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One of the most commonly debated questions of individuals shopping for a mattress is “should I buy a firm or soft model?” While the most predictable answer would be to opt for the safe or in the middle of the firmness levels, there really is no simple black and white yes or no answer to this – not even gray.

It is often thought that a firmer model is the healthiest option or better than the rest; however, this may not be true all the time. Everything really is a matter of personal preference and is therefore subjective to the needs and even the lifestyle or medical condition of a person.

In this guide we examine what to look for when selecting a soft mattress, and give our top 3 recommendations for best soft models.

With all the latex mattresses available on the market, you might wonder which one is the best among them all. Although there is no perfect model for everyone, there is usually one that will meet your specific needs.

Latex models come in all shapes, sizes, and types (literally!) and are a good choice for some sleepers, but maybe not others. We will discuss our recommended picks for latex mattresses in this guide and what makes each one our favorite.

Since there are so many options to decide from when it comes to latex models, this guide will focus on the best ones that are available on the market that suits your needs and preferences.

Your bed should be your haven – a sanctuary. You deserve a model that can provide you a cool and relaxed sleep. Don’t resign yourself to sleeping in an uncomfortable bed. The quality of your sleep affects how you well you feel and function on a day-to-day basis, so having comfortable and high quality bedding is very important.

Choosing a mattress that sleeps cool can be a problem, as it is very hard to know whether it will sleep cool once it is in your bedroom, or if you instead will wake up sweating and uncomfortable.  Especially with many mattresses being sold online without the ability to test them, it is sort of a gamble that you hope you win the sleeping cool lottery!

This guide will outline what to look for when selecting a mattress that sleeps cool, and our top picks for best cooling model.

With so many options available on the market today, you might find it overwhelming to find the perfect one. The problem might be that you do not fit into just one category. At times like this, you probably should start searching for a hybrid model.

A hybrid model is one that is made up of a combination of materials, most commonly these days – a combination of innerspring pocketed coils and foam and / or latex. These models were designed to provide the benefits of both foam or latex mattresses and innerspring mattresses to meet the need of sleepers who want the features of of the various materials in the same model.

In this guide we go over the different types of hybrids, along with our top picks for best hybrid mattresses.

The many choices of memory foam mattresses in the market today leaves many people confused on what choice to make when purchasing this type of mattress.

As a couple who have slept on and tested over 75 of the best mattresses to date (many of them memory foam mattresses), we feel the need to share our knowledge with you to help you get the best sleeping experience.

Hopefully, this list of a few of our best-rated memory foam mattresses will come in handy in your buying journey.

A firm model is most preferred by those who sleep on their backs and stomachs as well as overweight individuals. It is a great option if you are a stomach sleeper. You have to know your sleeping positions before you decide to buy a mattress of course.

Doctors and chiropractors agree that a firm mattress helps promote restful sleep and good health. Medium firmness is also beneficial. Nobody has ever debated the fact that a firm option has medical and sleep benefits on top of other things.

If you hate sagging in your mattress then a firm model can be the perfect choice to address that issue. Additionally, it also promotes good airflow, breathability, core support, and edge support which overall provides perfect cushioning for the neck, spine, and hips. It focuses on your pressure points while providing maximum support for your core.


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