Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

A lot of people feel most comfortable sleeping on their stomachs. While this may seem like the best sleeping position especially for sleep apnea patients, some chiropractors say otherwise.

In fact, it is regarded by some as one of the worst sleeping positions because it can cause damage not just to your posture but also to the alignment of your spine.

Sleeping on your stomach can cause neck pain because you tend to tilt your neck when you rest your head on top of the pillow. This can cause your spine to rotate which can aggravate chronic neck and back pain.

If you prefer this sleeping style, make sure you have the right mattress that will keep your neck in the best position and reduce back and neck pain.

To help you choose the best model for your preferred sleeping style, we gave our top recommendations on the best mattresses for stomach sleeping. Last updated Mar 30, 2020 @ 2:35 pm


Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

  • Medium-firm
  • Made from very premium materials
  • Excellent edge support
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  • Hugs and contours the body during sleep
  • Sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam beds
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  • Flippable with 2 firmness options
  • Copper-infused memory foam
  • Promotes temperature regulation
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What You Need to Know about Stomach Sleeping?

Stomach sleepers as a rule can’t be defined by any specific criteria. Some people just enjoy sleeping on their stomach mainly because it’s a cozy and comfortable position, although it is not a very healthy option.

1. Downsides

The “prone” position may not really affect healthy individuals but could cause some discomfort for those who have pre-existing chronic or severe back pain as it puts much strain on their back ligaments.

When sleeping on your stomach, your weight puts pressure on your torso which can result in back pain especially in the lumbar region or lower back area.

This can throw your spine out of alignment and result in pinched nerves and herniated discs which can further lead to numerous health issues. Individuals with existing back pain should avoid this sleeping position for this reason.

2. Benefits

Even though chiropractors and sleep therapists do not recommend this sleeping position to patients with lingering back pain, people who suffer from sleep apnea and digestive problems can have some benefits from it.

Sleeping on your stomach also helps reduce snoring and prevents acid reflux.

Useful Tips for Stomach Sleepers

There is a reason why many people prefer to sleep on their tummies – it is comfortable. Well, not everything that makes us feel good is right for our body or even healthy. Stomach sleeping can cause various problems, but with the right mattress it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that.

When shopping for the best mattress for stomach sleeping, there are a few things you need to pay attention to such as the firmness level of the mattress, how supportive it is, the materials used in its construction, etc.

Your Mattress Needs to Provide a Proper Support for Your Back

Back support is the biggest concern for those who prefer to sleep on their stomach. Therefore, the first thing you need to do when shopping for the right mattress for stomach sleeping is to know which type will provide the best support for your back.

Supportive mattresses with conforming top comfort layers and would be the best choice. They have enough give to cradle your body and relieve pressure points while they also provide the right amount of support necessary to keep your spine properly aligned while sleeping on your stomach.

Level of Firmness

The idea is to get a model that is not too soft which can cause your pelvis to sink down, putting more pressure on the spine. This can lead to pain in the morning.

A good option for stomach sleepers will be a mattress with a slightly firmer feel, but not too firm as this can cause the appearance of pressure points and misalignment of spine, and eventually pain as well.

Like we have already mentioned, you should opt for a firmer mattress with conforming top comfort layer. The softer top comfort layer will cushion your body and prevent the appearance of pressure points while the firmer support layers below will lift your body weight and provide just the right amount of support needed to keep your spine naturally aligned while sleeping on your stomach.

Top Picks On Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers ideally need models with the right balance of comfort and support. Memory foam models can provide exactly that. They will perfectly conform to your body and provide adequate neck and back support.

Here are our top choices for the best mattress for stomach sleepers: 

1. Nectar

($699 for a Queen size. Click here for the best price on a Nectar mattress!)

The premium all foam Nectar Sleep is awesome because its unique design and construction provides a comfortable yet supportive sleeping surface, which is ideal for all sleeping positions and body types.

The Nectar is of medium firmness, with a soft and comfortable pillow top layer and the firmer layers of foam below that provide excellent support that stomach sleepers need.

The company offers an industry leading 365 sleep trial and “forever warranty”, and a price that is hard to beat. All this made the Nectar mattress extremely popular these days.

Get the full Nectar review.

2. Nolah

($749 after clicking here and applying our $100 off coupon MFTALK)

The Nolah is unique in that it delivers the benefits of memory foam without the use of foam. Nolah created their own proprietary foam, Nolah Air Foam, which sleeps cooler than memory foam and is more durable than latex.

It comes in as a universal comfort model which we rate as a 6-7 on the firmness scale (10 being firmest), and it provides good support, pressure relief and great comfort for all sleeping styles and all types of sleepers.

The Nolah is an excellent product and one of our favorite mattresses for stomach sleeping as it has the comfort and feel of memory foam without causing excessive sinkage and overheating that many other all foam mattresses tend to cause.

Get the full Nolah mattress review.

3. Layla

($849 for a Queen size, click here to save $150 on a Layla mattress!)

Mattresses that are too soft are not tailor-fit for stomach sleepers. Sinking into them too much is can throw your spine out of alignment. 

What makes Layla stand out among its competitors is the fact that it is one of the first memory foam mattress that has two sides with different firmness that can be interchanged depending on your needs.

It features the ThermoGEL technology and copper-infused memory foam which keeps your sleeping surface cool and allows good airflow. through the mattress.

The firmer side of the Layla mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers. Its copper-infused top comfort layer will relieve your pressure points, joint pain and inflammation and improve blood circulation, while the firmer core support layer will lift your body and provide enough support needed to keep your spine properly aligned. 

Get the full Layla mattress review.


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