luxury design and materials.

The DreamCloud has the combination of the classic memory foam feel with great body hug and the support of innerspring pocketed coils.  In addition, their use of super luxurious materials including gel foam and a hand tufted cashmere cover do an excellent job at preventing heat buildup during the night which is especially important for couples sharing a mattress.

DreamCloud mattress, king size

DreamCloud mattress, king size

The DreamCloud is a 15″ luxury hybrid mattress with 8 layers of foam, latex, and pocketed springs and is one of the best hybrid mattresses on the market with features that are normally found on mattresses costing much more.  It is also one of our favorite mattresses for couples, as it isolates motion between sleeping partners as well as reduces heat retention between sleepers.

The DreamCloud has a a super plush top layer, made up of hand-tufted cashmere cover with layers of gel memory foam, latex, and other layers (8 in all!) and feels around a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, but provides excellent support without causing sinkage and ensuring great support for all sleeper weights and sleeping styles.

At $1399 for a queen it is an excellent mattress for the money and due to the premium materials and design for such a good cost already made our Top 10 list for 2018.

Layla Sleep

Price: $799

Rating: 96%

Feel: Medium, Firm

The Layla mattress is a very unique mattress, in that it allows you to choose from two different firmness options just by unzipping the cover and flipping over the mattress. In addition, Layla also uses copper technology in their mattress which helps keep it cool and provides other health benefits.

Layla recently made some changes to their mattress, including improving edge support and the internal layer design.  These changes helped Layla jump to the #3 spot on our Best Mattress of 2018 list, and is known for being one of the highest rated mattresses.

one of our top picks for best mattress from our best mattress reviews

Layla mattress

The Layla is a very comfortable mattress which sleeps cool due to the copper infused cover and ThermoGel technology.

A unique feature of the Layla is its ability to be flipped over and offer two different firmness options, a Medium (5-6 out of 10 on firmness scale), and a Firm (7-8 on firmness scale).

The Layla is a very quality mattress that is good for couples and those wanting a choice of firmness options.   At $799 for a queen size (after applying our exclusive Memory Foam $100 off coupon), this mattress is one of our highest rated mattresses we have reviewed with features that others costing much more simply don’t have.

Loom & Leaf

Price: $1299


Rating: 96%

Feel: Medium, Firm


The Loom and Leaf mattress is one of the highest rated mattress for 2018 on our list for many reasons.  This 12″ thick mattress is made up of 5 different layers of high quality foams and other materials including medical grade cooling gel in the comfort layer.

The mattress comes in a Relaxed Firm mattress model as well as a Firm version which both provide comfort and excellent support for the spine and body.

The Loom & Leaf is one of the best mattresses out there today due to the exceptional comfort and support, as well as the classic memory foam feel of hugging and contouring the body during sleep.

Loom and Leaf mattress, split king

Loom and Leaf mattress, split king

The Loom and Leaf doesn’t make you feel like you are sinking into foam like other mattresses, however, which is something that other lower quality mattresses in this price range can’t promise.

One big difference of the Loom and Leaf is that it doesn’t ship compressed in a box like most online mattresses on the market these days.  This allows for the use of premium materials that don’t need to be compressed down.  This is part of what makes it our best rated mattress overall, and our best rated memory foam mattress as well.

At $1299 for a Queen, the quality and comfort rival much more expensive mattress brands such as Tempur Pedic which can now no longer hold the title of ‘best foam mattress on the market”.

Level Sleep

Price: $1499

Rating: 95%

Feel: Medium, Firm

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress is a new luxury all foam mattress that recently hit the market with its innovative TriSupport technology that combines lumbar support with softer shoulder and hip zones to align your body.

Level Sleep has recently merged with one of the mattress industry heavyweights, DreamCloud Sleep, who owns the Nectar and DreamCloud mattress brands, and brings its expertise to the Level Sleep brand.

Level Sleep mattress review

The Level Sleep is a 10″ all foam mattress made up of 2 layers of foams and it is a universal comfort model which means that it is designed to appeal to a wide range of sleepers with different needs and sleep preferences.

The materials and unique design of the Level Sleep mattress, as well as the level of support and overall comfort it provides, all contribute to this bed being one of the best mattresses on the market today and one of our favorite all foam mattresses.

Even though it is only 10″ thick, it provides excellent support for all types of sleepers and all sleeping styles due to its three different zones capable of accommodating different body weights and curves, reducing pressure and keeping your spine properly aligned.

The Level Sleep mattress also does a good job of sleeping cool throughout the whole night due to the use of breathable open-cell foams and soft cover that all work together to allow good airflow through the mattress and prevent the build-up of excessive body heat. So, Level Sleep really does a great job at providing an excellent mattress at a very good price as well – only $1499 for a Queen.


Price: $1099

Rating: 95%

Feel: Medium

The Saatva mattress is a luxury innerspring model that features an unusual but effective coil-on-coil design to create a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface that gives you the feeling of sleeping on the top of the mattress rather than inside it.

Its special coil-on-coil design is coupled with a luxury Euro pillow top that can only be found in ultra premium mattresses that cost a lot more.

It is available in a 14.5-inch Premier Luxury and 11.5-inch Custom Slim height. Both options offer the same feel and firmness levels, but only the 11.5-inch version is compatible with an adjustable base which the company has available for sale on their website.

Saatva Mattress, Split King

Saatva Mattress, Split King

What’s good about this mattress is that its firmness can be customized at the time when you order your mattress, and you can choose between three firmness options: Firm, Luxury Firm, and Plush Soft.

All three options are extremely comfortable which you feel as soon as you lay down on the quilted cotton cover and luxury Euro pillow top and the underlying support layers begin to sense your pressure and react accordingly. They provide a very balanced feel and come at a fraction of the prices of the mattresses in the retail stores, or to be more precise at only $1099 for a Queen size.

