Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Around 90% of people suffering from hip or joint pain have difficulties sleeping at night. There are various causes of hip pain such as muscle soreness from exercise, sciatica, pain after hip replacement surgery, tight muscles, tendonitis, bursitis, hip osteoarthritis in the elderly, gynecological problems in women, etc.

Hip pain, shoulder pain, or any other kind of pain is not something that normally occurs and it usually signals that something is off and could potentially require treatment.

If your hip pain is keeping you up at night and affecting the quality of your sleep and the overall quality of your life, then you should try to find out what’s the cause of your hip pain and come up with the right solution.

In this guide, we will tell you something more about hip pain and what causes it and provide possible solutions to your problem. Last updated Mar 10, 2022 @ 5:52 pm

What Causes Hip Pain?

There are a few different things that could possibly lead to hip pain during the night:

  • Old mattress – All mattresses gradually change and become less comfortable and supportive as time passes. Foam mattresses may soften and sag over time while hybrids and innersprings may start feeling too firm. They can cause restful sleep, put your spine out of alignment, cause joint, hip, neck pain, and other body aches.
  • Your preferred sleeping position – Certain sleeping positions may contribute to the appearance of hip pain. Side sleepers suffer the most as sleeping on their side adds more tension to their hip area. That’s why they may experience pain in their hips that can worsen over time if they are sleeping on a too soft or too firm mattress.
  • Your physiology – If you are a pregnant woman or a heavier sleeper, you have an increased load in your pelvic area which may cause hip pain if you sleep on a mattress of poor quality or the one that is too soft or too firm.
  • Injuries – Certain fractures and twists may cause inflammation flares in the bone tissue which may further cause pain in the areas where you’ve got injured, in your joints, including hips.
  • Age – As we age, our joints and bones get more fragile because of the decline in the production of collagen, a protein responsible for flexibility. This may cause pain in joints, back, neck, hips, shoulders, etc.

Is There a Solution to Your Problem?

One of the most important things is to find the right type of mattress that will ease your hip pain and help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night. 

The mattress you pick should be soft enough to cradle your hips while sleeping and relieve your pressure points, but it should also be supportive enough to keep your spine properly aligned and prevent back pain or any other kind of discomfort.

So, what would be the best mattress for hip pain?


Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Mattresses for Hip Pain

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Adapts to your body temperature
  • Excellent motion isolation
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  • Affordable
  • Hugs, contours and supports the body during sleep
  • Sleeps cool
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  • Sleeps cool
  • Celiant technology
  • Good bounce
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Type of Mattresses

There are various types of mattresses available on the market these days that it can be hard for you to pick the right one.

We will mention some of the most common types of mattresses and how well they could work for your particular problem and then we will give our top choices for the best mattress for hip pain.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is the most popular material used for the creation of the highest-quality mattresses. This is due to its exceptional cradling and comforting properties.

Mattresses made entirely of memory foam will cradle your body, relieve pressure points, eliminate hip and shoulder pain, other body aches and be a perfect fit for any body type.

The only problem with this type of mattresses is that they can trap more heat than some other types and, therefore, they may not work so well for those who tend to sleep hot.

As an alternative to mattresses made entirely of traditional memory foam, there are mattresses that use gel-infused memory foam, in their construction, copper-infused foam, and other cooling technologies and features aimed at regulating body temperature and keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

Latex Mattresses

Latex is another material that is often used for mattresses. Latex is a naturally buoyant and responsive material and it will provide excellent support for those who are suffering from hip pain.

Like memory foam, latex mattresses will also contour to your body and relieve pressure points and eliminate pain in your joints, including your hips.

Latex mattresses can be a good choice for you if you would like to try a natural alternative to memory foam. Latex also sleeps quite cool and won’t cause heat retention, excessive sweating, or any other kind of discomfort during the night.

Hybrid Mattresses

As their very name suggests, hybrid mattresses use a combination of materials to provide the best of them. They usually combine pocketed coil system with various layers of latex, memory foam, or other foams.

These mattresses use pocketed coil system as their core support layer and are topped with comfort layers of memory foam, latex, or other materials that provide enough cushioning and pressure-relieving comfort.

Because they use pocketed coils in their construction, they are a good choice for those who share their bed with a partner as they isolate motion transfer to a large degree and prevent sleep disruption.

