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Many people suffer from excessive heat when sleeping which can significantly impact the quality of their sleep. Are you getting hot at night as well? Do you tend to wake up sweaty and unrested?

A new pillow with special cooling features could help you eliminate this problem and enjoy a more comfortable and cooler night’s sleep.

However, cooling pillows come in a variety of models and designs, they incorporate different technologies and are made of different materials, so it may be hard for you to pick the one that would best work for you.

In today’s review, we’ll take a look at the Bear pillow created by Bear mattress company whose mattresses we have already reviewed (you can read our full Bear memory foam mattress review here and Bear hybrid mattress review here).


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The Bear pillow is made up of few layers of solid core LOFT-X hybrid foam, designed to provide the resilience and bounce of latex, while also offering the contouring support of memory foam.
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In this review we’ll show you what to expect from the Bear pillow, whether it will keep you cool and dry throughout the entire night, is it worth your money, and we’ll help you make a more informed decision.

Let’s begin by taking a look at Bear pillow’s construction. Last updated Jan 22, 2021 @ 9:11 pm

Bear pillows

Bear pillows


Construction & Materials

Unlike many other pillows, the Bear pillow does not come compressed in a plastic package. It comes in a case which can be reused to store the pillow or keep it clean during the travel.

There is a slight off-gassing smell with this pillow that you’ll notice when unboxing it, but it will dissipate within a few days.

The Bear pillow is made up of few layers of solid core LOFT-X hybrid foam, which is a mix of memory foam and latex foam designed to provide the resilience and bounce of latex, while also offering the contouring support of memory foam.

It’s basically one large piece of foam shaped to provide proper alignment and contour to your head, neck, and spine.

The pillow has small holes punched into it for greater breathability, and it is covered with a very soft, thin and stretchy cotton fabric designed to protect the foam, wick away moisture, and prevent the allergens, dirt, and dust from getting into the pillow.

This inner cover doesn’t t have a zipper as it is not intended to be removable, but there is a removable cover on top of it with zipper closure.

It is made of a uniquely textured material that is 40% “cool yarn” and 60% polyester, and this is Bear’s special “double ice“ fabric technology meant to keep the pillow cooler and provide a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Bear pillow side view

Bear pillow side view

This phase change material is really cool to the touch and has a satin-like feel to it. In addition to this, the cover features mesh side panels which allow better circulation of air through the pillow and aid in breathability and cooling.

The removable cover can be used as a stand-alone protection if you don’t want to use a separate pillow case. It is easy to take off, wash and dry which is something I really like. We also found pillowcases difficult to keep on it because of the silky smooth feel of its phase change material.


Although Andrew and I generally prefer adjustable pillows made of shredded memory foam over flat blocks of foam or latex, we liked this pillow a lot and we found it to be extremely comfortable.

The hybrid foam used in its construction has both qualities of traditional memory foam and latex and provides excellent support, hug and contour typical for memory foam while having enough responsiveness to prevent your head from sinking too much in the pillow and feel trapped in foam.

It adapts pretty quickly to your movements and sleeps incredibly cool which is something we especially like about this pillow.

As we have already mentioned, we live in Texas where the temperatures often tend to be extremely high, and this pillow eliminated the problem we had. It prevented the retention of heat and excessive sweating and helped us sleep significantly cooler.

We are regularly side sleepers, but for the sake of this review, we tested the pillow in all positions and found it to be most comfortable when sleeping on our backs and stomachs.

Although the pillow has enough give to provide the comfort necessary for side sleeping, there is not much loft to it. This makes it perfect for side sleepers of the smaller frame while it may be too thin for those with broad shoulders, and they may feel the need to stuff their arm under the pillow to give it some extra height.

Bear pillow profile

Bear pillow profile

So, even though the pillow is supposed to accommodate all kinds of sleeping positions, we have to admit that it felt best when sleeping on our backs or stomachs. This is where it feels most comfortable and supportive.

As we’ve already mentioned many side sleepers may enjoy it as well, but, before you make your decision and purchase this pillow, you’ll want to ensure you’re comfortable with the lower loft.

Price & Warranty

This pillow comes in at $95 for a Queen which is a reasonable price given the quality materials used in its construction and its special cooling features.

You can order it via the company’s website, and you’ll receive in 4-7 business days. It offers a 100-night trial period, and you have to use it at least for a month before you can return it for a full refund if you decide that you don’t like it. You’d only have to pay for the return shipping.

It also comes with 2 years of warranty, and it is USA crafted which guarantees the high quality and safety of the materials.


Get the Bear Pillow
The Bear pillow is made up of few layers of solid core LOFT-X hybrid foam, designed to provide the resilience and bounce of latex, while also offering the contouring support of memory foam.
Save money on the purchase of a Bear pillow. Go to site for latest discount.


Is the Bear Pillow Right for You?

Buy the Bear pillow if you like:

  • Cool-sleeping pillows – The “double ice“ technology of this pillow combined with the latex in its construction and small holes which aid in breathability make it sleep incredibly cool. It will remain cool to the touch even after hours of laying on it, and if you like pillows that offer the contour, hug and pressure relief of classic memory foam, but want to avoid the buildup of heat, sweating and the feeling of stickiness typical for most memory foam pillows, the Bear pillow may be the right choice for you.
  • Comfortable and responsive pillows – This pillow is made from a solid LOFT-X hybrid foam that has qualities of both memory foam and latex foam, so it provides both nice contouring and hug while having enough responsiveness necessary to help you change your positions easier and prevent your head from sinking too deep into the pillow.
  • Stomach or back sleeping – This pillow is more on a flat side, and it doesn’t have great loftiness which makes it ideal for back and stomach sleepers. It will not throw your cervical spine out of alignment and cause the appearance of pressure points.



So, if you are a back or stomach sleeper and you are looking for a pillow with low loftiness that will keep your neck and head in alignment with the rest of your body, if you sleep hot and you are looking for a perfect solution for your troubles that will not require you to change your mattress, then you should definitely consider purchasing the Bear pillow.

It uses the next generation foam that is softer and recovers quicker than traditional memory foam. It is light and breathable with a special cooling cover that gives it a silky feel and is totally worth the price.

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