Avocado Green Mattress

Price: $1399

Rating: 95%

Feel: Medium

The Avocado mattress is a new luxury latex and coil hybrid mattress that uses eco-friendly and green materials in its construction.  The Avocado Green mattress is handcrafted in the USA without petroleum-based polyurethane foam, without toxic flame retardants, without dangerous pesticides, and without risk from volatile chemicals and gasses.

The Avocado is one of the best natural latex hybrid mattresses that appeals to all sleepers.  It provides exceptional comfort and support, with bounce and responsiveness from the latex and innerspring hybrid construction. It is our highest rated hybrid mattress for good reason.

avocado green mattress, the best organic hybrid mattress and top 10 mattresses

Avocado mattress corner view

The Avocado is an 11″ mattress which comes in at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, more on the soft/medium side but very comfortable and supportive for all sleeper types.  The bounce and responsiveness makes the mattress great for couples without causing too much movement.

At $1399 the Avocado is a little more expensive than most bed in a box mattresses, but this is due to the high quality, organic materials and construction used in the mattress.  The Avocado is clearly one of the best mattresses on the market and one of the best hybrid mattresses as well.

IDLE Sleep

Price: 1499

Rating: 95%

Feel: Medium, Firm

IDLE Sleep is a luxury hybrid pocketed coil / foam mattress that recently hit the online mattress market. IDLE promises high quality materials and construction in a premium mattress that sleeps cool and offers the added bonus of allowing you to flip the mattress over to extend its life.

The IDLE Sleep mattress is a 14″ hybrid pocketed coil and foam mattress made up of 7 layers, with the top comfort layers which are basically duplicated when flipped over.

It is wrapped in a soft cover infused with Thermocool which is a material that acts as phase-change temperature regulating material that cools you when you’re warm, and warms you when you are cool and thus aids in heat dissipation.

idle sleep mattress review

IDLE Sleep mattress, king size

The IDLE Sleep hybrid mattress comes in two different firmness options: Medium and Luxury Firm. It does a good job of providing excellent support in all sleeping positions, with the top memory foam comfort layers providing body hug and contour and the underlying spring support layer providing the deep compression support for the body.

It’s an amazing coil/foam hybrid mattress that comes with many great features and at a more than a reasonable price. It costs only $1499 for a Queen, but you can save $300 by using our link below.

Brentwood Home Cedar

Price: $1799

Rating: 95%

Feel: Medium

The Brentwood Home Cedar mattress is our top pick for natural hybrid mattresses on the market today, due to the very high quality materials used in the mattress and exceptional design and build quality.

Brentwood Home is known for their excellent craftsmanship and use of high quality materials, so they know a thing or two about making a comfortable mattress.  The Brentwood Home Cedar uses the same high quality materials and craftsman ship as their other high quality mattresses such as the Oceano, but using all natural materials in this bed- latex and innerspring coils, along with organic cotton and wool.

Brentwood Home Cedar mattress, queen size

Brentwood Home Cedar mattress, queen size

The Cedar meets the needs of those wanting a comfortable yet all organic and natural mattress without the use of harmful chemicals found in many memory foam and other hybrid mattresses.

The Brentwood Home Cedar is a very comfortable and quality mattress especially given the very high-end materials and craftsmanship.   At $1799 for a queen size, this luxury mattress is a fraction of what similar high end latex hybrid mattresses go for but you can get it for 15% cheaper by using our link and code below.


Price: 3000+

Rating: 95%

Soft – Medium – Firm

Tempur Pedic is pretty much the undisputed king of the memory foam mattress industry, having pioneered the industry by being the first out with a memory foam mattress, and being the leader in memory foam mattress sales

The Tempur Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze is Tempur Pedic’s flagship memory foam mattress that uses layers of memory foam that helps provide cooling for the mattress as well as comfort and combined with the transitional memory foam layer below, provides good body contour and hug.  The underlying super dense foundation layer provides the support for the mattress which does a good job at supporting heavier sleepers as well as the combined weight of couples.


The Cloud Luxe Breeze is a universal comfort mattress that comes in at a 4/5 out of 10 (10 being firmest) on the comfort scale depending on sleeper weight. This mattress is super plush and comfortable, and if you can afford it, one of the best mattresses on the market.

Although Tempur Pedic is pricey, if you have the money they are definitely worth it. The company is working on selling online these days not just in stores, and if you click our link below can save 40% on certain sizes of the Cloud Luxe Breeze.

Best Mattress by Design Style:


Memory foam or latex? Innerspring or hybrid? Soft, firm, or the one with the special cooling features?

These days there are many options to consider when you’re in the market for a new mattress. Various innovations in materials and construction technology are constantly being introduced by mattress manufacturers that it can be hard to keep up with them all.

There are many different types of mattresses by design and all of them are designed to maximize the comfort of all sleepers and provide them with the quality sleep and rest they deserve.

Below you will see which mattresses are our top picks in different design categories.


Top Mattresses by Design Style:

  • Best Hybrid Mattress – DreamCloud
  • Best Memory Foam Mattress – Nectar
  • Best Latex Mattress – Zenhaven
  • Best Soft Mattress – Layla
  • Best Firm Mattress – Novosbed
  • Best Cooling Mattress – Avocado


Best Hybrid Mattress


There are many mattress options available on the market these days and all of them offer different feel – soft, firm, luxurious, etc. but what if you don’t fit into just one category, what if you want the feel of different materials all combined in one mattress?

At times like this, you probably should start searching for a hybrid model.

Hybrids combine the feel of various foams, coils, and other materials. They are designed to provide the benefits of both foam or latex and innerspring coil mattresses to meet the need of sleepers who want the features of various materials in the same model.

Our pick for the best hybrid mattress is the DreamCloud Mattress.

The DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid pocketed coil/foam and latex mattress that recently hit the online market.

DreamCloud Sleep promises an unparalleled sleeping experience with their new bed by combining premium materials with 8 layers in a 15″ high mattress at an extremely affordable price.