Hybrid mattresses can be an excellent pick for those who suffer from hip pain only if they feature various layers of thick foams on top that will cradle their hips, relieve pressure points, and prevent any pain or discomfort in this area.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have been around since the beginnings of the mattress industry and they are one of the most popular mattress types these days.

They feature coil systems that offer a lot of bounce and responsiveness but they aren’t designed to provide the much-needed support and may cause spinal misalignment which can further lead to hip, back, and neck pain and other sleeping issues. 

In addition, these mattresses often have a thin layer of foam on top or no foam at all, just a cover, which can be extremely uncomfortable and won’t be helpful in relieving hip pain.

Finally, innerspring mattresses are not so durable and they tend to sag in few years and cause spinal misalignment and pain all over your body.

The Firmness of Your Mattress 

Firmness is another important factor you need to consider when buying a new mattress. You should avoid buying a mattress that is too firm as it won’t cradle your hips and shoulders enough and may cause pressure points and pain in your joints.

You should not choose a mattress that is too soft either as it won’t provide enough support and will cause your body to sink too far down into a mattress and thus throw your spine out of alignment.

Besides this, it can make your bottom out and feel trapped in foam, especially if you buy some of the lower quality 10″ all-foam mattresses. The goal here is to get the most balanced result that will help you get rid of your hip pain.

Top 3 Mattresses for Hip Pain:

1. TEMPUR Luxe Breeze

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Tempur Luxe Breeze Mattress

The new, updated Tempur Luxe Breeze provides you with that classic memory foam mattress feel with the plush support of TEMPUR material that is very responsive and conforms to your body movements and shape. It also adapts to your body temperature and helps dissipate heat when necessary to achieve a cool sleep.

The Luxe Breeze comes with excellent motion isolation that will leave you undisturbed even with a  partner that moves around during the night or if you yourself constantly get in or out of the bed. It is great for all types of sleepers and all sleeping styles as it provides excellent support and sleeps cool while also being very comfortable.

The Tempur Luxe Breeze is an all-foam mattress that provides that firm yet adjustable support needed on your head and back. It will keep your spine properly aligned while it will also mold to your shoulders and hips and prevent hip pain. And the fact you can save money by clicking here and ordering online makes it even better!

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2. Hope Aspire Hybrid

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Hope Aspire Hybrid mattress

The Hope Aspire Hybrid is a 14″ thick coil/foam hybrid mattress that combines various layers of highest-quality foams with a durable pocketed coil system to provide a consistent and ideal balance of pressure-relieving comfort and support.

It has a perfect medium-soft firmness. This means that it will work for all types of sleepers, including some heavier sleepers who prefer mattresses with a softer feel that don’t cause excessive sinkage and those who struggle with hip pain.

The mattress offers incredible pressure-relieving comfort from the soft top comfort layers and a nice amount of support from the firmer pocketed coil layer beneath.

It will cradle your body and eliminate any possibility of the appearance of pressure points allowing you to get a full night of restful and pain-free sleep.

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3. Bear

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The 10-inch Bear mattress is an exciting new all foam mattress, specially designed to meet the needs of athletes and those with an active lifestyle.

It focuses on cooling and muscle recovery by using a combination of various foams and Celliant in the cover to help regulate and convert body heat into infrared light.

Its medium-firm support and the perfect blend of eco-friendly specialty foams, made of the highest-quality responsive materials relieve pain and inflammation, improve blood circulation and allow you to enjoy ultimate relaxation, comfort, and muscle recovery.

All these features make the Bear mattress perfect for those suffering from arthritis, hip pain, and other similar conditions. It does an excellent job at alleviating hip pain while being a very comfortable mattress overall.

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Hip pain can interfere with your sleep and sometimes keep you awake for hours. It can also impact the overall quality of your life, but there is a solution to your problem and it lies in getting a new mattress.

A good, highest-quality mattress can help you get rid of pain in your hips and any other kind of discomfort. It will cradle your body and mold to your hips and shoulders to relieve pressure points, keep your spine properly aligned and eliminate your hip pain.

There are many options available on the market these days that it can be hard for you to pick one that will work perfectly for your particular needs and sleep preferences.

That’s why we have come up with this guide. Here we have outlined some important things you should consider when buying the right mattress for your needs and gave our top 3 choices for the best mattress for hip pain. We hope this guide helps you in your mattress purchase.


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