Best Hybrid Mattress

Best Hybrid Mattress

With so many mattress options available on the market today, you might find it overwhelming to find the perfect one. The problem might be that you do not fit into just one category. At times like this, you probably should start searching for a hybrid mattress. Hybrids combine the feel of various foams, coils, and other materials. This post will review different hybrid mattresses.

What is a Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is one that is made up of a combination of materials, most commonly these days – a combination of innerspring coils and foam and / or latex. These mattresses were designed to provide the benefits of both foam or latex mattresses and innerspring coil  mattresses to meet the need of sleepers who want the features of of the various materials in the same mattress.

It is commonly known that bounce and support characterize innerspring/coil mattresses while contour and alleviation of pressure are known benefits of memory foam mattresses. These two types of mattresses are very much different, however, as innerspring coils provide the typical “lift” feeling to a mattress, while memory foam offers the signature “give” feeling.

Hence, combining their characteristics delivers the best of each material, which is the perfect combination of the comfort and support.  Adding in the features and benefits of latex also delivers a third type of combination, and even taking this further – combining all three provides a mattress with a feel that often meets the needs of a wide variety of sleepers that the individual mattress types often can’t deliver.

11″ Voila Hybrid Medium Mattress

Factors to Consider When Buying A Hybrid Mattress

  • Firmness – You want to choose the firmness of your mattress based on your favorite sleeping position as well as personal preference. A softer mattress is perfect for side sleepers, while a medium-firm product is fit for back sleepers. A firm mattress is required for stomach sleepers to keep an aligned spine.
  • Construction – There are different layers that comprise a mattress. The body’s contour is adjusted by memory foam products, while bounce and support are features of both latex and for innerspring mattresses. All of these advantages are offered by hybrid mattresses, which combine these materials in the same mattress.
  • Regulation of Temperature – Innerspring mattresses and latex mattresses sleep cooler compared to memory foam mattresses in general. A memory foam mattress infused with gel can help regulate body temperature as the material wicks heat away from the body, as does materials such as organic cotton, and wool – which are often combined with latex mattresses.
  • Off-gassing – A chemical-like smell is produced by memory foam mattresses when compressed in a box and shipped. A hybrid made up of latex and springs helps prevent this by not containing foam.
  • Warranty – Most manufacturers offer ten-year warranties. This is the most common length of time that manufacturers offer. Some manufacturers these days, however, offer 25 years or more in terms of warranty.

Our Picks for Best Hybrid Mattresses

Tomorrow Sleep

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress is a combination of memory foam and individually wrapped coils that was created with backing from one of the mattress industry heavyweights – Serta Simmons.

Tomorrow Sleep has created a premium all foam and coil hybrid mattress that combines the best features of memory foam with innerspring coil technology in a mattress that is supportive yet very comfortable and sleeps cool.

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress comes in Medium Soft (which we rate around a 5/6 out of 10 – 10 being firmest) and Medium Firm (which we did not get a chance to test).  The company also offers an entire sleep ensemble which includes the mattress, a comforter, sheet sets, 2 types of pillows, a sleep tracker, a mattress protector, and black-out drapes as well!

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The Voila provides a great mix of comfort and responsiveness from the use of multiple layers of foam, latex, and pocketed coils.   The use of pocketed coils provides great support for heavier sleepers and couples as well, and with the Voila you cannot tell there are even coils in the construction they are embedded so deep within the support layer.

The good news is that Voila provides a 100-night trial period, free shipping, and allows sleepers to return the mattress if they are not fully satisfied.  The Voila comes in a variety of different firmness options too, which is a great for providing a choice of firmness.

If you’re seeking a mattress with lots of bounce, you can never go wrong with the Voila. It offers all night comfort and has little smell.

The mattress comes in three firmness choices. Thus, it appeals to a wide range of sleepers with varied sleeping positions and preferences:

  • The 12″ Plush model is around a 5 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest.
  • The 11″ Medium model.
  • The 10″ Firm model is around a 7-8 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest.

Sleepers also find the mattress durable and cool to sleep on while relieving pressure. The Voila regulates heat due to the gel and latex foam on top of the layers dispersing heat and moisture, keeping it cool all night.

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 Brentwood Home Cedar

The Brentwood Home mattress is a luxury all natural latex and coil hybrid mattress that was recently just released by Brentwood Home.

The Cedar is a very high quality hybrid mattress that uses all natural Dunlop latex, New Zealand wool, organic cotton, organic coconut husks, and high quality individually wrapped coil spring construction.  The Cedar has very high quality craftsmanship and is a great mattress for those wanting an all natural hybrid mattress.

The 13” Brentwood Home Cedar is a hybrid mattress composed of latex, organic cotton and pocketed coils. It is composed of various layers of latex, coils, wool, and cotton.   On the firmness scale from 1-10 with 10 being the firmest, the Cedar is rated at around a 6.

Aesthetically, the Cedar is a top-of-the line model latex hybrid. A soft pillowtop with tailored tweed sides, custom handles, button-tufted upholstery, and a cover that is luxurious with organic cotton and New Zealand Wool

The Cedar is very comfortable given the premium materials, and hence, the higher price. The latex and coil layers and the organic cotton and wool cover with the quilted layer of organic cotton fiber offer a very comfortable sleeping surface. The Brentwood Home Cedar provides excellent support in all sleeping positions:

There is a good degree of responsiveness and a degree of bounce due to the latex and coil spring design, and this natural hybrid is a great choice for couples who want an all natural mattress and the benefits of latex and coil construction.

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