DreamCloud mattress

This luxury hybrid mattress only comes in one firmness option, which we rate at a 6.5 out of 10 (10 being the firmest). Its multiple layers all work together to provide the level of firmness and support that works for sleepers of all different weights and different sleeping styles.

The multiple layers of foam and latex in the top comfort layers do an excellent job at cradling your body when sleeping on your side, while at the same time they provide the support needed for back and stomach sleeping.

These layers also provide excellent body hug and contour with the underlying spring support layer providing the deep compression support for the body.

The mattress also sleeps quite cool due to its hybrid nature and latex and gel infused layers used in its construction.

The Dream Cloud comes in at $1399 for a Queen, and you can save $200 by using the link given below.

Best Memory Foam Mattress


Memory foam, known for its deep compression support, contouring and pressure relief properties has become one of the most popular materials used in the construction of mattresses. But how to choose the right memory foam mattress?

As a couple who have slept on and tested a large number of mattresses to date (many of them were memory foam mattresses), we feel the need to share our knowledge with you and help you get the best sleeping experience.

Our pick for the best memory foam mattress is the Nectar Mattress.

The Nectar Sleep is an 11″ luxury mattress made up of multiple layers of high-quality foam with a soft and extremely comfortable pillow-top cover.

It comes in one firmness option which scores 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest) and offers a medium-firm feel.

The mattress provides an excellent comfort and support for all sleeping positions. The top comfort layer provides a soft, luxurious feel while the underlying support layers provide firmer support below.

Nectar mattress

Multiple layers of highest-quality dense foam in this mattress also reduce motion transfer and provide you with the nice body contouring and hug without causing the feeling of being trapped in foam.

Medical grade cooling gel along with the quilted foam within the cover prevents heat retention and makes this mattress sleep quite cool.

So, if you are looking for a model capable of providing you with a luxurious feel of memory foam and a quality night’s sleep, you can’t go wrong with the Nectar.

It comes in at $850 for a Queen, but you can get it at only $699 after applying the MFT125 coupon.


Best Latex Mattress


If you don’t like the soft feel of memory foam and you prefer a bouncier mattress with excellent cooling features and a good degree of responsiveness, then the full latex mattress may be the right choice for you.

Our top pick for the best latex mattress is the Zenhaven Mattress.

The Zenhaven, manufactured by Saatva, is made up of 100% American sourced Talalay latex and comes in at a fraction of the price of the in-store latex beds.

It is 10’’ thick and offers two firmness options in the same mattress: Luxury Plush, which scores 5-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest), and Gentle Firm, which is around 7-8 out of 10.

Both sides have the same cover and comfort layers and you can opt between the two firmness options simply by flipping the mattress over.

Zenhaven mattress

The Zenhaven offers both buoyant and pressure-relieving sleeping surface and provides a nice degree of push-back and contouring to the body.

The mattress sleeps perfectly cool due to its latex nature and works well for both side and back or stomach sleepers.

If you want a luxurious, hypoallergenic latex model, made of the highest-quality, eco-friendly materials, then the Zenhaven is a perfect choice for you.

It comes in at $1899 for a Queen size, but you can get the best price on the Zenhaven by clicking the link below.


Best Soft Mattress


One of the most commonly debated questions when shopping for a mattress is: “Should I buy a firm or soft model?”

It is often thought that firm models are healthier, but this may not always be true as everything depends on personal preferences of sleepers and their specific needs.

Our pick for the best soft mattress is the Layla Mattress.

The Layla is considered to be one of the most comfortable mattresses available on today’s market.

It is an all foam mattress consisting of 4 different layers with a soft, gel-infused cover that helps with cooling and temperature regulation and adds to the luxurious feel of this mattress.

Layla mattress

Its top comfort layer is composed of the copper-infused memory foam, that doesn’t only provide a nice contouring to the body and necessary pressure relief, but also aids in cooling. It prevents the build-up of heat typical for most memory foam mattresses and creates a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.

Besides this, the Layla is a double sided mattress which means that you can choose either a firm or soft feel depending on your preference.

The Layla comes in at $899 for a Queen size, and you can use our code: MFT100 to save $100.

Best Firm Mattress


Are you a back or stomach sleeper and you need a supportive mattress that will perfectly suit your sleeping style? Are you a heavier sleeper and you need a mattress firm enough to support your heavy weight and prevent you from sinking down to the foundation?

Our pick for the best firm mattress is the Novosbed Mattress.

The Novosbed mattress is an 11″ mattress made up of 3 layers of dense foam.

It is offered in 3 firmness options and the one we reviewed is the Medium firmness model which scores 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest.

The cover of the Novosbed mattress is made of polyester, silica, modacrylic, and Tencel, and has a very nice soft textured pattern that gives the mattress a great feel through the covers.

Novosbed mattress

It also has a zippered top which does not only give you the possibility to remove it for cleaning but which also enables you to add the Comfort + top kit.

Comfort + top kit serves as an additional layer that can either increase or decrease the firmness level of the mattress. This means that our Medium firm model which is a 7 out of 10 can be adjusted to be slightly firmer simply by adding the firm Comfort + top kit.

This layer combined with the foam layers beneath does a great job at providing both comfort necessary for side sleeping and enough firmness if you switch to your back or stomach. It is ideal for all sleeping positions and for the sleepers of different weights, especially heavier ones.

Although it initially may feel a bit too firm and not as cushioned, after sleeping on it for an extended amount of time, your body will adapt to the mattress and mold perfectly to the memory foam without causing you to feel trapped in foam.

The Novosbed is reasonably priced coming in at $1099 for a Queen, which is a good price given the quality materials and construction used in this mattress. Also, you can SAVE $100 on a Novosbed with our MFT100 coupon.

Best Cooling Mattress


If you are a sleeper who runs hot, you may be in the market for a mattress with exceptional cooling features. But, how to find one such mattress with so many options available these days?

When searching for a mattress that sleeps cool, you should look either for a mattress that contains individually wrapped coils that allow good airflow, a mattress composed of latex that is well-known for its cooling features, or gel-infused memory foam mattress.

Our pick for the best cooling mattress is the Avocado Mattress and it may help you make your final decision.

The Avocado Green mattress is a blend of eco-friendly, natural, and organic ingredients that create a healthy, comfortable, supportive, and cool sleeping environment.

It is also an excellent choice for those sensitive to off-gassing and those suffering from airborne allergies due to its all natural design that prevents any off-gassing and the appearance of dust mites.

The Avocado has a soft cover made of all-natural latex, wool, and organic cotton, and offers an optional pillow for those who prefer a plusher feel.

Avocado mattress

This bed sleeps quite cool due to the latex materials and pocketed coil system used in its construction which allows a good airflow, prevents the build-up of heat, and eliminates the sticky sweaty feeling that some of the mattresses tend to cause.

The wool and organic cotton used in its cover create a breathable surface, serve as natural regulators of temperature and aid in cooling to provide a cool and comfortable sleep.

Coming in at $1399 for a Queen, it is a little pricier than foam mattresses but less than all latex mattresses in general. For an all organic, high-quality mattress this is a great price and surprisingly low given the luxury materials used in its construction.

Best Mattress for Your Sleeping Style:


There is more to buying a mattress than just finding the one with a quality design. While this is a good criteria to look for, it is important to understand the best types of mattresses for different needs and different sleep positions.

Below we have listed our top picks perfect for certain sleep styles, and maybe some of them may be perfect for your sleep styles and preferences too.


Top Mattresses for Your Sleeping Style:

  • Best Mattress for Couples – Luxi
  • Best Mattress for Sex – Zenhaven
  • Best Mattress for Side Sleepers – Tomorrow Sleep
  • Best Mattress for Back Sleepers – Nolah
  • Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers – Nectar
  • Best Mattress for Heavy Sleepers – Loom and Leaf
  • Best Mattress for Restless Sleepers – Luxi
  • Best Mattress for the Elderly – PlushBeds Cool Bliss
  • Best Mattress for Kids – Bear


Best Mattress for Couples


When it comes to choosing a new mattress that you’ll share with your husband, wife, or significant other, you want to make sure that you pick the very best, especially if there is weight disparity between you and your partner.

Our pick for the best mattress for couples is the Luxi Mattress.

The Luxi mattress is a top pick for many couples due to its split foam construction that allows the sleepers to adjust each side of the bed to suit their specific preferences.

Luxi mattress

It is made up of 4 foam layers that can be moved around to modify the mattress and achieve the feels of three totally different beds – soft, medium firm and firm.

Each option provides extraordinary comfort and support for all sleeping positions and causes minimal motion transfer. This means that you can move as much as you want and get in and out of your bed during the night freely without being afraid that you might wake your beloved one.

The Luxi comes in at $1099 for a Queen, and you can save $125 by clicking the link below and entering our code: memoryfoamtalk.

Best Mattress for Sex


If you are looking for a mattress that will not only provide you with the amount of support and comfort that you need, but that will also make the late night activities with your partner more pleasing, then you may be in the market for a firmer mattress.

Our top pick for the best mattress for sex is the Nectar Mattress.

The Nectar is our top pick due to its firmer feel and its extraordinary comfort and luxuriousness.

It is 11″ thick and made up of 4 different layers of high-quality foams and other materials with a soft quilted cover that includes Tencel, something usually found only in much more expensive models.

The Nectar is one of the best beds for sex as it is plush enough to be comfortable while having the firmness necessary to support you during sex without causing you to feel trapped in foam.

Nectar mattress

It has excellent edge support as well, so you will not roll off the bed while having fun.

You can get the Nectar mattress at only $699 after applying our MFT125 coupon which is an extremely reasonable price for a mattress of such a high quality.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers


Choosing a perfect mattress to suit your side sleeping style may turn out to be not such an easy task to do.

Choosing the mattress that is too firm may cause the appearance of pressure points and lead to pain in your shoulders and hips. A too soft mattress, on the other hand, can cause you to sink down too much and throw your spine out of alignment. So what should you do?

The answer lies in finding the mattress that has both comfortable top layers to cushion your body and a firm base that will provide you with necessary support.

Our pick for the best mattress for side sleeping is the Tomorrow Sleep Mattress.

The Tomorrow Sleep is only 10″ thick but its combination of memory foam layers and pocketed coils does a great job at providing the exceptional comfort and support needed for side sleeping.

Tomorrow Sleep mattress

Tomorrow Sleep mattress

The Tomorrow Sleep provides that classic memory foam hug and body contouring feel combined with the deep compression support of individually wrapped spring coils.

Its top layers provide enough give for side sleeping to cradle your body, while the underlying pocketed coils provide the necessary support and prevent you from sinking too much.

It comes in two firmness options: Medium Soft and Medium Firm. Both have the same excellent support layers but differ in the degree of softness in the upper comfort layers, and both are great for side sleepers though and we can attest to that.

At $865 for a queen (including our $125 exclusive discount you can get by using our code MFT125), this level of quality and comfort is hard to beat for a hybrid.

Best Mattress for Back Sleepers


If you’re a back sleeper, choosing a quality mattress is important to ensure a good night’s rest. What’s good for back sleepers, however, is not necessarily the best for side or stomach sleepers and vice versa.

That’s why, before beginning your search, you need to know what to look for.

Our top pick for the best mattress for back sleeping is the Nolah Mattress.

The Nolah is unique in that it delivers the benefits of memory foam without the actual use of memory foam. Nolah created their own proprietary foam, Nolah Air Foam, which sleeps cooler than memory foam and is more durable than latex.

It comes in a universal comfort model which we rate as a 6-7 on the firmness scale (10 being firmest), and it provides good support and great comfort for all sleeping styles.

It is especially good for back sleeping as it has the firmness needed for sleeping comfortably on your back as well as the softness if you switch to your side.

Nolah mattress

You can get the Nolah mattress at $749 for a Queen after clicking the link below and applying our $100 off coupon MFTALK.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers


A lot of people feel most comfortable sleeping on their stomachs. Even though chiropractors and sleep therapists do not recommend this sleeping position to patients with lingering back pain, this is said to be beneficial to patients who suffer from sleep apnea and digestive problems.

Sleeping on your stomach also helps reduce snoring and prevents heartburn. But, you need to make sure that you have the right mattress that will keep your neck in its best position to help reduce back pain and compression.

Our pick for the best mattress for stomach sleeping is the Nectar Mattress.

The Nectar is made up of 4 layers of foam with a Tencel top cover that keeps your sleeping surface breathable, cool, and bug-resistant.

It uses semi-open LUSH foam that gives it extra softness, loft, and breathability and does a great job in heat absorption and redistribution. The bottom layer is designed to be thicker so as to provide deep compression support.

The Nectar is aesthetically pleasing and provides the classic memory foam feel, along with great support and contour.

It has the softness of a pillow top and a firm supportive foam layer beneath that is excellent for stomach sleepers.

Nectar mattress

The Nectar is that it has enough bounce to make you feel cradled but not necessarily enveloped by the mattress. This helps relieve pressure while supporting the lumbar area and is perfect when sleeping on your stomach.

You can get the Nectar at $699 for a Queen size, and save $125 by clicking the link below and entering code: MFT125.

Best Mattress for Heavy Sleepers


Heavier sleepers tend to compress the mattress more and cause a large degree of sinkage that can often lead to insufficient comfort and restless sleep.

If you are a heavier sleeper as well and you are looking for a thick bed that will provide optimum support for your weight, the Loom and Leaf will surely meet your requirements.

So, our pick for the best mattress for heavy sleepers is the Loom and Leaf Mattress.

We switched to the Loom and Leaf mattress to reduce the sinkage we were experiencing as a couple due to our weight disparity.

The Firm model is particularly good for heavier individuals. It scores 8 out of 10 on firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest, and it eliminated the problem we had.

Loom and Leaf mattress

The Loom and Leaf will provide adequate support for your weight, and distribute it evenly across the mattress without causing you to sink down to the foundation.

It has a necessary firmness to support heavier weight and yet it is comfortable enough to provide you with a luxurious feel needed for a sound and quality sleep.

You can get this fantastic mattress at $1299 for a Queen size. For the best price on the Loom and Leaf click the link below.

Best Mattress for Restless Sleepers


Sleeping soundly can turn out to be a real challenge, especially if you share the bed with a restless sleeper who tosses and moves around a lot during the night, or if you are a restless sleeper yourself.

But, you can reduce tossing and turning, or at least reduce the amount of motion transfer simply by replacing your old mattress with the new one that will better suit your needs and the needs of your partner.

Our top pick for the best mattress for restless sleepers is the Luxi Mattress.

The Luxi is a high-end multi-foam model which you can get at only $1099 for a Queen size and save $125 with our memoryfoamtalk code.

Luxi mattress

It is gaining popularity due to its durability and its 3-in-1 adjustability feature which allows you to customize or adjust each side of the mattress according to your and your partner’s comfort preferences and sleeping styles.

It prevents excessive motion transfer between you and your partner and provides enough body contour, level of comfort and support necessary for a comfortable and sound sleep.

Best Mattress for the Elderly


Age is just a number – or is it really?

People in their prime or those who are in the golden years are now looking at their beds as a haven for rest and good sleep.

However, many elderly are suffering from sleep deprivation which aggravates their current health conditions. Combine that with an old sagging mattress and chances are good, pain-free sleep may be hard to come by.

Elderly individuals have a different set of requirements and health considerations when shopping for mattresses than younger people. Depending on a person’s state of health, he or she may find that some models are better than the others, especially if they help alleviate pain and discomfort in their back and extremities while providing adequate support.

Our pick for the best mattress for the elderly is the PlushBeds Cool Bliss Mattress.

The PlushBeds Cool Bliss is made of premium organic latex and memory foam materials that hug and contour your body and perfectly conform to its shape.

The mattress has an appealing and classic top cover design that is breathable, soft and readily absorbs moisture and helps you sleep cool along with the layer of cooling gel foam.

PlushBeds Cool Bliss mattress

The Cool Bliss is a softer model, which you sink into initially, but it offers excellent support in the support layers beneath. It is also very durable, resilient, and has the right amount of bounce necessary for support and comfort, especially for the elderly.

The PlushBeds certainly gives more value for your money as it allows you to sleep comfortably longer than usual.

Click the link below to save $50 on a PlushBeds Cool Bliss and enter code MFT050.

Best Mattress for Kids


If your child wakes up throwing fits or having tantrums, the chances are that he or she lacks sleep or did not have enough rest during the night.

Kids who feel groggy, fussy, or inactive during daytime most likely had troubles sleeping or did not sleep long enough.

Sleep is a basic need for both adults and children, but kids need more hours of quality sleep to boost their health and growth and for this, they need a quality and comfortable mattress.

Our top pick for the best mattress for kids is the Bear Mattress.

The Bear is infused with graphite gel which promotes cool and relaxing sleep. The mattress also has special performance foam which responds quickly to pressure, supports the spine and provides the right amount of bounce.

It uses a combination of different foams and Celliant in the cover which helps regulate temperature and convert body heat into infrared light which speeds up muscle recovery and relieves pressure points as well.

If your kids are active sleepers, they will definitely love this one!

Bear mattress

Best of all, the Bear is also an eco-friendly mattress which means there are no harsh chemicals in the product that can harm your kids or cause toxicity.

The Bear comes in at $850. Click the link below and enter our code: TALK50 and you can save $50.


Best Mattress for Health Conditions:


One size doesn’t fit all and not every mattress is appropriate for everyone, especially if you have issues with some special medical condition, whether it’s arthritis, back pain, chronic neck discomfort or even snoring.

That’s why we have compiled the list of best mattresses for certain health conditions that may help you pick the right one for your needs.


Top Mattresses for Health Conditions:

  • Best Mattress for Sleep Apnea – Lull
  • Best Mattress for Insomnia – Nectar
  • Best Mattress for Menopause – Voila
  • Best Mattress for Snoring – Zotto
  • Best Mattress for Athlets – Bear
  • Best Mattress for Acid Reflux – Luxi
  • Best Mattress for Arthritis – Spindle
  • Best Mattress for Hip Pain – Tomorrow Sleep
  • Best Mattress for Pregnancy – Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze
  • Best Mattress for Scoliosis – Nectar
  • Best Mattress for Back Pain – Layla
  • Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia – Voila


Best Mattress for Sleep Apnea


Do you wake up feeling groggy every day? Do you have troubles functioning normally because you feel too tired to do anything? If so, you could be suffering from sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea troubles not only the people who suffer from it but also those who share the bed with them as their sleep is frequently interrupted. So, what can be a perfect solution for this?

The answer lies in purchasing the right type of mattress.

Our pick for the best mattress for sleep apnea is the Lull Mattress.

Like it very name suggests, it lulls people to sleep. It is made of high-quality memory foam layers which provide enough support and contouring while conforming to the shape of your body and your movement with precision.

It keeps you afloat as it is medium firm scoring 5-6 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest) yet encourages comfortable and cool sleep with its soft, and breathable top comfort layer.

Lull mattress

The Lull suits both back and side sleepers as it elevates and supports the back and offers enough comfort necessary when you switch to your side.

It encourages good airflow and prevents any pain or stiffness and apnea symptoms, all of which make this mattress one of the best models for those suffering from sleep apnea.

The Lull mattress comes in at $800 for a Queen, and you can save $100 by using the link below.

Best Mattress for Insomnia


Insomnia is a sleep disorder that regularly affects millions of people everywhere around the world. Individuals suffering from insomnia find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep, and the effects of this can be devastating.

To fight insomnia you need to have the optimal sleep environment that will stimulate falling asleep faster, and to establish such environment, you first need to get a comfortable and supportive mattress.

In fact, since Kaye suffers from insomnia herself, we currently sleep on this mattress below ourselves to help her get better sleep.

Our top pick for the best mattress for insomnia is the Nectar Mattress.

The Nectar is 11″ all foam mattress made up of 4 layers of various foams and a super luxurious soft pillow top that includes Tencel – a premium material found on mattresses costing much more.

It feels like more of a medium firm mattress, in that the top comfort layer provides a soft, luxurious feel with the underlying support layers providing firmer support below.

The top layer is very breathable and comfortable, allowing the Nectar to sleep cool while relieving pressure points and stimulating falling asleep faster.

It also causes minimal motion transfer which is beneficial especially if you sleep with a partner.

Nectar mattress

The Nectar comes in at $699 for a Queen, and you can save $125 by using our code: MFT125.


Best Mattress for Menopause


Going through menopause is like going through puberty twice because your hormones seem to be revolting and turning against you when you get older.

This process is inevitable when you reach a certain age, but choosing the right mattress can help you relieve the symptoms of menopause and improve the quality of your sleep.

Our pick for the best mattress for menopause is the Voila Mattress.

The Voila is a great hybrid mattress, popular for its ability to combat hot flashes and prevent you from sleeping hot.

This hybrid mattress comes in a variety of firmness options depending on your preference and is constructed from premium materials that create a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.

Voila mattress

It is a perfect combination of gel foam and latex layers with innerspring pocketed coils that allow free circulation of air and reduce heat retention.

The responsiveness of its coil and foam/latex construction allows you to switch positions without feeling “stuck in foam”.

The mattress is generally recommended for all sleeping styles because it conforms to the body shape, provides contour, and has the right degree of bounce.

You can get the Voila mattress at $1099 for a Queen and use our code Memoryfoamtalk10 to save 10%.

Best Mattress for Snoring


Do you have troubles falling asleep or staying asleep because of your partner’s snoring? Is it a kind of light snoring that you simply can’t ignore or more of the window-rattling variety that nobody could sleep through?

Perhaps it is time to change your mattress.

Our top pick for the best mattress for snoring is the Zotto Sleep Mattress.

The Zotto Sleep is an excellent choice when it comes to snoring prevention due to its all foam construction and soft yet supportive sleeping surface.

It is a universal comfort model that comes in around a 6 on the firmness scale (10 being firmest), which means that it can provide enough firmness for proper spinal alignment and enough give in the top comfort layers necessary for side sleeping.

Its 10″ thickness provides excellent body contour and deep compression support and allows a cool and comfortable sleep without too much snoring.

Zotto mattress

The Zotto Sleep comes in ar $875 for a Queen, and you can save $75 by using the link below.


Best Mattress for Athletes


Just like the other people, athletes need a healthy sleep to perform well in everyday life and in competition. With their level of activity, a good night’s sleep is crucial in the recovery of their muscles and bodies.

That’s why a mattress that is tailor-fit to their active lifestyle can be a huge boost to their performance levels.

Our top pick for the best mattress for athletes is the Bear Mattress.

The main feature of this mattress is its medium firm support backed by the Celliant cooling technology of its cover that converts body heat into infrared light, helps with muscle recovery and ensures a quality sleep.

The Bear mattress is specially designed to meet the needs of those with an active lifestyle.

Its blend of eco-friendly specialty foams, made of the highest quality responsive materials relieves pain and inflammation, improves blood circulation and allows them to enjoy ultimate relaxation, comfort, and muscle recovery.

best mattress for athletes, bear

Bear mattress

The Bear mattress comes in at $850 for a Queen. Use our code: TALK50 and you can save $50.


Best Mattress for Acid Reflux


Along with sleep apnea, acid reflux or heartburn is one of the primary causes of frequently disturbed sleep.

This medical condition happens when stomach acid moves up into your esophagus and cause that burning sensation and irritation in your chest and throat which can frequently interfere with restful sleep.

To deal with the acid reflux symptoms, you need to choose the right mattress.

Our pick for the best mattress for acid reflux is the Luxi Mattress.

The Luxi is perfect for those suffering from acid reflux. It gives you the freedom to swap the layers and find the right firmness level that will provide the right contour and support for your upper body.

It is 10“ thick, includes 4 layers of foam and has a very elegant and classic quilted look which is minimalist yet very functional.

Luxi mattress

Elastic and breathable foam in its construction ensures good airflow and provides a cool and pressure relieving surface to sleep on. It allows even distribution of body weight across the mattress and minimalizes a degree of sinkage and the amount of motion transfer.

The Luxi mattress comes in at $1099 for a Queen. You can save $125 on a Luxi by using our code:memoryfoamtalk.

Best Mattress for Arthritis


If you have been constantly dealing with arthritic pain for years, you might feel that some changes need to be implemented to improve your condition such as buying a new mattress.

A new, supportive and comfortable mattress will certainly lessen the symptoms of arthritis and allow you to sleep and stretch comfortably.

Our pick for the best mattress for arthritis is the Spindle Mattress.

The Spindle is made of 100% natural Dunlop latex which can be customized to suit your needs and sleep preferences based on your questionnaire answers.

It is unique in that the company sends it as a customized parcel of three latex layers, which you can assemble at home according to your liking.

If it happens that the combination of the latex layers you have received does not suit your needs, Spindle offers the option to swap out the layers until you finally find those that will be perfect for you.

Spindle mattress

The spindle offers a very comfortable top layer that is soft, but responsive enough to react immediately to pressure and ensure excellent pressure relief and extraordinary comfort. It doesn’t cause the feeling of being stuck in the mattress, which is especially good for those suffering from arthritis.

Its organic cotton and wool cover provides a luxurious and gentle feel thus contributing to the overall comfort that the Spindle mattress offers. Besides this, the wool wicks away moisture, and along with the latex layers, helps the mattress sleep cool and creates a cool and pleasant sleeping surface. This can significantly reduce the pain caused by arthritis.

With Spindle, there is no excessive motion transfer and it provides a nice amount of bounce, contouring, and support to the body which makes it ideal for all sleeping styles.

The Spindle is priced higher than most mattresses we have tested due to its latex nature, coming in at $1349 for a Queen. However, this is a reasonable price given the quality materials used in its construction, and it is only a fraction of the prices of the in-store latex beds.

You can use our code: talk5 and save 5% on this mattress.

Best Mattress for Hip Pain


It has been estimated that around 7% of Americans suffer from chronic hip pain. Hip pain, besides being extremely uncomfortable, has also been linked to sleep disruption, which can further lead to problems like daytime fatigue, lack of concentration, an increased risk of injuries and accidents, etc.

Selecting the right type of mattress that will relieve or at least minimize the pain, therefore, is of crucial importance for individuals struggling with hip pain.

Our pick for the best mattress for hip pain is the Tomorrow Sleep Mattress.

The Tomorrow Sleep is a new pocketed coil and foam hybrid mattress built with generations of expertise and data from Serta Simmons. It has 4 layers made of the highest-quality materials and comes in at a price lower than many competitors in the market.

Although it is only 10″ thick, its perfect combination of supportive coil layers with soft memory foam offers extraordinary comfort and support necessary for any sleeping position.

Tomorrow Sleep mattress

Tomorrow Sleep mattress

It has firmness for back sleeping, and yet, it is soft and comfortable enough to cradle your body when sleeping on your side and provide you with a gentle hug without causing you to feel trapped in foam.

It also provides good body contour and relieves pressure points, while its hybrid nature along with the phase-change temperature regulating material and gel-infused memory foam makes this mattress breathable and allows a comfortable and cool sleep.

The Tomorrow Sleep is very reasonably priced and you can get it at only $865 for a Queen after you use our $125 off code MFT125.


Best Mattress for Pregnancy


Being pregnant is an exhilarating and blissful experience, but it also comes with a lot of challenges, both physical and emotional, that will not only change your everyday life routine, but that will also affect the quality of your sleep.

However, you can optimize your sleep by selecting the right type of mattress that will accommodate your various needs and satisfy your preferences from the very beginning of your pregnancy to the postpartum period.

Our pick for the best mattress for pregnancy is the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze Mattress.

It comes from a famous memory foam mattress brand and it is known for its ability to provide a very luxurious and plush feel which makes it perfect for moms-to-be.

It is constructed in such way to make you feel like you are floating on a cloud. It causes minimal motion transfer and is perfect for side sleeping preferred by many pregnant women.

Tempur Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze mattress

The Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze provides you with that classic feel of memory foam and the plush support of TEMPUR material.

The material offers enough responsiveness and conforms perfectly to the shape of your body and your movements.

The mattress also prevents heat retention and dissipates heat by adapting to your body temperature. This means that the cool and comfortable sleep is guaranteed.

You can order this fantastic mattress at 40% lower price by using the link given below.

Best Mattress for Scoliosis


Getting a good night’s sleep is really important and we all know that, but this can be hard to achieve when you are suffering from scoliosis.

Although some people may not be troubled by their condition at night, many others will experience a lot of discomfort and pain that can make falling asleep and staying asleep an almost impossible mission.

If you have troubles sleeping because of your curved spine as well, you may need a new mattress.

It is true that buying a new mattress can’t cure your scoliosis, but it will at least ease your discomfort and provide you with some quality sleep.

Our pick for the best mattress for scoliosis is the Nectar Mattress.

The Nectar is the highest quality full memory foam mattress. It comes in one firmness option scoring 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest.

It is composed of multiple layers of memory foam with a soft, long staple cotton cover including Tencel that is to be found in some of the expensive mattress brands.

The unique construction of this mattress offers enough support and a luxury memory foam feel, enough body contour, and pressure relief. This is especially good for those who prefer sleeping on their side and those with a curved spine.

Nectar mattress

The Tencel cover and gel-infused memory foam provide a breathable, and bug-resistant sleeping surface while doing a great job in cooling and eliminating the sticky, sweaty feeling of memory foam as well.

The Nectar mattress is our top-rated mattress for many reasons, and its extremely reasonable price is one of them. It comes in at $850 for a Queen, but you can get it at $699 by using the link below and applying the MFT125 coupon.

Best Mattress for Back Pain


Waking up with back pain in the morning is a common complaint of many people. Much of discomfort resulting from back pain is due to the use of poor quality and uncomfortable mattresses and pillows that prevent getting enough sound nights sleep.

Here at Memory Foam Talk, we have done an in-depth research into this field and tested a large number of mattresses to help you find the best one for back pain relief.

Our pick for the best mattress for back pain is the Layla Mattress.

The Layla is an ideal model for those suffering from back pain. It comes with two firmness options in the same bed and allows you to choose between different firmness levels, depending on what you prefer, simply by flipping the mattress over.

It consists of 4 different layers of foam and is unique in that it utilizes copper infused memory foam as well as ThermoGEL in the cover which helps regulate body temperature and provides a cool sleeping surface.

Layla mattress

The copper-infused memory foam also improves circulation which can help relieve the pain while sleeping.

The Layla mattress offers that classic memory foam feel and provides an amazing level of comfort while at the same time it offers enough support necessary for back sleeping and a painless and quality sleep.

The Layla is very competitively priced at $899 for a Queen ($799 with our exclusive $100 off coupon).

Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia


If you are experiencing painful muscle spasms in your back, neck, shoulders, and hips, you may be suffering from fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that usually targets the brain. It mostly impacts a person’s ability to focus or concentrate, and is accompanied by fatigue, pain, and sleeplessness.

With fibromyalgia, it may be hard to fall asleep, stay asleep, and get the much-needed rest. That’s why investing in a comfortable and supportive mattress that will stimulate falling asleep faster and help you fight fibromyalgia symptoms is of crucial importance.

Our pick for the best mattress for fibromyalgia is the Voila Mattress.

The Voila is a hybrid model that perfectly suits the needs and preferences of all people, especially those suffering from fibromyalgia.

It comes in three firmness options, Plush, Medium, and Firm. All of these options provide an excellent support and amazing comfort in all sleeping positions.

The Voila also offers a good degree of responsiveness and push-back coming from its latex and pocketed coil construction. It is soft enough to cushion your body while having enough firmness necessary to support your back and shoulders.

Voila mattress

The combination of the gel-infused top layer with the latex layers does a great job in keeping this mattress cool throughout the night.

All this combined make this mattress capable of lulling you into sleep faster than the other models we have tested and providing you with a sound and quality sleep you deserve.

This mattress comes in at $1199 for a queen and you can save 10% on a Voila using this code: Memoryfoamtalk10.

How Do We Decide Our Mattress Ratings?


There are many factors that go into making the decision on what is best for someone. In many ways, this is pretty subjective and can involve a lot of different criteria.

We don’t feel there is one perfect choice for all types of sleepers, as everyone has different needs and preferences and what is the best on the market isn’t necessarily the one that costs the most, but the one that helps you get quality sleep.

Here at Memory Foam Talk, we evaluate on quite a few criteria, such as firmness/support, comfort, value, sleeping hot, motion transfer, and other factors.

We test as a couple, so we know how things feel in the real world with two people sharing a bed, moving around at night, etc.


Construction and Materials


This is one of the key criteria we use to evaluate mattresses.

These days there are mattresses made up of the traditional innerspring coils, memory foam, latex and various combinations of these materials known as hybrids. The type of materials used in the construction usually has a direct impact on the price as well.


Firmness and Support


This is another important criteria we use for evaluation as the degree of firmness is directly tied to our individual sleep preferences (lower back support, side sleeping, etc..).

Multiple layers of foam, latex, and cooling gels are often combined together to provide varying levels of firmness, support, breathability, and total depth. So, the degree of firmness or softness is something that we always take into consideration when evaluating mattresses as different models have varying levels of firmness based on their construction.




When we think of comfort, we think of how much do we want to get in the bed in which we are going to spend half of our lives!

Is it comfortable and inviting, with a soft exterior and the degree of support and plushness we want, or do we sink in it, toss and turn, and detest the sleeping experience?


Sleeping Hot


The degree of coolness is another big factor for evaluating mattresses.

These days, memory foam and hybrid foam mattress manufacturers create different levels of coolness using a variety of different memory foam layers and utilizing gel layers in the construction and materials used in the covers.

Innerspring mattresses are known for sleeping cooler as they incorporate various innerspring systems that allow greater air circulation through the mattresses and make them breathable.

Latex mattresses or those that use latex as part of their construction also tend to sleep cooler as latex is a natural material that does not retain the heat.


Sinkage and Motion Transfer


Evaluating the sinkage of a mattress is not less important than evaluating its other characteristics.

Sinkage pertains to how much the mattress compresses with weight applied to it, both inside the mattress as well as when sitting on the edge. We check how much mattress causes us to sink into it, how good edge support it has, how much motion transfer it causes, etc.




Off-gassing is also an important criteria.

It is a chemical odor that appears after opening a memory foam mattress that has been compressed and put in a box during the shipping process to reduce its volume. The smell usually goes away, but some memory foam mattresses have an odor that lingers and in some cases doesn’t go away.


Customer Service


Customer service is important these days, as many popular mattresses are sold direct to consumers via online eCommerce stores.

Having an easy-to-order product with great communication regarding shipment and order status is extremely important when purchasing a $1000 mattress online, so it is a very important criteria for evaluation.




Price is the last criteria we use to evaluate mattresses.

The traditional retailers have extremely high purchase prices because of the various distributors, sales representatives and other middleman involved.

The new online retailers remove these middlemen and allow a premium product to be sold at a fraction of the cost by delivering directly to the consumer and selling via online channels only. This results in a much lower cost for the same level of quality compared to department stores.